Carbon Flip

This initiative was started in 2009 to promote sustainability, reduce our carbon footprint, and reward teams for carpooling and biking to games. It is a simple way of encouraging good community practices that reflect the spirit of ultimate. Read our Sustainability Policy for more info.

How it Works

Instead of a traditional "pre-game flip", the team that uses the fewest number of vehicles to arrive at the game wins the flip.

Captains survey their team to get a straight vehicle count. The team with the fewest gas-powered vehicles at the field when the flip is performed wins the carbon flip and gains the traditional advantages associated with winning the flip. Some notes:

  • Vehicles arriving later don’t count
  • Size of vehicles or distances traveled don’t affect the result.
  • In the event of a tie, captains revert to the standard flip process. No points are awarded.
  • Should vehicles that carry kids or opposing players only count for half a car? We’ll leave that for captains to decide, but that discussion alone achieves one of our goals!

We understand that it isn’t as easy for everyone to carpool or bike, so some teams may have more trouble winning the Carbon Flip than others. We encourage teams to practice it as part of the spirit of the game. The flip shouldn't impact the integrity of the game.

Point System

The League tracks the Carbon Flip winners for each game, as captains submit their Carbon Flip results along with their game scores. The team with the highest rating at the end of the season are awarded prizes at our Annual Awards Banquet