The most important thing to remember when catching in ultimate is use two hands whenever you can. Even if the throw is above your shoulders or below your knees, you should try and catch the disc with both hands.

Pancake Catch


The catch you should use most...

  • Your arms should be parallel to each other with the palm of your bottom hand facing the sky and the palm of your top hand facing the ground.
  • When the frisbee is between your hands clap them together as close to the centre of the disc as you can and pull it toward your chest.
  • It is easiest to make this catch when the disc is around chest level, but as long as you can make a pancake catch (by bending down or jumping up) it is the safest catch to make.

Rim Catch


If the throw is too high or too low to make a pancake catch you should use a rim catch.

  • Still use both hands, but in this case using them to catch the rim of the disc.
  • Your hands should be close together (only about three inches apart).
  • Your thumbs should be turned towards one another with the rest of your fingers forming an open claw.
  • When the disc comes into your claw, close your fingers around the disc.

Tips for Catching

Eyes on the prize

Keep your eyes on the disc all the way until it is securely in your hands.

Use two hands whenever you can

While you should try to use both hands for most catches, there will be times where you can only use one hand. For these catches, you are basically doing a one-handed rim catch.

Keep running onto the disc

When the disc is coming towards you, do not wait for it. Keep running full speed until you catch it. Standing and waiting for the disc gives a defender too much time to intercept it.

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