Prizes & Awards

​One way the VUL recognizes outstanding ultimate is through Awards:

a) Spirit Awards ​- Given both monthly and annually, these awards recognize individuals and teams that uphold and exemplify Spirit of the Game and demonstrate a commendable mentality for the play and enjoyment of ultimate. Whenever you encounter a player or team that exceeds expectations for spirit, nominate them to the VUL for consideration.

​b) Division Draw Awards - every division has a draw at the end of the summer, usually for a beer prize. We do this instead of awarding the top team in each division. Your team can earn extra entries into the draw throughout the summer by doing things like volunteering with the VUL, having captains of different genders, having a Rules Guru, and not having any 'poor' start times.


The VUL works with a variety of ultimate-friendly partners to bring you discounts and favourable pricing. Check out our partner's page for more details!

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