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Sat Sep 9
10:00 am
Columbia CBlack Huck DownDefaultMarking Extra Close
Columbia CEast Nude Stallions513Jaws
Columbia SHand of Chal511Disclexia
Memorial ONaughty Neighbors1311Rain City
Memorial ORoshi1310Adolescent Variation Fighting Reptiles (Saturday)
Oak MeadowsFez 2.0132Frisbeasts
Oak MeadowsFlick and Morty134Panic at the DISCo
Rupert Cthe Herd139Millennium Falcon Punch
Rupert SBC BLACK.118AND1
Rupert SNoMoMoens134Guaaa
11:30 amColumbia CBlack Huck Down136East Nude Stallions
Columbia CHand of Chal313Jaws
Columbia SMarking Extra CloseDefaultDisclexia
Memorial ONaughty Neighbors1013Adolescent Variation Fighting Reptiles (Saturday)
Memorial ORoshi134Rain City
Oak MeadowsFez 2.0132Panic at the DISCo
Oak MeadowsFlick and Morty131Frisbeasts
Rupert CAND1713Millennium Falcon Punch
Rupert SBC BLACK.813NoMoMoens
Rupert Sthe Herd137Guaaa
Sun Sep 10
10:00 am
Columbia CTugboat713NightHucks
Columbia CWyld Stallyns135Apocalyptic Very Furry Rhinos (AVFR) (Sunday)
Columbia SFresh Cut FriesForfeitedSpinister Motives
Memorial OD.I.S.C.Z (Danger Identity $ Crisis Zone)813Absolute Zeroes
Memorial ODown To Flick811Try, Catch, Throw
Oak MeadowsNo. 9 Orange86Little Giants
Oak MeadowsSideways Shoe108I don't know
Winona CMisfish911Talk Nerdy To Me
Winona CUmbrero811Flick N Twisted
Winona SWeeble Las Vegas!109Game of Throws
11:30 amColumbia CFresh Cut FriesForfeitedApocalyptic Very Furry Rhinos (AVFR) (Sunday)
Columbia CTugboat613Wyld Stallyns
Columbia SNightHucks137Spinister Motives
Memorial OD.I.S.C.Z (Danger Identity $ Crisis Zone)135Try, Catch, Throw
Memorial ODown To Flick613Absolute Zeroes
Oak MeadowsNo. 9 Orange76I don't know
Oak MeadowsSideways Shoe00Little Giants
Winona CMisfish106Umbrero
Winona CWeeble Las Vegas!1013Flick N Twisted
Winona STalk Nerdy To Me1011Game of Throws
Sat Sep 16
10:00 am
Columbia CAND1ForfeitedGuaaa
Columbia Cthe Herd913NoMoMoens
Columbia SBC BLACK.1311Millennium Falcon Punch
Memorial OAdolescent Variation Fighting Reptiles (Saturday)133Panic at the DISCo
Memorial ORain City136Frisbeasts
Rupert CBlack Huck Down135Disclexia
Rupert SHand of Chal138East Nude Stallions
Rupert SMarking Extra Close913Jaws
Van Tech OvalNaughty Neighbors1113Fez 2.0
Van Tech OvalRoshi133Flick and Morty
11:30 amColumbia CBC BLACK.ForfeitedGuaaa
Columbia Cthe Herd133AND1
Columbia SNoMoMoens138Millennium Falcon Punch
Memorial OAdolescent Variation Fighting Reptiles (Saturday)124Frisbeasts
Memorial ORain City134Panic at the DISCo
Rupert CEast Nude Stallions1113Disclexia
Rupert SBlack Huck Down613Jaws
Rupert SHand of Chal1513Marking Extra Close
Van Tech OvalNaughty Neighbors1113Flick and Morty
Van Tech OvalRoshi134Fez 2.0
Sun Sep 17
10:00 am
Columbia CTalk Nerdy To Me713Flick N Twisted
Columbia CWeeble Las Vegas!ForfeitedUmbrero
Columbia SMisfishDefaultGame of Throws
KingcrestAbsolute Zeroes96I don't know
KingcrestTry, Catch, Throw104Little Giants
Rupert SD.I.S.C.Z (Danger Identity $ Crisis Zone)128Sideways Shoe
Rupert SDown To Flick117No. 9 Orange
Winona CFresh Cut Fries107Wyld Stallyns
Winona CNightHucks134Apocalyptic Very Furry Rhinos (AVFR) (Sunday)
Winona STugboat99Spinister Motives
11:30 amColumbia CMisfishCancelledFlick N Twisted
