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Mon Sep 25
8:00 pm
Empire NBold Bees1411Hilarious Hippos
Empire NGorgeous Grizzlies1918Counting Crows
Empire NHeinous Horses812Babbling Baboons
Empire NLaughing LionsSerious Swans
Empire SFerocious FrogsRadical Racoons
Empire SLively Lemurs2111Adventurous Antelopes
Empire SMad Moose2112Playful Penguins
Memorial SWFabulous Foxes2116Cheerful Cheetahs
Memorial SWSensational Spiders216Wailing Whales
Trillium EAmazing Aardvarks2112Troi and Ted’s Totally Tantalizing Tumultuous Tigers
Trillium EDrop Bears521Dirty Direwolves
Trillium WBonkers Buffalo1621Hangry Hippos
Trillium WDebonair Dolphins1615Outrageous Otters
9:00 pmEmpire NGorgeous Grizzlies2119Serious Swans
Empire NHeinous Horses1814Hilarious Hippos
Empire NLaughing LionsBold Bees
Empire NLively Lemurs136Counting Crows
Empire SFerocious Frogs218Adventurous Antelopes
Empire SMad Moose2114Babbling Baboons
Empire SRadical RacoonsPlayful Penguins
Memorial SWFabulous Foxes2114Wailing Whales
Memorial SWSensational Spiders2113Cheerful Cheetahs
Trillium EAmazing AardvarksDirty Direwolves
Trillium EDrop Bears1321Troi and Ted’s Totally Tantalizing Tumultuous Tigers
Trillium WBonkers Buffalo2022Outrageous Otters
Trillium WDebonair Dolphins1717Hangry Hippos
Thu Sep 28
8:00 pm
Empire NCrazy Cobras219Spicy Calamari
Empire NKiller Kiwis2011Sassy Skunks
Empire NLivid Leopards1621Llovable Llamas
Empire NPrancing Pandas1419Colourful Coyotes
Empire SDangerous Dinosaurs1414Sociable Sloths
Empire SGraceful Geese621Tactful Turtles
Empire SGregarious Gorillas1910Jaded Jellyfish
Empire SInsane Impalas1521Logical Lizzards
Memorial SWBrave Boars1321Methodical Meerkats
Memorial SWErect Elephants2112Sophisticated Sharks
Memorial SWManic Monkeys2116Curious Camels
Memorial SWSneaky Snakes1221Obnoxiously Obscene Owls
Trillium EGiant Giraffes1721Garish Geckos
Trillium EPouncing Penguins2117Belligerent Badgers
Trillium WDreaded Dingoes1221Pleasant Platypus
Trillium WRaging RhinosCrispy Calamari
9:00 pmEmpire NCrazy Cobras2115Sassy Skunks
Empire NKiller Kiwis217Spicy Calamari
Empire NLivid Leopards1516Colourful Coyotes
Empire NPrancing Pandas1917Llovable Llamas
Empire SDangerous Dinosaurs612Jaded Jellyfish
Empire SGraceful Geese715Logical Lizzards
Empire SGregarious Gorillas1119Sociable Sloths
Empire SInsane Impalas1321Tactful Turtles
Memorial SWBrave Boars1521Curious Camels
Memorial SWErect Elephants1221Obnoxiously Obscene Owls
Memorial SWManic Monkeys1410Methodical Meerkats
Memorial SWSneaky Snakes2110Sophisticated Sharks
Trillium EGiant Giraffes2114Belligerent Badgers
Trillium EPouncing Penguins1621Garish Geckos
Trillium WDreaded Dingoes2115Crispy Calamari
Trillium WRaging RhinosPleasant Platypus
Mon Oct 2
8:00 pm
Empire NDirty DirewolvesBonkers Buffalo
Empire NTroi and Ted’s Totally Tantalizing Tumultuous Tigers1721Debonair Dolphins
Empire SHangry Hippos2118Sensational Spiders
Empire SOutrageous Otters2118Fabulous Foxes
Memorial SWCheerful Cheetahs 921Amazing Aardvarks
Memorial SWWailing Whales2114Drop Bears
Trillium EBold Bees1217Playful Penguins
Trillium EHilarious Hippos1321Babbling Baboons
