Getting Started with Ultimate

This is a general guide to help you start playing ultimate in the VUL! Players of all skill levels, ages, genders, and sexual orientations are welcome to join.

Note: For Youth Ultimate, see see Getting Started for Youth.

1. Stay Informed

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2. Learn about Ultimate

For an overview of the sport, read About Ultimate.

To learn how to play:

You will also need to understand Spirit of the Game. "Spirit" is a unique and defining aspect of ultimate that allows the game to be played without referees, even at international competitions. Your teammates will help explain Spirit once you start playing.

3. Pick a League

We hold leagues year-round at fields all over Vancouver.

  • For Standard leagues, most players register as a team. Teams vary in size, but typically have at least 12-16 players. 
  • For Hat leagues, everyone registers by themselves or with 1-2 friends, and we form all teams.

View our list of leagues to pick one that works for you, or learn more about league types and formats

NOTE: For new players, we highly recommend to start with our 11-week Summer Camp for Beginners from June - August!

4. Find a Team

For Hat Leagues, you just register to play, and we do all the work to get teams set up!

For Standard Leagues, read how to find or form a team.

When you're ready to register, be sure to read and follow the Registration Guidelines.

Other Options

There are other leagues around Metro Vancouver. See the BC Ultimate website for a list.

If you're an elite player, you can try to join a Touring (Club) team. They don't participate in league play, but attend Provincial and National tournaments. Most of them hold tryouts in April and May. Read more about Vancouver Touring teams.


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