Community Events

The VUL delivers a number of social events for our members to enjoy, some involve the use of a disc, and most are free! This includes social events, charity events and league kick-off or wind-up events

Getting Involved

We’ve got a fun way to get more involved in the VUL!    We’re always seeking to add fun and friendly Event Hosts for small VUL events and meetups .

Join our community of Event Hosts to represent the VUL and run these fun gatherings. This a volunteer position with perks included!

Current Events

  1. Disc Golf Meetups
  2. Trivia Nights
  3. Board Games Nights

Host Responsibilities:

  • Host a meetup every 1-3 months
  • Help plan events/meetups 
  • Provide VUL with information to promote the event
  • Take a few photos at the event and send to VUL
  • Follow up with VUL about how the event went
  • If needed. Request a small budget for events and submit expense reports. The VUL will cover any event costs!

Host Benefits:

  • Exclusive Host gatherings (every 3-4 months we'll get together and do something fun in our planning)
  • VUL host jersey 
  • Being an awesome leader in our community

Each event/meetup will have at least 2 hosts. Feel free to apply with a friend!

How to Get Involved

Contact us if you are interested in joining our Event Host team.  Include a brief paragraph of why you would make a great host.

A great way to meet people and become part of the VUL community is to volunteer – it’s fun and comes with perks too!

See our Volunteers page for more info, or email to get started now.

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