Spirit Tie

What it's all about

We want to recognize and reward the league's most spirited players! Two colorful neckties have been planted in each division, with two more to be added mid-season. 

What to do

If you receive the Spirit Tie, you should:

1.    Photograph yourself wearing it on the field
2.    Email your picture, your name & your team name to spirit.tie@vul.ca.
3.    Award it to a player on the opposite team after your next game. Talk to your team to decide who.

If you receive the tie at the end of a night, remember to bring it back the following week. Feel free to wear the tie when you play, just try to keep it sweat-free for future recipients!    

There a weekly random prize draws, best photo of  the month draws (as voted on Facebook) and a random grand prize draw at the end of the summer for a $250 Rackets & Runners gift card!


You can see all the photos on our facebook page album titled 2016 Spirit Peeps.

Grand Prize Draw Winner (2016)

Mandy, Britches 'N Hoes

Weekly Winners (2016)

Weeks 1, 4, 7, 10, 13:  $25 Rackets & Runners Gift Card
Weeks 2, 5, 8, 11, 14:  VUL shorts 
Weeks 3, 6, 9 ,12, 15:  VUL 30 Years Disc and Stickers

Week 1: Patrick Kong, Chuck It
Week 2: Phuong Mai, Incredible Hucks
Week 3: Natalie Johnson, Soup du Jour
Week 4: Ed Kiely, East Side Empire
Week 5: Erin Chu, Down to Flick
Week 6: Shirley Duong, Awkos Tacos
Week 7: Silas Tang, 4 Winds
Week 8: Allen Ho, General Hux
Week 9: Fion Luo, Flickatchus
Week 10: Barry Li, Ultimate BBT 7
Week 11: Elisa York, Spinnakers
Week 12: Katie Slims, Fab Flicks
Week 13: Charles Kamimura, Kingsway's Finest
Week 14: Michael McTaggart, Phoenix
Week 15: Selena Chen, Ultimate Friskee

Photos of the Month (2016)


May 2016
Lauren, Discaliscious

June 2016
Vanessa, Pacman
July 2016
Wendy, Hammer Beats Rabbit
August 2016
Jeremy & Sarah, JusDisc League