2021 Fall Youth Instructors

Meet the Instructor Team for Fall 2021 Youth Programs

We are excited to introduce you to our team of Instructor's for Fall 2021. Come to learn from some of the best in ultimate in Vancouver. Our instructors are knowledgeable, passionate and are ready to pass on everything they know to our up and coming players! 


Betsy Chan, U19 Skills - Misfit, Playing for 20+ years

Past Teams: Team Canada, Traffic, Anchor

What do you love about ultimate?  Everything. Playing frisbee took me to so many places and gave me the opportunity to make so many friends from around the world.

What inspired you to be an instructor?  Love the enthusiasm and energy from the participants.


Elsa Chen, U19 Turf League, Playing for 5 years

Past Teams: Rolling Thunder

What do you love about ultimate?  I like that spirit is just as important as winning in this sport. It's really cool when people know how to be spirited even when they are losing!

What inspired you to be an instructor?  I was asked to help out a friend for the 2019 fall session and it grew on me. Seeing the smile on someone's face when they are doing something they enjoy is very uplifting.


Brandon Grant, U19 Skills - Vortex Burnaby, Playing for 17 years

Past Teams Played with Vortex, SFU, Blackfish. Coached Vortex and Various High school teams

What do you love about ultimate?  My favorite thing about ultimate has to be the community that has been built around it. The fun and the joy of the game is what pulls you in, but it's the community that keeps you coming back year after year.

What inspired you to be an instructor?  After years of being fortunate enough to play for almost 10 years I felt it was time to focus on giving back to the game that gave me so much. It allowed to grow and develop in so many ways and that if it were not for the coaches I worked with I would have never had those opportunities. It is taking the time to coach that allows this amazing sport to keep getting better.


Edward Guo, U19 Skills - Misfit, Playing for 14 years

Past Teams: Red Flag, Furious George, Team Canada Open U24, Riptide

What do you love about ultimate? I love coaching youth in ultimate as their passion for the game is just starting and it's amazing to see them grow and improve over short periods of time.

What inspired you to be an instructor? I've been playing or involved in ultimate for many years and it was natural for me to move into the coaching sphere to continue to grow the game. Over the years being able to see the players I have coached in the past move on to more elite teams has been motivating for me to keep coaching.


Alex Lam, U19 Skills - Misfit, Playing for 11 years

Past TeamsPlayed: Mio Grape, Banana Cutters Coached: Misfit, Eclipse, Redflag, Team Canada U20 2022"

What do you love about ultimate? I love the frisbee community, some of my best friends I've met through frisbee! I also love how much respect is ingrained into ultimate. Without respect a self refereeing sport would never work! 

What inspired you to be an instructor? I actually first began coaching my old high school because when I was there we didn't have a coach, just a player coach. I wanted to give back.


Shayla Le, U19 Skills - Reign, Playing for 5 years

Past Teams: Vortex, Koi

What do you love about ultimate?  I like the addition of Spirit of the Game, it's what sets ultimate apart from other sports. It really gets you to grow as an individual because the onus is always on you. SOTG encompasses more than just playing fair, it involves putting in the effort to build yourself up in multiple aspects. Learning and memorizing the rules, finding solutions in difficult calls/situations, trusting yourself but also willing to trust others (teammates and foe); all of these things don't just apply to ultimate, these skills transfer to your own personal life as well. We're doing all of this amazing stuff for ourselves while also having fun playing the sport!

What inspired you to be an instructor?  It initially started with wanting to grow the community at my high school. What started off as a bunch of ragtag kids struggling to get a single full team together for a couple years turned into two whole teams! But this growth didn't have enough coaches to support it, so I stepped up to help. I started coaching for club teams because I wanted to experience and learn more strategies, coaching philosophies, and what other resources we had. I'm really grateful for ultimate, so I want to try and give back as much as I've received.


Monica Lee, U19 Skills - Vortex Burnaby, Playing for 8 years

Past Teams: Stratford Hall Sabres ('13-'14), Burnaby North Junior ('15-'16) and Senior ('17-'18), Rolling Thunder('14), Vortex ('15,'17,'18)

What do you love about ultimate? The best part about this sport would have to be the amazing people I have met and the memories that I have made throughout. Each team that I have either played on or helped coach truly has a special place in my heart. 

What inspired you to be an instructor? My first coaching experience was back in Grade 11, where I occasionally helped coach my school's junior team when their coach was unavailable. It was hard at first because I felt a bit awkward and out of place since the kids were merely two to three years younger than me. But as I got to spend more time with them and watch them grow, I started to get more comfortable in that position. That junior team was able to defend the Burnaby New West Banner and I was fortunate enough to have been able to support them that day during the tournament. From this experience onward, I found it more rewarding and satisfying to know that I was able to help some players grow a love for this sport and help them improve their skills. Seeing how many of those players from that junior team grew to become such talented young athletes made me realize how much I truly love to coach. Therefore I made it a personal goal to be able to give back to the ultimate community and help other players find their true potential in this sport."


Yu Chi Lin, U19 Skills - Reign, Playing for 6 years

Past TeamsJunior teams: Richmond Savage, Alpha BC Adult teams: UBC T-birds, Red flag ultimate, Furious George

What do you love about ultimate? I love the competitive aspect of ultimate as well as the community it fosters. Living in Richmond, it was awesome to see the sport becoming more popular and it was incredible to observe how far the Richmond ultimate program has grown.

