Super Clinic & BBQ 2014

What is it?

Our biggest clinic of the year, on Saturday, June 1st, 2014. Why else would we call it the Super Clinic?!

It’s one day of fun, skills development and making new friends. Led by experienced players from Vancouver’s competitive teams, this is a great opportunity to absorb new knowledge while putting it into practice.

For this clinic, participants spend about 45 minutes each at a handful of stations to work on cutting, defending, handling and game tactics.

A free BBQ too!

After the clinics most players stick around for our free bbq and fun disc games! These games often include frickets, double disc court or guts. Don’t know what (or how much fun) those games are? You’ll have to stick around to find out!

Date & Registration

Saturday, June 1st at Jericho. The clinics run from 12-4 pm, while the BBQ runs from 4-7 pm. It's all free as a VUL member! Please register on the calendar.