What's New

A list of changes and improvements over our old website. For a summary of phases, see the Rollout Plan.

Phase 1


  • New logo and modern design
  • Mobile version - the site automatically adjusts to your device size
  • Better navigation and organization of information
  • Full search


  • Annual consent - do not need to consent for every league
  • Simpler registration for individuals and friends - no 'registration code'

Leagues, Teams, and Games

  • More readable schedules
  • New attendance features
    • specify Yes, No, or Maybe for each game, with an optional comment
    • set status for games that haven't been scheduled yet (coming soon)
    • get email reminders if you choose (coming soon)
  • Google maps for fields
  • New team pages, with better admin functions for captains
  • Updated game reports & spirit scoring system
  • Multiple assistant captains

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