Trillium ELaughing Lions921Counting Crows
Trillium ESerious Swans1521Adventurous Antelopes
Trillium WGorgeous GrizzliesRadical Racoons
Trillium WHeinous Horses1621Ferocious Frogs
Trillium WLively Lemurs1813Mad Moose
9:00 pmEmpire NDirty DirewolvesDebonair Dolphins
Empire NTroi and Ted’s Totally Tantalizing Tumultuous Tigers1619Bonkers Buffalo
Empire SHangry Hippos2114Fabulous Foxes
Empire SOutrageous Otters2118Sensational Spiders
Memorial SWCheerful Cheetahs 218Drop Bears
Memorial SWWailing Whales1121Amazing Aardvarks
Trillium EFerocious Frogs2117Gorgeous Grizzlies
Trillium ELaughing Lions721Lively Lemurs
Trillium EMad Moose1621Heinous Horses
Trillium ERadical RacoonsBold Bees
Trillium WAdventurous Antelopes1818Hilarious Hippos
Trillium WBabbling Baboons218Counting Crows
Trillium WPlayful Penguins1620Serious Swans
Thu Oct 5
8:00 pm
Empire NDreaded Dingoes1518Obnoxiously Obscene Owls
Empire NGiant Giraffes1921Pleasant Platypus
Empire NPouncing Penguins2119Crispy Calamari
Empire NRaging Rhinos1819Sophisticated Sharks
Empire SBrave Boars1121Belligerent Badgers
Empire SErect Elephants2118Methodical Meerkats
Empire SManic Monkeys2021Garish Geckos
Empire SSneaky Snakes1721Curious Camels
Memorial SWDangerous Dinosaurs1121Llovable Llamas
Memorial SWGraceful Geese1421Sociable Sloths
Memorial SWGregarious Gorillas1420Colourful Coyotes
Memorial SWInsane Impalas208Jaded Jellyfish
Trillium ELivid Leopards1619Sassy Skunks
Trillium EPrancing Pandas915Spicy Calamari
Trillium WCrazy Cobras521Logical Lizzards
Trillium WKiller Kiwis2118Tactful Turtles
9:00 pmEmpire NDreaded Dingoes2119Sophisticated Sharks
Empire NGiant Giraffes2111Crispy Calamari
Empire NPouncing Penguins1321Pleasant Platypus
Empire NRaging Rhinos1221Obnoxiously Obscene Owls
Empire SBrave Boars1221Garish Geckos
Empire SErect Elephants2018Curious Camels
Empire SManic Monkeys2113Belligerent Badgers
Empire SSneaky Snakes921Methodical Meerkats
Memorial SWDangerous Dinosaurs1417Colourful Coyotes
Memorial SWGraceful Geese1021Jaded Jellyfish
Memorial SWGregarious Gorillas2021Llovable Llamas
Memorial SWInsane Impalas2220Sociable Sloths
Trillium ELivid Leopards1911Spicy Calamari
Trillium EPrancing Pandas1121Sassy Skunks
Trillium WCrazy Cobras621Tactful Turtles
Trillium WKiller Kiwis2120Logical Lizzards
Thu Oct 12
8:00 pm
Empire NCrazy Cobras1614Jaded Jellyfish
Empire NKiller Kiwis1610Sociable Sloths
Empire NLivid Leopards1316Tactful Turtles
Empire NPrancing Pandas521Logical Lizzards
Empire SDangerous Dinosaurs421Sassy Skunks
Empire SGraceful Geese1317Llovable Llamas
Empire SGregarious Gorillas189Spicy Calamari
Empire SInsane Impalas178Colourful Coyotes
Memorial SWDreaded DingoesCurious Camels
Memorial SWGiant Giraffes1412Obnoxiously Obscene Owls
Memorial SWPouncing Penguins219Sophisticated Sharks
Memorial SWRaging RhinosMethodical Meerkats
Trillium EErect Elephants2117Belligerent Badgers
Trillium ESneaky Snakes2115Garish Geckos
Trillium WBrave Boars2111Crispy Calamari
Trillium WManic Monkeys1821Pleasant Platypus
9:00 pmEmpire NCrazy Cobras818Sociable Sloths
Empire NKiller Kiwis1912Jaded Jellyfish
Empire NLivid Leopards1920Logical Lizzards
