Before You Register - Youth

Consent and Conduct Agreements

All participants must create a MyVUL account and agree to the Player Consent Agreements before playing any game. Those Agreements include a declaration that you are at least 19 years of age OR that you have provided Parental Consent if you are under 19.

For those under 19, parental consent can be provided in two ways:

  • When youth create an account, they are asked for their parent's email address. We then send a request to the parent to provide Parental Consent online. 
  • If the parent can't provide consent online, they can submit a Parental Waiver & Consent form. Forms should be scanned & emailed to for adult programs. 

These consent forms are sent out automatically through your MyVUL account when you are added to a roster, or sign up individually for a program.

Age Requirements

  • Adult programs: All captains must be 19 years or older, and most players are 19 or older. Youth can participate in an adult league only if they turn 17 before December 31 AND they provide parental consent before the league starts (see Consent above).

Program Types

Players and Parents should have a basic understanding of what type of program they are registering for.  Please check out our program and club page for a complete description of our programs.

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