Vortex Coaches

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Duties & Qualifications

All coaches must also agree to follow the VULS Code of Conduct when working with Vortex players.


Coaches receive a stipend for their contribution, plus the cost of food and travel to Provincial and National Championships.

In addition, we pay for Ultimate Canada's NCCP Competition Level 1 two-day course for all coaches who have not completed it yet.


All coaching positions have been filled for this year (see below). Check back next year if you are interested in being involved.

2017 Coaches

The coaching team at this point:

  • Vortex Men: Brandon Grant, Gagan Chatha, Jonathan He
  • Vortex Women: Danie Proby, Chris Wakelin, Jordan Dhillon, Ari Nikitman
  • Vertigo Men: Andrew Kilback, Liam Elliott, Declan Bacha
  • Vertigo Women: Sartaj Birring, Chantal Costa
  • Venom Men: Levi Jeske, Jacob Layegh, Dawson Pasin
  • Venom Women: Katrina Hortelano, Billy Yao
  • Voltage Men: Supreet Malhi, Chirag Patel, Ed Park
  • Voltage Women: Nigel Morgan, Nelly Saber, James Quetua, Lambert Luong, Shannon Seid

Contact Info

Email questions to the Coordinators via chris.wakelin@vul.ca.