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Date & TimeLocationHome TeamScoreAway Team
Sun Sep 24
6:00 pm
Point Grey2nd place:')1520down to huck
Point GreyDiscFunctional2318Gladstone n Friends
Point GreyH0rndogs54Layout Dee
Point GreyWhy Am I Captain 613Magae
6:30 pmPoint GreyMother Huckers Ulti3020No Coach Team
7:00 pmPoint Grey2nd place:')2021Gladstone n Friends
Point GreyDiscFunctional176down to huck
Point GreyH0rndogs910Magae
Point GreyWhy Am I Captain 2218Layout Dee
Sun Oct 1
6:00 pm
Point Greydown to huck1912H0rndogs
Point GreyGladstone n FriendsWhy Am I Captain
Point GreyLayout Dee1722Mother Huckers Ulti
Point GreyMagae1511No Coach Team
6:30 pmPoint Grey2nd place:')PostponedDiscFunctional
7:00 pmPoint Greydown to huckWhy Am I Captain
Point GreyGladstone n Friends1520H0rndogs
Point GreyLayout Dee1917No Coach Team
Point GreyMagae2019Mother Huckers Ulti
Sun Oct 15
6:00 pm
Point Grey2nd place:')1623Mother Huckers Ulti
Point GreyDiscFunctionalNo Coach Team
Point Greydown to huck155Layout Dee
Point GreyGladstone n Friends1820Magae
6:30 pmPoint GreyH0rndogs2927Why Am I Captain
7:00 pmPoint Grey2nd place:')2224No Coach Team
Point GreyDiscFunctionalMother Huckers Ulti
Point Greydown to huck1520Magae
Point GreyGladstone n Friends21Layout Dee
Sun Oct 22
6:00 pm
Point Grey2nd place:')2114Layout Dee
Point GreyDiscFunctionalMagae
Point GreyH0rndogsMother Huckers Ulti
Point GreyWhy Am I Captain No Coach Team
6:30 pmPoint Greydown to huckGladstone n Friends
7:00 pmPoint Grey2nd place:')Magae
Point GreyDiscFunctionalLayout Dee
Point GreyH0rndogsNo Coach Team
Point GreyWhy Am I Captain Mother Huckers Ulti