Reign Applications


There will be no in person tryouts this 2020 season due to the timing of the season as well as the restrictions of training format due to COVID-19. Instead players will apply and the selection process will be determined by number of spots available per team, along with the skill and experience level of the applicant. 

All players must apply online in order to be considered for the program . Application closes July 17th. There is no application fee (input pay later when completing application).  


All practices will follow the "Return to Play" guidelines, found on the VULs response to COVID-19.

Due to these restrictions, scrims and games are currently not allowed, so practices will mainly be composed of drills, strength and endurance training, athletic performance discussions, and other alternatives to game play. Restrictions may lift at some point during the season and we may hold a tournament in August. Unfortunately, we do not know if this will happen, so at the current time, players will register with the assumption that there will be no game play this season.

We thank you for your patience and understanding with these new procedures to ensure the safety of staff, coaches and players. 


Emails relaying whether players are accepted into the program will be sent out by July 19th. Practices begin on July 21st

Any changes to tryout times or locations will be emailed to all registered players before tryouts.


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