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Mon Sep 25
8:00 pm
Empire NBold Bees1411Hilarious Hippos
Empire NGorgeous Grizzlies1918Counting Crows
Empire NHeinous Horses812Babbling Baboons
Empire NLaughing Lions1021Serious Swans
Empire SFerocious FrogsRadical Racoons
Empire SLively Lemurs2111Adventurous Antelopes
Empire SMad Moose2112Playful Penguins
Memorial SWFabulous Foxes2116Cheerful Cheetahs
Memorial SWSensational Spiders216Wailing Whales
Trillium EAmazing Aardvarks2112Troi and Ted’s Totally Tantalizing Tumultuous Tigers
Trillium EDrop Bears521Dirty Direwolves
Trillium WBonkers Buffalo1621Hangry Hippos
Trillium WDebonair Dolphins1615Outrageous Otters
9:00 pmEmpire NGorgeous Grizzlies2119Serious Swans
Empire NHeinous Horses1814Hilarious Hippos
Empire NLaughing Lions515Bold Bees
Empire NLively Lemurs136Counting Crows
Empire SFerocious Frogs218Adventurous Antelopes
Empire SMad Moose2114Babbling Baboons
Empire SRadical RacoonsPlayful Penguins
Memorial SWFabulous Foxes2114Wailing Whales
Memorial SWSensational Spiders2113Cheerful Cheetahs
Trillium EAmazing Aardvarks2115Dirty Direwolves
Trillium EDrop Bears1321Troi and Ted’s Totally Tantalizing Tumultuous Tigers
Trillium WBonkers Buffalo2022Outrageous Otters
Trillium WDebonair Dolphins1717Hangry Hippos
Mon Oct 2
8:00 pm
Empire NDirty Direwolves1621Bonkers Buffalo
Empire NTroi and Ted’s Totally Tantalizing Tumultuous Tigers1721Debonair Dolphins
Empire SHangry Hippos2118Sensational Spiders
Empire SOutrageous Otters2118Fabulous Foxes
Memorial SWCheerful Cheetahs 921Amazing Aardvarks
Memorial SWWailing Whales2114Drop Bears
Trillium EBold Bees1217Playful Penguins
Trillium EHilarious Hippos1321Babbling Baboons
Trillium ELaughing Lions921Counting Crows
Trillium ESerious Swans1521Adventurous Antelopes
Trillium WGorgeous GrizzliesRadical Racoons
Trillium WHeinous Horses1621Ferocious Frogs
Trillium WLively Lemurs1813Mad Moose
9:00 pmEmpire NDirty Direwolves1519Debonair Dolphins
Empire NTroi and Ted’s Totally Tantalizing Tumultuous Tigers1619Bonkers Buffalo
Empire SHangry Hippos2114Fabulous Foxes
Empire SOutrageous Otters2118Sensational Spiders
Memorial SWCheerful Cheetahs 218Drop Bears
Memorial SWWailing Whales1121Amazing Aardvarks
Trillium EFerocious Frogs2117Gorgeous Grizzlies
Trillium ELaughing Lions721Lively Lemurs
Trillium EMad Moose1621Heinous Horses
Trillium ERadical RacoonsBold Bees
Trillium WAdventurous Antelopes1818Hilarious Hippos
Trillium WBabbling Baboons218Counting Crows
Trillium WPlayful Penguins1620Serious Swans
Mon Oct 16
8:00 pm
Empire NFerocious Frogs2117Serious Swans
Empire NLaughing Lions511Heinous Horses
Empire NLively Lemurs1121Gorgeous Grizzlies
Empire NMad Moose1516Bold Bees
Empire SAdventurous Antelopes715Babbling Baboons
Empire SPlayful PenguinsCounting Crows
Empire SRadical RacoonsHilarious Hippos
Trillium EAmazing Aardvarks2011Fabulous Foxes
Trillium EDrop Bears1016Sensational Spiders
Trillium WBonkers BuffaloWailing Whales
Trillium WDebonair Dolphins1411Cheerful Cheetahs
Trillium WDirty Direwolves616Hangry Hippos
Trillium WTroi and Ted’s Totally Tantalizing Tumultuous Tigers816Outrageous Otters
9:00 pmEmpire NAdventurous AntelopesRadical Racoons
Empire NBabbling Baboons1015Ferocious Frogs
Empire NCounting Crows816Mad Moose
Empire NLaughing LionsPlayful Penguins
Empire SBold Bees1121Gorgeous Grizzlies
Empire SHilarious Hippos1215Lively Lemurs
Empire SSerious Swans2115Heinous Horses
Trillium EAmazing Aardvarks2115Sensational Spiders
Trillium EDrop Bears715Fabulous Foxes
Trillium WBonkers Buffalo1713Cheerful Cheetahs
Trillium WDebonair DolphinsWailing Whales
Trillium WDirty Direwolves1415Outrageous Otters
Trillium WTroi and Ted’s Totally Tantalizing Tumultuous Tigers1721Hangry Hippos
Mon Oct 23
8:00 pm
Empire NAmazing AardvarksOutrageous Otters
Empire NDrop BearsHangry Hippos
Empire SBonkers BuffaloSensational Spiders
Empire SDebonair DolphinsFabulous Foxes
Memorial SWDirty DirewolvesWailing Whales
Memorial SWTroi and Ted’s Totally Tantalizing Tumultuous TigersCheerful Cheetahs
Trillium EFerocious FrogsLively Lemurs
Trillium ELaughing LionsMad Moose
Trillium EPlayful PenguinsGorgeous Grizzlies
Trillium ERadical RacoonsHeinous Horses
Trillium WAdventurous AntelopesBold Bees
Trillium WBabbling BaboonsSerious Swans
Trillium WCounting CrowsHilarious Hippos
9:00 pmEmpire NAmazing AardvarksHangry Hippos
Empire NDrop BearsOutrageous Otters
Empire SBonkers BuffaloFabulous Foxes
Empire SDebonair DolphinsSensational Spiders
Memorial SWDirty DirewolvesCheerful Cheetahs
Memorial SWTroi and Ted’s Totally Tantalizing Tumultuous TigersWailing Whales
Trillium ECounting CrowsAdventurous Antelopes
Trillium EHilarious HipposPlayful Penguins
Trillium ELaughing LionsBabbling Baboons
Trillium ESerious SwansRadical Racoons
Trillium WBold BeesFerocious Frogs
Trillium WGorgeous GrizzliesMad Moose
Trillium WHeinous HorsesLively Lemurs