2017-2018 Board Games Standings

On the second Friday of every month in the fall and winter, we host a board games meetup at 12 Kings Pub (cleverly, it's located at 12th and Kingsway). Join in and you could win prizes at the event, or for being an overall winner of the season.

How to Win

If you win a game during board games night, you'll be given ballots (based on points) to enter into a prize draw for the evening. Short games that take 10 min or less are worth 1 point, medium games that take 10-30 min are worth 2 points, and anything longer than 30 min is worth 3 points. 

Monthly Prize Winners


1. Celia B - $25 Clubhouse gift card
2. Michael C - $25 Rackets & Runners gift card
3. Brett S - VUL disc

Overall Standings

Name       Points
Craig K 5
Celia B 4
Michael C 4
Swillie 3
Kelly W 2
Joel H 2
David B 2
Alan B 2
Adelena L 2
Paul D 2
Brett S 2
Shera I 1
Rith K 1
Megan M 1

Yes, that's our Marketing Manager, Craig Kulyk, in first place! No, it's not rigged. 

The overall winner will get an awesome, yet to be determined, prize... 

How to Participate

Sign up on our calendar for upcoming events on Friday, November 10 and Friday, December 8 ("The Holiday Special"). Board games nights will happen the second Friday of every month until spring.