Columbia CWeeble Las Vegas!ForfeitedTalk Nerdy To Me
Columbia SUmbrero812Game of Throws
KingcrestAbsolute Zeroes133Little Giants
KingcrestTry, Catch, Throw811I don't know
Rupert SD.I.S.C.Z (Danger Identity $ Crisis Zone)132No. 9 Orange
Rupert SDown To Flick134Sideways Shoe
Winona CFresh Cut Fries1010NightHucks
Winona CTugboat711Apocalyptic Very Furry Rhinos (AVFR) (Sunday)
Winona SWyld Stallyns713Spinister Motives
Sat Sep 23
10:00 am
Columbia CBlack Huck Down137Hand of Chal
Columbia CEast Nude Stallions1311Marking Extra Close
Columbia SJaws133Disclexia
Memorial ONaughty Neighbors134Frisbeasts
Memorial ORoshi135Panic at the DISCo
Oak MeadowsAdolescent Variation Fighting Reptiles (Saturday)910Flick and Morty
Oak MeadowsRain City613Fez 2.0
Rupert CGuaaaForfeitedMillennium Falcon Punch
Rupert SBC BLACK.138the Herd
Rupert SNoMoMoens136AND1
11:30 amColumbia CBlack Huck Down1310Marking Extra Close
Columbia CEast Nude Stallions613Jaws
Columbia SHand of Chal1311Disclexia
Memorial ONaughty Neighbors132Panic at the DISCo
Memorial ORoshi132Frisbeasts
Oak MeadowsAdolescent Variation Fighting Reptiles (Saturday)139Fez 2.0
Oak MeadowsRain City713Flick and Morty
Rupert Cthe Herd1310Millennium Falcon Punch
Rupert SBC BLACK.138AND1
Rupert SNoMoMoens136Guaaa
Sun Sep 24
10:00 am
Columbia CTugboat313Fresh Cut Fries
Columbia CWyld Stallyns813NightHucks
Columbia SApocalyptic Very Furry Rhinos (AVFR) (Sunday)613Spinister Motives
Memorial OD.I.S.C.Z (Danger Identity $ Crisis Zone)134I don't know
Memorial ODown To Flick132Little Giants
Oak MeadowsAbsolute Zeroes133Sideways Shoe
Oak MeadowsTry, Catch, Throw102No. 9 Orange
Winona CMisfish1310Weeble Las Vegas!
Winona CUmbrero1310Talk Nerdy To Me
Winona SFlick N Twisted813Game of Throws
11:30 amColumbia CTugboat913NightHucks
Columbia CWyld Stallyns137Apocalyptic Very Furry Rhinos (AVFR) (Sunday)
Columbia SFresh Cut Fries137Spinister Motives
Memorial OD.I.S.C.Z (Danger Identity $ Crisis Zone)134Little Giants
Memorial ODown To Flick136I don't know
Oak MeadowsAbsolute Zeroes134No. 9 Orange
Oak MeadowsTry, Catch, Throw135Sideways Shoe
Winona CMisfish134Talk Nerdy To Me
Winona CUmbrero812Flick N Twisted
Winona SWeeble Las Vegas!139Game of Throws
Sat Sep 30
10:00 am
Columbia CNoMoMoens138Millennium Falcon Punch
Columbia Cthe Herd136Jaws
Columbia SBC BLACK.135Disclexia
Memorial OEast Nude Stallions1310Adolescent Variation Fighting Reptiles (Saturday)
Memorial OMarking Extra Close133Fez 2.0
Rupert CGuaaa138Flick and Morty
Rupert SAND1138Hand of Chal
Rupert SBlack Huck Down137Roshi
Trafalgar NWNaughty Neighbors105Panic at the DISCo
Trafalgar NWRain City131Frisbeasts
11:30 amColumbia CBC BLACK.139Jaws
Columbia CNoMoMoens1310the Herd
Columbia SMillennium Falcon Punch133Disclexia
Memorial OEast Nude Stallions137Fez 2.0
Memorial OMarking Extra Close134Adolescent Variation Fighting Reptiles (Saturday)
Rupert CHand of Chal139Flick and Morty
Rupert SAND1133Black Huck Down
Rupert SGuaaaRoshi
Trafalgar NWNaughty NeighborsFrisbeasts
Trafalgar NWRain City130Panic at the DISCo
Sun Oct 1
10:00 am
Columbia CNo. 9 Orange76I don't know
Columbia CTugboat134Sideways Shoe
Columbia SDown To Flick134Little Giants
Memorial OFlick N TwistedMisfish
Memorial OGame of Throws79Weeble Las Vegas!
