VUL Resources

As a member of the VUL, you have access to a number of resources that will improve your play.


Teams that are new to the VUL can request a mentor for support. Mentors help introduce teams to the league and to ultimate, and can work with your team for a few weeks or an entire season! Contact the League Manager for more information.

Clinics and camps

There are numerous Clinics and Camps offered by the VUL throughout the year.

Subscribe to our mailing lists (in your Profile) or watch the calendar to stay up to date on our clinics, events and other services for players.


We offer a variety of leagues throughout the year, and you can sign up by yourself or with 1-2 friends for most of them. The best way to learn more is through playing!

Of course, ultimate is more than just playing on a field. We encourage you to participate in our community.

Social events

We organize various social events throughout the year.

See the calendar for what's next, or our list of events under the Community tab.


We often need of volunteers to help run our many events, including set up, take down, bbq's and merchandise. Sometimes we need experts in marketing, design, photography, coaching, etc to help with committees or special projects. Read our volunteers page for more info.

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