What inspired you to be an instructor? I have always loved working with prospective athletes that wish to improve on their ultimate skills, as it is rewarding to watch a player blossom from their early beginnings. I also believe that training in ultimate can heavily impact how one approaches their way of life. In fact, athletics consistently offer valuable life lessons that are applicable to multiple facets of life, ranging from school to club commitments to extracurricular activities. Through my experience, I have grown into who I am today thanks to my involvement in ultimate and I wish to inspire our future generation to achieve success in their sporting and personal lives.


Bowen Liu, U19 Skills - Reign, Playing for 8 years

Past Teams Played: Mischief 2013, Tribe 2014, Fable 2017 Coached: Richmond High Secondary 2015-2019, Savage Womens 2017

What do you love about ultimate? I enjoy ultimate because the sport has found a way to be both competitive and fun at the same time. I've found that there's always a positive vibe of playing hard and encouraging each other to improve.

What inspired you to be an instructor? I first started coaching to help myself improve by viewing and understanding the game from a new perspective. Soon it became something much more fulfilling from building relationships, helping players improve, and competing and trusting players and other coaches.


Khrystianne Peralta, U19 Skills - Vortex N Surrey, Playing for 8 years

Past Teams: Player: Vortex, Alpha BC, SHHippos, U20 Women's Team Canada Coach: Voltage, Venom, Valkyrie

What do you love about ultimate? I love the community and how welcoming it is to all levels of play. The individuals I have met while playing this sport - teammates, competitors and coaches (on my team and on opposing teams), have all impacted my life in great ways. These individuals, I know for sure, will be lifelong friends and/or will always hold special places in my heart. 

What inspired you to be an instructor? My drive to improve my game, my passion for the sport and my determination to reach my greatest potential inspired me to share my knowledge and experience in hopes of infecting the players I coach with the same drive, passion and determination.


Kristy So, U14 & U16 Skills, Playing for 7 years

Past Teams Eric Hamber Junior and Senior, Havoc Women’s

What do you love about ultimate? I’ve always loved how accepting and spirited everyone is, no matter the circumstance anyone can have fun regardless of their experience and skill level!!

What inspired you to be an instructor? I wanted to contribute back to the the ultimate community by sharing the joys of the sport I got to experience to both new and current players of the next generation. Something I've always found it so encouraging is the smile on a kid's face when they finally understand a skill they've been working so hard on :) 


Justin Tung, U19 Skills - Misfit, Playing for 7 years

Past Teams Misfit, Eclipse, Team Canada U20

What do you love about ultimate?  I love the community that comes with ultimate and I love how spirited people are especially when it come to playing other teams. Everyone gets closer through the spirit of the game and it's just so fun to be a part of.

What inspired you to be an instructor?  I've always looked up to my coaches and I've always wanted to do what they do. Being able to coach the next generation of ultimate and expand the game really resonates with me.


Hector Vo, U19 Skills - Vortex N Surrey, Playing for 6 years

Past Teams Velocity, Vertigo, Vintage, and Reign

What do you love about ultimate?  I greatly enjoy bonding with my teammates and creating a better friendship through ultimate. Not to mention I have created numerous memories with my past teammates that I will cherish and truly be grateful for it. While playing ultimate frisbee, it has definitely helped me get into a better physical state and develop my mental state to be stronger than before. I and other alumni from high school started coaching our senior ultimate team and for myself, coaching was truly an eye-opener because it showed me that I really wanted to help the players develop their skills and teach them what I wished to be taught when I was still in high school.

What inspired you to be an instructor?  What inspired me to start coaching was the people that previously coached me. They truly helped me through tough times outside and inside of ultimate frisbee. I want to be the same and potentially be a future players’ idol coach or role model. I truly want future ultimate players to have a fantastic time while playing ultimate, being able to support them no matter what the circumstances are, and continue to further develop their skills, physical and mental state.


Rachel Wang, U14 & U16 Skills, Playing for 5 years

Past Teams Uprise, Mischief, Eclipse

What do you love about ultimate?  Seeing teammates striving towards a common goal and the focus on sportsmanship, ultimate is a great way to meet lots of new people and form life-long friendships. Being involved in the sport also teaches you life lessons such as perseverance, accountability, and patience.

What inspired you to be an instructor? I want to see the Ultimate community continue to grow so that more people can experience the positive impacts of chasing plastic!


Morgan Wright, U19 Skills - Vortex Burnaby, Playing for 10 years

Past Teams Burnaby Central & SFU Women

What do you love about ultimate?  I love that ultimate is one of those sports that you don't have to start playing at a really young age to be good at (don't get me wrong, it helps though). With the number of leagues and divisions there always seems to be somewhere that you can fit in, play, and have fun!

What inspired you to be an instructor?  I wanted to create a safe space for youth to to be themselves, learn leadership skills, and most importantly have fun! The spirit of the game made ultimate different from any other sport that I had played previously and I wanted a chance to share that positive energy.


Joey Zhang, U19 Skills - Reign, Playing for 10 years

Past Teams Reign, Savage, Reckless, Richmond Secondary

What do you love about ultimate?  Ultimate brings people together, forms lifelong connections with people, and challenges you to be at your best.

What inspired you to be an instructor?  The connection with my high school coach.


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