Vortex Coaches

Founded in 2005, Vortex Ultimate is one of Canada's largest, and BC's oldest youth ultimate program with 11 teams and 300+ participants each year.

Duties and Qualifications

As a Vortex coach, you will be responsible for attending your team's practices and tournaments and developing a positive, inclusive, and spirited culture within your team. Ideally, you will be passionate in developing the game of ultimate with youth, and will have experience playing ultimate in a competitive environment


Coaches will receive required training, a stipend, and a travel subsidy (if applicable)

Read the full job description for a more complete list of duties, qualifications, and benefits.


Applications for the 2021 summer season are open here 

If you have any questions, please feel free to email the Vortex Coordinators at vortex@vul.ca.

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