Once you've gathered enough players for a team, it's time to register!

This page covers a few tips. For full instructions, please review the following important pages:


Age Requirements​: In adult leagues all captains must be at least 19 years old. Most players should be 19+, but those who are 17 & 18 can play IF they provide parental consent (see How to Register). Players under 17 cannot play in our adult leagues - see Youth Leagues for other options.

Consent and Rosters​: All players must be added to a team's roster and complete the Consent Agreements. Players who have not provided Consent are not eligible for league play, not covered by the VUL's accident or liability insurance, and are in no way the responsibility of the Vancouver Ultimate League Society. 

The League Regulations are designed to maximize player safety and satisfaction and ensure smooth operation of our leagues. Be sure to read and understand them.


Timeslot Preference

You will indicate your preferred timeslot when you register. As mentioned in How to Register, your selection is not guaranteed. However, you will get your first choice if you do the following:

  • Register early. If other requirements are meet, timeslot assignments are first come, first served.
  • Pay your team fees in full by the deadline.
  • Meet the minimum roster requirements by the deadline (12 for most leagues, 10 for turf leagues). For tips on adding players to your roster, see the Help section.
  • Identify an assistant captain of a different gender, and select a Rules Guru.

Teams that register last or do not complete the other requirements are at risk of not getting their preferred timeslot. The League Manager will confirm timeslot placements a few days after registration closes. 

Division Preference

We will do our best to group your team into a division with teams of similar skill. See Schedules and Seeding for more information.

Payment Options

For most leagues you will have option of paying a deposit first and then the balance later, or you can pay in full up front. If you pay a deposit, ensure you pay the balance by the deadline!

Collecting Player Fees

You then need to collect money from your players. We suggest you start early and possibly enlist an Assistant to help. Some ways to collect payment:

  • Cash of course - cold, hard, & colourful
  • Interac email transfer

TIP! Collect a little extra from each player (say $5) so you can cover unplanned costs like a default fee or a player who drops out. Any leftovers can be spent on game snacks or an end-of-season celebration!


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