Misfit Winter Program


The Misfit Winter Program aims to develop Vancouver's elite youth ultimate players during the winter months (January - March) in preparation for the summer club season.

The Winter Program runs for 11 weeks: each week players will participate in one on-field practice to develop ultimate-specific skills and one off-field workout to work on strength and injury prevention. The off-field workouts follow a high quality strength and conditioning program provided and delivered by Lift Performance and Rehab, tailored for ultimate players. The program will have a 1:5 coach to player ratio and aim to prevent injuries, build strength, and help athletes move better, faster, and stronger.

Players will also have the opportunity to compete in a youth ultimate tournament in March.

Space is limited - a maximum of 46 players will be selected and divided into open and women's teams. 

The women's team will be coached by Edward Guo and Victoria Lam. The open's side will be coached by David Stelck and Alexander Lam.

As the Winter Program is geared towards Vancouver's elite players, selections will be made based on players' previous competitive ultimate experience and their competitive ultimate goals.

2020 Schedule

The Misfit Winter Program runs 11 weeks beginning on Monday, January 13th and ending on Monday, March 23th.

On-field session: Mondays 7pm - 9:30pm Van Tech Turf
Off-field session: Sundays 9, 10 or 11am tbd
Tournament: Friday, March 6th - Sunday, March 8th All day Burlington, WA


Interested players must complete the Misfit Winter Application Form. Applications are due in December 20th, 2020 and can be found here!

Fees and Forms

Players who are accepted must register on the VUL website and submit all fees and forms before they will be permitted to participate in any on or off-field activities.

Fees for the Misfit Winter Program will be $405 (GST included).  this includes field usage, equipment, coaching, group training sessions, and tournament transportation/accommodation.

Fee Breakdown  
Fields, Coaching and Equipment $120
Strength Training Sessions $125
Tournament and Travel Costs $160
Total $405

Required forms:



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