Empire NPrancing Pandas821Tactful Turtles
Empire SDangerous Dinosaurs820Spicy Calamari
Empire SGraceful Geese1619Colourful Coyotes
Empire SGregarious Gorillas1021Sassy Skunks
Empire SInsane Impalas219Llovable Llamas
Memorial SWDreaded DingoesMethodical Meerkats
Memorial SWGiant Giraffes2111Sophisticated Sharks
Memorial SWPouncing Penguins2119Obnoxiously Obscene Owls
Memorial SWRaging Rhinos621Curious Camels
Trillium EErect Elephants2118Garish Geckos
Trillium ESneaky Snakes1821Belligerent Badgers
Trillium WBrave Boars1821Pleasant Platypus
Trillium WManic Monkeys218Crispy Calamari
Mon Oct 16
8:00 pm
Empire NFerocious Frogs2117Serious Swans
Empire NLaughing Lions511Heinous Horses
Empire NLively LemursGorgeous Grizzlies
Empire NMad Moose1516Bold Bees
Empire SAdventurous Antelopes715Babbling Baboons
Empire SPlayful PenguinsCounting Crows
Empire SRadical RacoonsHilarious Hippos
Trillium EAmazing Aardvarks2011Fabulous Foxes
Trillium EDrop Bears1016Sensational Spiders
Trillium WBonkers BuffaloWailing Whales
Trillium WDebonair Dolphins1411Cheerful Cheetahs
Trillium WDirty DirewolvesHangry Hippos
Trillium WTroi and Ted’s Totally Tantalizing Tumultuous Tigers816Outrageous Otters
9:00 pmEmpire NAdventurous AntelopesRadical Racoons
Empire NBabbling Baboons1015Ferocious Frogs
Empire NCounting CrowsMad Moose
Empire NLaughing LionsPlayful Penguins
Empire SBold BeesGorgeous Grizzlies
Empire SHilarious HipposLively Lemurs
Empire SSerious Swans2115Heinous Horses
Trillium EAmazing Aardvarks2115Sensational Spiders
Trillium EDrop Bears715Fabulous Foxes
Trillium WBonkers Buffalo1713Cheerful Cheetahs
Trillium WDebonair DolphinsWailing Whales
Trillium WDirty DirewolvesOutrageous Otters
Trillium WTroi and Ted’s Totally Tantalizing Tumultuous Tigers1721Hangry Hippos
Thu Oct 19
8:00 pm
Empire NDreaded DingoesGarish Geckos
Empire NGiant GiraffesCurious Camels
Empire NPouncing PenguinsMethodical Meerkats
Empire NRaging RhinosBelligerent Badgers
Empire SErect ElephantsCrispy Calamari
Empire SSneaky SnakesPleasant Platypus
Jericho WBrave BoarsSophisticated Sharks
Jericho WManic MonkeysObnoxiously Obscene Owls
Memorial SWCrazy CobrasColourful Coyotes
Memorial SWKiller KiwisLlovable Llamas
Memorial SWLivid LeopardsSociable Sloths
Memorial SWPrancing PandasJaded Jellyfish
Trillium EGraceful GeeseSassy Skunks
Trillium EInsane ImpalasSpicy Calamari
Trillium WDangerous DinosaursTactful Turtles
Trillium WGregarious GorillasLogical Lizzards
9:00 pmEmpire NDreaded DingoesBelligerent Badgers
Empire NGiant GiraffesMethodical Meerkats
Empire NPouncing PenguinsCurious Camels
Empire NRaging RhinosGarish Geckos
Empire SErect ElephantsPleasant Platypus
Empire SSneaky SnakesCrispy Calamari
Jericho WBrave BoarsObnoxiously Obscene Owls
Jericho WManic MonkeysSophisticated Sharks
Memorial SWCrazy CobrasLlovable Llamas
Memorial SWKiller KiwisColourful Coyotes
Memorial SWLivid LeopardsJaded Jellyfish
Memorial SWPrancing PandasSociable Sloths
Trillium EGraceful GeeseSpicy Calamari
Trillium EInsane ImpalasSassy Skunks
Trillium WDangerous DinosaursLogical Lizzards
Trillium WGregarious GorillasTactful Turtles