Injury Prevention

Warming Up

Warming up is very important to avoid injuries, and many of us have learned the hard way!

Our friends at Insync Physiotherapy have provided us with an example of a dynamic warm-up for ulti players. A dynamic warm-up helps loosen our muscles and gets them activated before we play.

Here are some additional ultimate-related warm-up resources courtesy of our community partners:

  • More Insync warm-ups designed to prevent injuries, improve capacity for functional movement, and activate key muscle groups (recognize one of our favourite VUL tournaments in one of the videos?)
  • The Ultimate Warmup,” a downloadable PDF from Jointworks Chiropractic
  • BE Ultimate’s IGNITE training toolkit for ultimate athletes (includes warm-up sequences)

Concussion Management in Sport

A concussion involves trauma to the brain, when forces cause the brain to move rapidly within the skull. A concussed brain can impact cognitive and physical functioning, and if not managed properly can lead to long-term symptoms and complications.

We cannot offer medical advice, but if you suspect a teammate has sustained a concussion, it’s important they stop playing and seek the guidance of a trained professional.

SportMedBC has a list of “red flags” for when you or a friend should seek urgent care, and a protocol for when it’s safe to return to play. A comprehensive FAQ on concussions can be found at the Canadian Sport Information Resource Centre.

Locally, our community partner Jointworks Chiropractic has trained concussion management specialists on staff. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to them for help!


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