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Presenter Bio's for the 2020 Conference

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Ari Nitikam – Ari is a co-founder of Elevate Ultimate and has been playing for 12 years. He has represented U24 Team Canada twice earning a Bronze and Silver medal at Worlds, and is currently in his 5th season with Furious George, the top men's team in Canada. He loves introducing Ultimate to kids and seeing their smiles as they master the flick or hammer.

Anja Haman –  Anja Haman has played competitive ultimate since 1990, playing for Team Canada in womens, mixed, and masters divisions on grass and beach. She has won 3 gold medals at the world championship level, and coached high school, developing and competitive teams in Canada and Great Britain. Anja has spent her career managing teams in the software industry, and leading strategic and organizational change in companies. Join this session to learn some tools for building confidence in your individual team members and team as a whole, while pacing your team from forming to high performance in an aligned and focused way.

Shannon Seid –  Shannon discovered ultimate through her high school team and it changed her life! She played competitively with the UBC women’s team from 2004-2008 and now plays recreationally in league. She found her passion in coaching and mentoring and it brought her to a path of community building and teaching. She has been teaching kids from K-7 in English and French for the past 10 years and continues to share her love for ultimate in many ways, including coaching students in elementary school, high school and club. Over the last few years, she has realized how connected teaching philosophies are to coaching and is looking forward to sharing what she has learned in this workshop.

“Building Core Values and Community in Ultimate Through an Educator’s Perspective” is a workshop for educators and other beginner coaches. This workshop will introduce one of the biggest concepts in education, SEL (social-emotional learning), discuss how SEL can tie in with creating coaching and team philosophies, and provide you with practical activities to immediately use with your teams.

Dave Stelk –  David Stelck has been coaching in the Misfit program since 2014. He also coaches ultimate at Point Grey high school and previously coached the open team Refinery. As a player David has competed at the WFDF Club Championship, USUA National Championship and most recently played for Blackfish here in Vancouver. We will be focusing on simple movement and concepts to increase the success rate of Endzone play. We will explore a great drill to work on these ideas and I will show you how you can modify it to fit your needs.

Danie Proby – Danie is the first "carded coach" for Ultimate in Canada and she is completing her Advanced Coaching Diploma. She is the assistant coach for the under 20 national team competing in Sweden this summer and is the co-founder of Elevate Ultimate. She lives for learning more about how to treat and train our athletes better so they can have long, healthy, and fun careers!

Ever wonder how to organize your season when there are so many things to cover? Want to avoid overuse injuries and keep your players engaged all season long? Join this practical session and leave with a jump start to your next season.

Sahab Ansary –  Sahab is a coach for both Elevate Ultimate and the VUL. He has been playing for 7 years and loves it almost as much as he loves coaching and last year he was a coach for Ultimate Peace. Elevate's Leadership Program is designed to give high school students leadership and coaching skills as they enter into adulthood.

The Elevate LITs and him are the definition of hype and are here to bring that energy into your practices. Spending many hours working closely with kids in Elevate programs, the LITs are the masterminds who put fun in fundamentals.

Jennifer Nicholls – Jen learned the Ultimate basics in 1994 and has watched and learned from a number of great players over the years. She’s played and coached in Saskatchewan, Alberta and BC and been a rostered player in various Team Canada divisions since 1997. Jen has played various on-field roles, although focusing on handling more over the last five years. She is currently the clinic coordinator for the VUL and enjoys sharing her passion for the game by encouraging players to advance their game skills and to play together as a team. 

Candice Chan   Planning a practice might not seem hard especially when there are so many drills shared out there, and yet planning an EFFECTIVE practice was never easy (at least to me where hours and hours of work were put behind the scene that nobody even realizes). In this session, I will provide some tips on how to plan and run successful practices. In particular, emphasis will be put on how to dynamically adjust your practice plans over the course of a season. The session will include some in-class activities where participants get to plan a drill for feedback. There will also be plenty of time for Q&A. If you would like to take coaching to the next level, bring your questions and come check it out!

Stephen Mogatas – Dr. Stephen Mogatas is a sports-medicine based chiropractor and owner of Jointworks Chiropractic in Vancouver, BC. He travelled with Team Canada as the primary medical support from 2012 until the 2017 World Games in Wroclaw, Poland. Jointworks is responsible for UBC Ultimate, Traffic, Furious George, and is an official partner of the Vancouver Ultimate League (VUL). Stephen has been an active member of the VUL since 1998 and competed at the 2014 World Ultimate Club Championships with Furious George and a current member of NV Rock Fight.

Katie Berezan – Katie is the VUL's League Manager. Her passion for ultimate grew as she travelled and played around the world before settling in Vancouver to attend the University of British Columbia. Since then she has been involved in the VUL and the Vancouver Ultimate scene as a player, coach, and logistics guru. She has coached Team BC as well as in the Misfit program back in the day. Rules and logistics are her passion in Ultimate (along with lefty hucks). 


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