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Before You Register

Please review the League Regulations. The VULS relies on the cooperation of all captains and players to follow those regulations.


All participants must create an account and agree to the Player Consent Agreements before playing any game. Those Agreements includes a declaration that you are at least 19 years of age OR that you have provided Parental Consent if you are under 19.

For those under 19, parental consent can be provided in two ways:

  • When youth create an account, they are asked for their parent's email address. We then send a request to the parent to provide Parental Consent online. 
  • If the parent can't provide consent online, they can submit a Parental Waiver & Consent form. Forms should be scanned & emailed to for youth programs and for adult programs. 

Age Requirements

  • Adult programs: All captains must be 19 years or older, and most players are 19 or older. Youth can participate in an adult league only if they turn 17 before December 31 AND they provide parental consent before the league starts (see Consent above).
  • Youth programs: All players must be under 19. Youth can register a team themselves, but all teams must have one or more adult chaperones present at all games. All players must also provide parental consent before they participate (see Consent above).

Payment Options

See the Help page for the list credit cards we currently support. 

How to Register - Standard Leagues

Registration for Standard Leagues done online through our registration system. There are two options: Team registration or Placement registration.

  • Team captains should select the Team option.
  • Players who want to be be placed on a team should select the Placement option.
    • If you already have a team, you do not need to register and pay the VUL. Your captain will send you an invite via email to join their team, and you will pay them a share of their team fees.

1. Team registration

When a captain registers their team, they are asked for:

  • Contact Information
  • Player Information (their age & skill level)
  • Preferred Timeslot (day & time of play) and Division (team's skill level)
  • Payment details (credit card only for most leagues; cash or cheque is an option for some youth leagues)


Most teams will play on their first choice of timeslot, but that is not guaranteed. We need an even number of teams in each timeslot, and sometimes they fill up. If we can't accommodate all teams in a timeslot, the lowest priority team will be offered their second choice, or dropped if there is no room. Priority is given to those who register first and meet all registration requirements, including full payment and rosters. Note that we usually allow returning teams (those that participated in this league last year) to register first before other teams.


Teams will be placed in divisions with similarly skilled teams (see League Structure or more info). Teams may not be placed in their 'preferred' division, but rest assured you will be placed in a division with teams of similar skill level.


After they register, captains must invite players to join their roster. Teams must have sufficient players on their roster before their registration will be accepted. The minimum is 12 for most leagues, but we recommend at least 14-16 players. For help with rostering, Captains should see the Help section. When joining a roster, players are asked for Contact info, Player info, and the Consent Agreements. 

2. Placement registration

Individuals are encouraged to find a team to join.

If you cannot find a team, you can register by yourself or with 1-2 friends and we will attempt to place you on a team with other individuals. However, placement is not guaranteed. There may not be enough space on the night you request, or there may be an imbalance of genders. Your money will be refunded if you cannot be placed on a team. Note: we sometimes have a shortage of women-matches, so you are more likely to be placed on a team if you register in a Duo or Trio with a woman-matching friend.

If you find a team to join after you register for Placement Registration, let us know ASAP. It will cause havoc if you cancel after you are placed. We can refund your individual fees if you let us know within 24 hours after registration closes. We cannot transfer your Placement fees to your new team.

How to Register - Hat Leagues

For all Hat Leagues, players register by themselves or with 1-2 friends, and the VUL creates all of the teams (drawing names from a 'hat'). 

When you register, you will be asked for:

  • Contact Information
  • Player Information (your age & skill level)
  • Preferred Timeslot (day & time of play) and Category, if any (e.g. competitive or recreational)
  • Payment details (credit card only for most leagues; cash or cheque is an option for some youth leagues)

Most players will play in their timeslot and category of choice. Priority is given to those who register first.

Note that if you register in person, your friends must also fill out a registration form, but only one person needs to drop off the forms with payment.

Player Skill Level Descriptions

On your profile, you'll be asked what your skill level is. Be sure to keep this up to date as your register for hat leagues or tournaments so we place you on a balanced team. Here are the options:
 1: absolute beginner, limited sports experience
 2: beginner, minimal experience, with some sports background
 3: comfortable in a lower division, or beginner with sports background
 4: key player in a lower division, or lower player in an intermediate division
 5: comfortable in an intermediate division
 6: key player in an intermediate division, or lower player in a higher division
 7: high division league player with minimal or no club experience
 8: key player in a higher division or lower caliber club player (ie. provincial)
 9: medium caliber adult club player (ie. national)
 10: high caliber adult club player (ie. international)

Youth FAQ

Registration Info

Can my child play on the same team as his/her friend(s)?

  • Turf & Grass Leagues: yes, absolutely! We recommend that kids form their own team and sign up as a together for this league. They can also register with one or two friends and play on the same team. 
  • Skills programs: We generally divide the players up by skill level in these programs, so everyone gets instruction tailored to their ability. 

If my child misses a class, can we get any refunds?

  • We generally do not offer refunds for missed classes; however, if your child needs to withdraw from the program for a legitimate reason (e.g. injury), we will consider requests for refunds on an individual basis.
  • For any youth program, if your child isn't happy with the program after the first class we will happily offer a full refund (minus the cost of the t-shirt or disc if received as part of the program). However, we're confident your child will have fun!

How do I register?

  • Registration for our programs is exclusively online, through the registration page
  • Parental consent is also online and must be renewed yearly.

What is the start and end date? I see it is posted on the website, but can you please confirm?

  • The information on our website is correct! All dates can be found on our Youth Leagues page

Can my child join even after the program has started?

  • We can typically accommodate late registration for our skill development programs – space permitting – but not for our leagues. We currently do not provide a discount or rebate for late registration.

How do I know what skill level my child is?

  • Figuring that out is our job! For our skills programs, we will evaluate participants and divide them up based on skill level. This ensures that they receive instruction that's perfectly tailored to their needs.

What equipment do they need to bring?

  • We always recommend cleats over runners! If your child needs to buy cleats, our partner Soccerwest has a great variety of cleats! Plus, all VUL members get 10% off regularly priced merchandise.  
  • Athletic clothes (shorts or pants) are also suggested as kids will be running around.
  • We also ask that each player brings a light and a dark t-shirt/jersey every time; if you would like to buy a VUL reversible jersey, these are for sale for all our skill programs participants. You’ll be able to purchase one during registration and will receive the jersey the first day of the program.

Cost is a barrier to participation for my family - where can I find financial assistance programs for youth in sport?

  • Please visit our youth resources page to learn about financial assistance options.

Program Info

What is the program like, i.e. what is the curriculum?

If my child wants to play on their school team, will this program help them?

  • Our skills programs and camps are designed to teach basic disc skills and game play - so yes, absolutely! They'll learn the valuable skills that will surely help them on their school team. 

Do I need to stay and watch, or can I drop them off?

  • You can absolutely drop your children off - we'll take care of them! But if you'd like to stay and watch for a bit, you are more than welcome to do so. 

Can my child leave on their own from the program, or do they need to have a parent there to sign them out?

  • We prefer a parent or guardian sign their child in and out of our programs. However, if you inform the coaches ahead of time, we should be able to accommodate a request to have the child leave of their own accord.

What other programs do you offer?

  • For youth, we offer a range of programs for ages 8-18 years, for all skill levels. All our programs can be found on our Youth Leagues page.
  • We also offer many different programs for adults, from beginners who have never picked up a disc, to those who have been playing for years! All our adult programs can be found on our Adult Leagues page



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