Contacting the VUL

As a Captain, you are the primary contact between your team and the VUL, and we rely on you and your Assistants to be accessible. Please ensure your email addresses and phone numbers are up to date in your profile. 

We share information in a variety of ways:

Website - Everything you need to know about the VUL is captured on the website. If you have any questions, the answers should be there. See Tips below, as well. 

Email - This will be our primary way of communicating important news directly with you. Please ensure you check your email for updates. In addition, sometimes we'll share info that may benefit your team such as events, new programs, rule changes, etc. Please pass these updates to them to ensure they are kept up to date!

Similarly, we request that you use email as the main way to communicate with us. Help us manage the number of questions we receive by being an 'aggregator' for your team’s questions and concerns. Have players ask you first, and if you don’t know the answer and can't find it on the website, shoot us an email!  If necessary, you can call as well, of course.

Social Media - The VUL operates FacebookTwitter, Instagram accounts to engage with our members and others. We also post game cancellations on a separate Twitter account, @vulgames.

Forums - The forums are another place to connect with our local ultimate community. They're a great way to communicate with other players, and there's a private Captains forum if you have questions for other captains.

Contacting Other Teams

You may need to contact other captains about a game. You can email a team's captains from their team page. Phone numbers for captains can also be found on their team page; these are only visible to other captains in the same league.

For more information on when you need to contact other captains to cancel games, see League Regulations.

Website Tips

Some helpful features for captains:

MyVUL: View your personalized schedule and active teams on the MyVUL page. Use the Reminders to quickly complete outstanding tasks for your team. Visit the Field Guide (under My Schedule) to view permits and washroom codes.

Team page: Update your team's roster, view your team's schedule, view your players' attendance status, and submit game scores. Access this page via MyVUL or from the Games menu.

Attendance: Players will get a reminder email 3 days before game day. With links in that email they can set attendance status for those games . Encourage them to use that feature to save you time!

TIP! To ask players to update their attendance status, use "Email Roster" from your team page to quickly send them a link to your team's schedule.

Please email if you have any questions or suggestions about the website. 


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