Misfit Player & Parent Info

2019 Checklist

After tryouts, players who are accepted onto Touring and Regional teams must complete these steps to be eligible to participate in practices and tournaments. 

1. Registration

Touring, Regional, and Thunderclub players must register online and pay fees for their team. See the fee breakdown.

  • Register here. Registration must be completed by June 16th, 2019.
  • You can choose to pay by credit card, cheque/cash, or e-transfer.

2. Parental Consent

All players must have parental consent in order to participate. During registration, parents were sent an email request to provide consent online. This is preferred. 

If parents cannot provide consent online, download and complete a Parental Consent Form, and deliver it to the Coordinators.

Parental consent is due by June 16th, 2019.

3. Finalizing Payment 

If you chose cheque or e-transfer when you registered, payments are due by June 22nd, 2019, unless a payment plan has been arranged with the Coordinators.

When making e-transfer payments please do the following:
-Send your payment to payments@vul.ca
-For the Security question, ensure the answer is "ultimate"
-In the Message, indicate that the payment is for the Misfit Program. Also include the player's name and team they are playing for.

Alternatively, if you changed your mind, balances can be paid by credit card after registration.

4. Forms

These forms must be received by June 22nd, 2019:

Forms should be given directly to coordinators. Coordinators will collect forms during Misfit Cup (June 22-23), or they can be mailed to:

Alex Lam
7487 Stirling St.
Vancouver, BC V5P 4H7

5. Additional Information

Please direct inquiries regarding teams, payments, practice schedule, tournaments, or anything else to the Misfit Coordinators (rather than individual coaches).

The Coordinators can be reached via email at misfit@vul.ca or by phone:

  • Alex Lam: 604-726-7598

If needed, you can also contact our William Arlotta, our Youth Programs Manager, via youth@vul.ca.

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