Ultimate Day

Event Info

Stay tuned for 2022 Ultimate Day Information! 

Held annually, Late April. 

This event could really be called The Ultimate Ultimate Day, but that’d be a bit redundant...This is essentially our kick-off event for Summer League. And in fact, it’s our largest event of the year.

What's it all about?

Well, it’s many things. Here's what the whole event includes:

  • Captain’s Meeting for Summer League
  • Skills clinics to develop different parts of your game
  • Classroom workshops to learn about strategy, game tactics, and injury prevention
  • A tradeshow just for ulty players!
  • Free bbq
  • Pick-up games

We’ll publish the schedule about a month before the event, so be sure to check back and register for the sessions you’re interested in, as they usually fill up.

For some further info on the clinics and workshops part of Ultimate Day, check out the Camps and Clinics page.

Why come?

It’s your one stop event for everything ultimate – take a peek at our newest merchandise, find out about other ultimate events happening around BC, learn a new throw or offensive set, or mingle with other ulty players. The list could go on, but it’s better for you to just come see for yourself!

How to participate

Please register on the calendar before the event.


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