Schedules & Seeding

After registration is closed, we begin preparing schedules for the first semester.

Division Assignments

As described under League Structure, we place teams in divisions with teams of a similar calibre. For the initial seeding, we consider:

  • the division you requested;
  • the division you ended in last year (if applicable); and
  • the skill level of your players at the time of registration deadline.

If you are placed in a division that doesn't match what you requested, remember that you should still be in a division with teams of similar skill. We will also re-seed teams between divisions after each semester. 


To decide whether to move teams between divisions after a semester, we consider division standings and point differential, what's occurring in divisions above and below, and any special considerations provided by captains. Normally we move the top 1-3 teams up and the bottom 1-3 teams down. However, if a team won or lost all of their games by a small margin, they may be in the best division for them. Conversely, if a few teams in the division are being badly outplayed, we may move teams up to replace them even if the teams moving up would not be moved based on standings alone. It's not an exact science. We do our best to maximize the balance in all divisions so teams can play others of similar skill. 

TIP! Is there something important that we should take into account during re-seeding? Tell us! Email the League Manager at


Schedules are posted one semester at a time. The schedule for the first semester will be posted the week before league starts. 

For subsequent semesters, we need to receive game reports for the last week of games before we can re-seed teams and schedules games for the next semester. If we give teams 1-2 days to reports scores, that means that schedules will be posted at most 5 days before game day, or 3 or 4 days if some game reports are late.

TIP! To ensure your team is re-seeded properly and help us post schedules quickly, submit games reports within 24 hours of your game!

See League Structure for list of holidays when games are scheduled.


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