VUL games take place on a variety grass and turf fields. Each requires certain considerations. For all fields, remember the following:

General Principles

Respect ​

At the field you and your team are representing the sport of ultimate and the VUL: 

  • Be cooperative and respectful when interacting with other field users (see Permit Conflicts below). 
  • Show the park respect by not playing if the ground is too wet (see Weather below), by following Turf field rules (see below), and by removing all of your garbage. 
  • Show neighbours respect by following by-laws, especially those about parking, pets, noise, and liquor. 


Before starting your game, walk the field to check for any potential hazards. Remove them from the field if possible. On grass fields, there may be soil or sand from Park Board on the sideline to fill small holes, or you can mark them with a cone. Report any problems with the field in your game report.

During the game, if someone accidentally walks onto the field, stop the game and ask them to leave the playing area.


It is neither team's "responsibility" to set up cones at the field for each game (despite teams labeled 'home/away' on the schedule). It is up to the teams that play to set up a field between the two of them and which team will move to the other side for game two (in double header situations). If you cannot decide who is going to move or set up a field, we suggest a disc flip for it. 

Weather & Field Closures

Grass fields can become unplayable in poor weather. Teams must not play on fields when they are saturated as the fields become very susceptible to damage. We will hold teams responsible for damage to fields.

See Field Closures for more information on how we manage and communicate about closures.

Permit Conflicts

The VUL has field permits for all of our games, but the fields may be used by others before or after us. Some guidelines for interacting with others:

  • For turf fields, do not enter the fenced playing area before your start time, and ensure you are completely off the fields before the end time. 
  • For all fields, if it doesn't look like the previous group will end on time:
    • Find their organizer and give them a 5-minute heads-up. 
    • Show them our permit on your phone if needed (see Field Guide). The booking systems don't allow double-bookings, so if they say they have a permit, one of us made a error.
    • If they refuse to leave, in Vancouver call 311 for a Park Ranger, in Surrey call 604-543-6700, or call the police if you feel unsafe.
  • Report any issues in your game report afterwards.

Turf Fields

A reminder for artificial turf fields: NO bikes, dogs, food, drinks, tents, or BBQ's are allowed on the field (only water). Please lock your bikes up to a perimeter fence, and leave your dog at home for that night.

See the Park Board's AT Field Terms & Conditions.


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