The VUL is committed to being sustainable in all of our endeavours. 

We currently have two initiatives that support sustainability:

Carbon Flip

Instead of flipping a disc to determine who pulls to start a game, we ask teams to use the Carbon Flip instead. The Carbon Flip encourages teams to use less vehicles to get to games. It's one small way we can promote a reduction in our carbon footprint. 

Reduced Waste

The VUL aims to eliminate waste at all VUL events. This includes:

  • Using clearly marked garbage, recycling, and compost bins, complete with colour-coded bags.
  • Not providing plastic or paper plates, but asking attendees bring their own reusable ones instead. Discs make great plates!
  • Asking players to bring their own utensils and cups, if possible. We may provide some compostable or recyclable ones for some events.
  • Buying in bulk whenever possible to reduce amount of garbage produced by packaging.