Divisional Structure


VUL leagues are structured to provide teams with the opportunity to play against opponents that have similar skills and experience.

At the start of each season, teams are placed into groups of 8 or 10 teams called divisions. In the Summer, there are 6-7 divisions on each night. In other leagues, there are anywhere from 1-5 divisions in each timeslot, depending on the league.

A team's starting division (seeding) is based on information provided by the captain during registration, other team's requests, and last year's results. Each division in Summer League can be roughly described as follows:

Division Description
1 Very experienced players (5+ years) and very competitive play
2-3 Experienced players (3-5 years) and competitive play
4-5 Players with some experience and a mix of competitive & recreational play
6-8 Players with some or no experience and/or a focus on recreational play

Over a 4 week period called a semester, teams play other teams in their division: 2 games per night on most weeks (double-headers), and one game on one week (single-header). At the end of each semester, teams are moved between divisions to provide for more balanced games over the course of the season. Usually 1-3 teams move up and 1-3 teams move down, although a team may move more than 1 division if necessary. Teams will not switch nights.


In Summer league, most teams have 3 weeks of playoffs, with one game per night. The exception is 10-team divisions, who have 2 weeks of playoffs, and usually 2 games per night. This is because their last trimester/semester is 5 weeks long so all teams in the division can play each other.

The playoff format for other leagues varies depending on the number of teams.