Rupert STalk Nerdy To Me913Fresh Cut Fries
Rupert SUmbrero1213NightHucks
Winona CSpinister Motives613Absolute Zeroes
Winona SApocalyptic Very Furry Rhinos (AVFR) (Sunday)513D.I.S.C.Z (Danger Identity $ Crisis Zone)
Winona SWyld StallynsTry, Catch, Throw
11:30 amColumbia CDown To Flick713I don't know
Columbia CTugboat133No. 9 Orange
Columbia SSideways Shoe132Little Giants
Memorial OFlick N TwistedWeeble Las Vegas!
Memorial OGame of Throws613Misfish
Rupert STalk Nerdy To Me513NightHucks
Rupert SUmbrero813Fresh Cut Fries
Winona CSpinister Motives118Apocalyptic Very Furry Rhinos (AVFR) (Sunday)
Winona SAbsolute ZeroesTry, Catch, Throw
Winona SWyld Stallyns213D.I.S.C.Z (Danger Identity $ Crisis Zone)
Sat Oct 7
10:00 am
Columbia CGuaaa413Black Huck Down
Columbia CHand of Chal1011Roshi
Columbia SAND1136Flick and Morty
Memorial OAdolescent Variation Fighting Reptiles (Saturday)132Panic at the DISCo
Memorial OFez 2.0132Frisbeasts
Rupert CNoMoMoensDisclexia
Rupert SBC BLACK.912the Herd
Rupert SMillennium Falcon Punch713Jaws
Van Tech OvalEast Nude Stallions813Naughty Neighbors
Van Tech OvalMarking Extra Close130Rain City
11:30 amColumbia CAND1135Roshi
Columbia CGuaaaHand of Chal
Columbia SBlack Huck Down137Flick and Morty
Memorial OAdolescent Variation Fighting Reptiles (Saturday)130Frisbeasts
Memorial OFez 2.0132Panic at the DISCo
Rupert Cthe HerdDisclexia
Rupert SBC BLACK.1312Millennium Falcon Punch
Rupert SNoMoMoens1415Jaws
Van Tech OvalEast Nude Stallions134Rain City
Van Tech OvalMarking Extra Close135Naughty Neighbors
Sat Oct 14
10:00 am
Columbia CNoMoMoens1213BC BLACK.
Columbia Cthe Herd135Millennium Falcon Punch
Columbia SJawsDisclexia
Memorial OAdolescent Variation Fighting Reptiles (Saturday)Naughty Neighbors
Memorial OFez 2.088Rain City
Oak MeadowsEast Nude Stallions134Panic at the DISCo
Oak MeadowsMarking Extra CloseFrisbeasts
Rupert CRoshi1213Flick and Morty
Rupert SAND1139Guaaa
Rupert SBlack Huck DownHand of Chal
11:30 amColumbia CNoMoMoens136Millennium Falcon Punch
Columbia Cthe Herd139Jaws
Columbia SBC BLACK.Disclexia
Memorial OAdolescent Variation Fighting Reptiles (Saturday)132Rain City
Memorial OFez 2.0Naughty Neighbors
Oak MeadowsEast Nude Stallions134Frisbeasts
Oak MeadowsMarking Extra ClosePanic at the DISCo
Rupert CGuaaa912Flick and Morty
Rupert SAND1Hand of Chal
Rupert SBlack Huck Down1310Roshi
Sun Oct 15
10:00 am
Columbia CAbsolute Zeroes813D.I.S.C.Z (Danger Identity $ Crisis Zone)
Columbia CWyld StallynsApocalyptic Very Furry Rhinos (AVFR) (Sunday)
Columbia SSpinister MotivesTry, Catch, Throw
KingcrestFlick N TwistedUmbrero
KingcrestGame of Throws1110Talk Nerdy To Me
Oak MeadowsMisfish1310NightHucks
Oak MeadowsWeeble Las Vegas!913Fresh Cut Fries
Winona CDown To Flick134No. 9 Orange
Winona SSideways Shoe713I don't know
Winona STugboatLittle Giants
11:30 amColumbia CSpinister Motives1013D.I.S.C.Z (Danger Identity $ Crisis Zone)
Columbia CWyld StallynsAbsolute Zeroes
Columbia SApocalyptic Very Furry Rhinos (AVFR) (Sunday)Try, Catch, Throw
KingcrestFlick N TwistedTalk Nerdy To Me
KingcrestGame of Throws513Umbrero
Oak MeadowsMisfish713Fresh Cut Fries
Oak MeadowsWeeble Las Vegas!136NightHucks
Winona CDown To Flick135Sideways Shoe
Winona SNo. 9 OrangeLittle Giants
Winona STugboat79I don't know