Game Reports

After each game you need to submit Game Report to the VUL.

The report includes:

  • Game Result - with 4 possible choices:
    1. Completed (the game was played)
    Cancelled (both teams agreed to cancel OR the league cancelled the games)
    3. Forfeit (one team cancelled in advance, 48 hours via email OR 24 hours via phone)
    4. Default (one team gives less notice than a forfeit OR they are not able to field a team/play - this results in a $50 fine)

And for completed games:

  • Game Score - Scores help determine reseeding, so be as accurate as possible.
  • Carbon Flip ​- Who won the carbon flip, the default flip for all VUL games.
  • Spirit Score ​- We capture spirit scores to keep track of games and to recognize spirited teams. Our system is a modified version of the system WFDF uses for tournaments - see below.
  • Field Condition ​- Comments about damage or other issues help us escalate them to the Parks Board, and prevent future hazards at the same field.
  • Comments - Did something happen that you'd like us to know about? If so, you can include that in the Comments section at the bottom of the report. You can ask us to follow up with you or the other team if you think it's necessary, and you can choose to send a copy of your comments to the other captain, as well. 

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Spirit Score System

There are 4 questions (categories), each with examples of good spirit. For each category captains assess the other team using a 4-point scale (Poor, Fair, Good, Excellent). The categories are: 

1. Timeliness - For example: Their team was ready to start on time. They kept to time limits during the game, and help the game end on time.

2. Rules Knowledge & Use - For example: Players understood the rules, or were willing to learn them. They shared their rules knowledge respectfully. They were willing to believe calls were made in good faith. Disagreements were handled quickly and not escalated into arguments. The captain helped resolve disputes (if any).

3. Safe & Clean Play - For example: Players avoided fouling, contact and dangerous plays. The captain addressed concerns about dangerous players on their team. All players exhibited good sportsmanship.

4. Positive Attitude & Communication - For example: They communicated without derogatory or aggressive language. They complimented us on our good plays. The captain was approachable. They made an effort to clarify any misunderstandings on the sideline. They engaged us with an interactive cheer, spirit game, spirit circle, or similar acknowledgement at the end of the game. 

For the answer options:

  • Save Excellent for things that stand out!  (worth 10 points)
  • Most games in the VUL are "Good" (6.7 points)
  • Use "Fair" if there were some issues (3.3 points) 
  • And "Poor" for serious problems (0 points)

The total spirit score ranges from 0 to 10.


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