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Mon Nov 20
8:00 pm
Empire NFabulous FoxesDirty Direwolves
Empire NTroi and Ted's Totally Tantalizing Tumultuous TigersCheerful Cheetahs
Empire SDrop BearsHangry Hippos
Empire SWailing WhalesOutrageous Otters
Memorial SWAmazing AardvarksBonkers Buffalo
Memorial SWSensational SpidersDebonair Dolphins
Trillium EFerocious FrogsHeinous Horses
Trillium EGorgeous GrizzliesSerious Swans
Trillium ELively LemursBabbling Baboons
Trillium EMad MooseThese Hippos Don't Lie
Trillium WAdventurous AntelopesCounting Crows
Trillium WBold BeesRadical Racoons
Trillium WLaughing LionsPlayful Penguins
9:00 pmEmpire NFabulous FoxesCheerful Cheetahs
Empire NTroi and Ted's Totally Tantalizing Tumultuous TigersDirty Direwolves
Empire SDrop BearsOutrageous Otters
Empire SWailing WhalesHangry Hippos
Memorial SWAmazing AardvarksDebonair Dolphins
Memorial SWSensational SpidersBonkers Buffalo
Trillium EFerocious FrogsBabbling Baboons
Trillium EGorgeous GrizzliesThese Hippos Don't Lie
Trillium ELively LemursHeinous Horses
Trillium EMad MooseSerious Swans
Trillium WAdventurous AntelopesBold Bees
Trillium WCounting CrowsPlayful Penguins
Trillium WRadical RacoonsLaughing Lions
Mon Nov 27
8:00 pm
Empire NBabbling BaboonsHeinous Horses
Empire NFerocious FrogsLively Lemurs
Empire NGorgeous GrizzliesMad Moose
Empire NSerious SwansThese Hippos Don't Lie
Empire SAdventurous AntelopesRadical Racoons
Empire SBold BeesCounting Crows
Empire SLaughing LionsPlayful Penguins
Memorial SWAmazing AardvarksFabulous Foxes
Memorial SWSensational SpidersTroi and Ted's Totally Tantalizing Tumultuous Tigers
Trillium EBonkers BuffaloDrop Bears
Trillium EDebonair DolphinsWailing Whales
Trillium WHangry HipposDirty Direwolves
Trillium WOutrageous OttersCheerful Cheetahs
9:00 pmEmpire NBabbling BaboonsThese Hippos Don't Lie
Empire NFerocious FrogsMad Moose
Empire NGorgeous GrizzliesLively Lemurs
Empire NSerious SwansHeinous Horses
Empire SAdventurous AntelopesLaughing Lions
Empire SBold BeesPlayful Penguins
Empire SRadical RacoonsCounting Crows
Memorial SWAmazing AardvarksTroi and Ted's Totally Tantalizing Tumultuous Tigers
Memorial SWSensational SpidersFabulous Foxes
Trillium EBonkers BuffaloWailing Whales
Trillium EDebonair DolphinsDrop Bears
Trillium WHangry HipposCheerful Cheetahs
Trillium WOutrageous OttersDirty Direwolves