Spring Elite Bootcamp

The Elite Mixed Bootcamp is designed to help advanced players develop their skills even further!

This camp is focused on games more than drills. Players will be divided into teams and each team will have assigned captains (of two different genders) who will provide feedback to players. Teams will work on strategies and specific skills during the games. Be ready to take on new challenges and take your skills to the next level.

What's elite? You should have previous club team experience or feel comfortable in division 1 or the top end of div-2 in Summer league. You will be asked questions during Registration to will help the league's coordinator and team captains ensure you will fit well into this camp.

The camp is completely gender-balanced. Games will be played with a 3/2 gender matching split that changes at half-time (one half 3M/2W, the other half 3W/2M)

Note: In referring to women and men, we include self-identified, non-binary, and trans folks. 

Event info

  • Format: Roughly 90% scrimmages
  • Duration: 5 weeks - see dates below.
  • Times: Tuesday evenings from 8-10pm in March and 7-9pm in April
  • Location: Trillium West field
  • Age: 19+ only
  • Bring cleats, a light and dark jersey, and water. 
  • There will be a cap of 50 women matching and 50 men matching players (100 total)

Team Captains: TBD

Important Dates for 2020

February 21 Registration opens
March 15 Registration closes
March 17 Games begin
April 14 Games finish 

2019 Fees

Single $50.00

How to register

First come first serve via online registration



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