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Mon Oct 23
8:00 pm
Empire NAmazing AardvarksOutrageous Otters
Empire NDrop BearsHangry Hippos
Empire SBonkers BuffaloSensational Spiders
Empire SDebonair DolphinsFabulous Foxes
Memorial SWDirty DirewolvesWailing Whales
Memorial SWTroi and Ted’s Totally Tantalizing Tumultuous TigersCheerful Cheetahs
Trillium EFerocious FrogsLively Lemurs
Trillium ELaughing LionsMad Moose
Trillium EPlayful PenguinsGorgeous Grizzlies
Trillium ERadical RacoonsHeinous Horses
Trillium WAdventurous AntelopesBold Bees
Trillium WBabbling BaboonsSerious Swans
Trillium WCounting CrowsHilarious Hippos
9:00 pmEmpire NAmazing AardvarksHangry Hippos
Empire NDrop BearsOutrageous Otters
Empire SBonkers BuffaloFabulous Foxes
Empire SDebonair DolphinsSensational Spiders
Memorial SWDirty DirewolvesCheerful Cheetahs
Memorial SWTroi and Ted’s Totally Tantalizing Tumultuous TigersWailing Whales
Trillium ECounting CrowsAdventurous Antelopes
Trillium EHilarious HipposPlayful Penguins
Trillium ELaughing LionsBabbling Baboons
Trillium ESerious SwansRadical Racoons
Trillium WBold BeesFerocious Frogs
Trillium WGorgeous GrizzliesMad Moose
Trillium WHeinous HorsesLively Lemurs
Mon Oct 30
8:00 pm
Empire NBabbling BaboonsPlayful Penguins
Empire NCounting CrowsRadical Racoons
Empire NHilarious HipposFerocious Frogs
Empire NLaughing LionsAdventurous Antelopes
Empire SBold BeesLively Lemurs
Empire SGorgeous GrizzliesHeinous Horses
Empire SSerious SwansMad Moose
Memorial SWHangry HipposWailing Whales
Memorial SWOutrageous OttersCheerful Cheetahs
Trillium EAmazing AardvarksDebonair Dolphins
Trillium EDrop BearsBonkers Buffalo
Trillium WDirty DirewolvesSensational Spiders
Trillium WTroi and Ted’s Totally Tantalizing Tumultuous TigersFabulous Foxes
9:00 pmEmpire NBold BeesBabbling Baboons
Empire NGorgeous GrizzliesAdventurous Antelopes
Empire NLaughing LionsHilarious Hippos
Empire NSerious SwansCounting Crows
Empire SHeinous HorsesPlayful Penguins
Empire SLively LemursRadical Racoons
Empire SMad MooseFerocious Frogs
Memorial SWHangry HipposCheerful Cheetahs
Memorial SWOutrageous OttersWailing Whales
Trillium EAmazing AardvarksBonkers Buffalo
Trillium EDrop BearsDebonair Dolphins
Trillium WDirty DirewolvesFabulous Foxes
Trillium WTroi and Ted’s Totally Tantalizing Tumultuous TigersSensational Spiders
Mon Nov 6
8:00 pm
Empire NBonkers BuffaloDebonair Dolphins
Empire NHangry HipposOutrageous Otters
Empire SSensational SpidersFabulous Foxes
Empire SWailing WhalesCheerful Cheetahs
Jericho WDirty DirewolvesTroi and Ted’s Totally Tantalizing Tumultuous Tigers
Jericho WDrop BearsAmazing Aardvarks
Trillium EHeinous HorsesBold Bees
Trillium ELaughing LionsGorgeous Grizzlies
Trillium ELively LemursSerious Swans
Trillium EMad MooseHilarious Hippos
Trillium WFerocious FrogsCounting Crows
Trillium WPlayful PenguinsAdventurous Antelopes
Trillium WRadical RacoonsBabbling Baboons
9:00 pmEmpire NBonkers BuffaloOutrageous Otters
Empire NDebonair DolphinsHangry Hippos
Empire SFabulous FoxesWailing Whales
Empire SSensational SpidersCheerful Cheetahs
Jericho WAmazing AardvarksDirty Direwolves
Jericho WDrop BearsTroi and Ted’s Totally Tantalizing Tumultuous Tigers
Trillium EAdventurous AntelopesHeinous Horses
Trillium ELaughing LionsFerocious Frogs
Trillium EPlayful PenguinsLively Lemurs
Trillium ERadical RacoonsMad Moose
Trillium WBabbling BaboonsGorgeous Grizzlies
Trillium WCounting CrowsBold Bees
Trillium WHilarious HipposSerious Swans
Mon Nov 13
8:00 pm
Empire NAdventurous AntelopesMad Moose
Empire NBabbling BaboonsLively Lemurs
Empire NLaughing LionsRadical Racoons
Empire NPlayful PenguinsFerocious Frogs
Empire SCounting CrowsHeinous Horses
Empire SHilarious HipposBold Bees
Empire SSerious SwansGorgeous Grizzlies
9:00 pmEmpire NBold BeesCounting Crows
Empire NGorgeous GrizzliesHilarious Hippos
Empire NHeinous HorsesBabbling Baboons
Empire NLaughing LionsSerious Swans
Empire SFerocious FrogsRadical Racoons
Empire SLively LemursAdventurous Antelopes
Empire SMad MoosePlayful Penguins