Winter Disc Golf

Try our new Disc Golf Series!

Disc golf is played much like regular golf - except with a disc, of course! During the pandemic, it's a great way to exercise in a safe way. 

Participating in physical activity - especially outside - is important for mental and physical health. Adult team sports are currently suspended, but groups of 4 are allowed to be active together as long as they maintain physical distance at all times. We're offering a simple Disc Golf Series to help people be active and connect with others in a safe and responsible way during the pandemic.

Players will be scheduled to play in groups of 3 or 4 at Vancouver's courses over 6 weeks. We'll have prizes throughout the season, and coordinators can provide tips and instruction, if needed. During registration we'll ask if you can help coordinate your group each week, as well. 

Our goal is to provide a fun, casual, and safe outdoor experience! Registration closes on Wed Feb 17. 

Playing Info

  • Format: Single or Double registration, play in groups of 3 or 4. 
  • Duration: 6 weeks from February to March (see below)
  • Schedule: Choose one of 4 timeslots: Sat AM, Sat PM, Sun AM, Sun PM
    • AM rounds start at 10am, PM rounds start at 1pm
    • Player may be given their second choice of timeslot, depending on registrations.
  • Locations: 3 courses - Jericho, Quilchena, and Little Mountain (Queen E)
  • Age: 19+, or 17+ with parental consent
  • Inclusivity: All players are welcome, including LGBTQ2+ and transgender.

Rules and COVID Guidelines

  • Learn about disc golf before play starts. You can play with disc golf discs or an ultimate disc.
  • All players must follow Return to Play guidelines and current health orders, including remaining at least 3m apart and using their own discs. 
  • Masks will be welcome. Other safety procedures will be shared prior to the season. 

Note on locations: If you live east of Vancouver and would like us to run a separate program at Robert Burnaby and/or Mundy parks, or you are able to help us do so, please email

Important Dates for 2021

February 11 Registration Opens
February 17 Registration Closes
February 20/21 Play starts
March 27/28 Play finishes

Fees for 2021

Single $30.00
Double (2 people) $60.00

Doubles will be scheduled together. 

Plus: When you register you can add a VUL Disc Golf disc for only $10! It's an Innova Shark midrange (180g DX) in white or blue. 

How to Register

Registration will be open on a first come, first serve basis once registration opens. 

Read the full Registration Guidelines and then register online once registration opens.



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