Adult Leagues

Vancouver is a hot-bed for ultimate, with plenty of options to play year-round!

League Season Type Format Surface
Winter Indoor January - March Hat 5-on-5 indoor gym
Winter Turf January - March Standard 5-on-5 turf
Winter Grass January - March Standard 7-on-7 grass
Winter Turf Open/Women January - March Custom 5-on-5 turf
Winter Hat in New West January - March Hat 5-on-5 turf
Summer May - August Standard 7-on-7 grass and turf
Summer in Surrey May - August Standard 7-on-7 turf
Summer Hat in NW May - August Hat 5-on-5 turf
Fall Grass September - October Standard 7-on-7 grass
Fall Turf September - December Standard 5-on-5 turf
Fall Women September - December Hat 5-on-5 turf
Fall Open September - December Hat 5-on-5 turf
Fall Hat in Surrey September - December Hat 5-on-5 turf
Fall DDC September - October Custom 2-on-2 grass


Please check out our Before You Register section for more information prior to registering for any of our Leagues


All league games are played on fields within the City of Vancouver, unless the league specifies otherwise. Teams are rotated through all available fields so everyone gets to play on different fields.

Other Options

If these leagues don't work for you, other regional options include:


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