Winter Double Disc Court

2022 Winter DDC

Want to get back out on the field in a more controlled environment that maintains social distancing? Interested in learning a new disc sport? DDC is here for you! Each team has 2 players and 2 discs in play. The goal? Make the other team have 2 discs on their side at once, by throwing the discs inbounds. Sign up with alone or with a friend and join the fun DDC community. You can choose to play with a specific partner, or be matched with different players.

Did you know that DDC is played with a Double Disc Court Official disc, (110 gram disc, with a 24cm diameter)? Come on out and learn this fun strategic disc sport! 

Never played DDC before? Read the WFDF Rules or watch this Youtube Tutorial on how to play! 

DDC has rules adapted to follow BC Ultimate's Return to Play plan. 

Space is limited to adhere to Return to Play policies.

Playing Info

  • Timeslot: Sundays 1pm - 3pm                                      
  • Duration: 7 weeks from January - March 
  • Location: Oak Meadows
  • Age: 19+, or 17+ with parental consent
  • Inclusivity: All players are welcome, including LGBTQ2+ and transgender.

All you need for this league are cleats or runners. In order to play, a consistent 15 meter forehand and/or backhand is highly recommended.

2022 Important Dates 

November 10 Registration opens - 5:00pm        
February 14 Registration closes - 5:00pm   
January 30 League Starts, first week to include tutorial on how to play
February 20 Family Day Weekend - games ON
March 27 League Finishes

*Games may be extended by 1 week for weather cancellations.

2022 Fees

Single $70.00
Duos (2 people)* $130.00

Fees include GST, VUL Membership etc.

*Note: For Duos, gender is not a consideration like in our other programs.

How to Register

Read the registration guidelines, and then register online once registration opens.


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