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Mon Jan 15
7:00 pm
Andy Livingstone EGo Go Power Huckers916Sir Hucksalot
Andy Livingstone EHammer Beats Rabbit1315Mighty Hucking Power Rangers
Andy Livingstone ENightHucks1613Soup Du Jour
Andy Livingstone ETosstitos1713Adolescent Variation Fighting Reptiles (Monday)
Van Tech TurfFlatballers214The Growlers
Van Tech TurfHuge Dumps1113Nefarious Urban Discthrowers And Their Associates
Van Tech TurfRain City Ultimate Club1217Macarena
8:00 pmAndy Livingstone EGo Go Power Huckers1221Mighty Hucking Power Rangers
Andy Livingstone EHammer Beats Rabbit1220Sir Hucksalot
Andy Livingstone ENightHucks2113Adolescent Variation Fighting Reptiles (Monday)
Andy Livingstone ETosstitos1421Soup Du Jour
Empire NGame Of Throws Turf Edition721The Frizzles
Empire NWeebdumpers1021Hot Dog Stock Market
Empire SCuzins206Win for Her
Empire SNeon Disc-zaster!218Disconnect
Memorial SWCare Bears1520Gastly Redux
Memorial SWTeam Adequater921BeerOclock
Memorial SWTsunami1719Technicolor Narwhal Explosion
Memorial SWWyld Stallyns1621FOREVER JUNG
Trillium EChurros1621B-I-N-G-O
Trillium EGnosis1321STUNNERS
Trillium EMastadon Monday1621Team Superfriends
Trillium EWinter Coat1719Weapon of Choice
Trillium W#DiscsOutForHarambe1021Discl3xia!
Trillium W100% Mondays1811The Flock
Trillium WBento Box B2111Raspados
Trillium WLittle Lebowski Urban Achievers2120Azure D
Van Tech TurfFlatballers216Huge Dumps
Van Tech TurfRain City Ultimate Club1910Nefarious Urban Discthrowers And Their Associates
Van Tech TurfThe Growlers721Macarena
9:00 pmEmpire NGame Of Throws Turf Edition121Hot Dog Stock Market
Empire NWeebdumpers2119The Frizzles
Empire SCuzins199Disconnect
Empire SNeon Disc-zaster!219Win for Her
Memorial SWCare Bears1121BeerOclock
Memorial SWTeam Adequater1521Gastly Redux
Memorial SWTsunami621FOREVER JUNG
Memorial SWWyld Stallyns1614Technicolor Narwhal Explosion
Trillium EChurros821STUNNERS
Trillium EGnosis2115B-I-N-G-O
Trillium EMastadon Monday1521Weapon of Choice
Trillium EWinter Coat1121Team Superfriends
Trillium W#DiscsOutForHarambe1918Azure D
Trillium W100% Mondays2021Raspados
Trillium WBento Box B2110The Flock
Trillium WLittle Lebowski Urban Achievers2012Discl3xia!
Thu Jan 18
8:00 pm
Empire NDisc Wars Episode V: The Empire Hucks Back.169Sweater Weather
Empire NLeBrontourage V1315friend zone
Empire NPidgey!1713Double Rainbow!
Empire NThe Marauders217The Throw Ups
Empire SRIP-Riptide1012Victors Secret
Empire SSideways Shoe2114Snap
Empire SSquid20114 Winds
Empire SSwingcredibles219Roshi
Jericho WApocalyptic Very Furry Rhinos (Thursday)1713Spinister Motives
Jericho WBaywatchers2111Hucks Not Hot
Jericho WDon't be a disc212Jedi Force
Jericho WDragon Sound121090's Throwback
Memorial SWDementors1511Turtle Power
Memorial SWFilet o Flick1017Doggie Style
Memorial SWLost Salt Shakers188The Ultimates
Memorial SWVertex321Name name name
Trillium E#VictoriasSecret3.0214Craicheads.
Trillium EPachyderms1518GUCCI GVNG
Trillium ESnacks2120Stickdog
Trillium ETown Mouse1219MUTton Chops
Trillium WF-M-U214Squirtle Squad
Trillium WGrumpy Dog00Kenny and the Weabs
Trillium WHuck It Off!718Team Adequate
Trillium WSasuke San2010The Last Jedi
9:00 pmEmpire NDisc Wars Episode V: The Empire Hucks Back.1812friend zone
Empire NLeBrontourage V216Sweater Weather
Empire NPidgey!2112The Throw Ups
Empire NThe Marauders1817Double Rainbow!
Empire SRIP-Riptide198Snap
Empire SSideways Shoe921Victors Secret
Empire SSquid1711Roshi
Empire SSwingcredibles21134 Winds
Jericho WApocalyptic Very Furry Rhinos (Thursday)1616Hucks Not Hot
Jericho WBaywatchers2111Spinister Motives
Jericho WDon't be a disc16890's Throwback
Jericho WDragon Sound201Jedi Force
Memorial SWDementors2113The Ultimates
Memorial SWFilet o Flick1621Name name name
Memorial SWLost Salt Shakers188Turtle Power
Memorial SWVertex921Doggie Style
Trillium E#VictoriasSecret3.01221MUTton Chops
Trillium EPachyderms1521Stickdog
Trillium ESnacks1216GUCCI GVNG
Trillium ETown Mouse215Craicheads.
Trillium WF-M-U218Team Adequate
Trillium WGrumpy Dog1410The Last Jedi
Trillium WHuck It Off!1315Squirtle Squad
Trillium WSasuke San218Kenny and the Weabs
Mon Jan 22
7:00 pm
Andy Livingstone EGame Of Throws Turf Edition1218Neon Disc-zaster!
Andy Livingstone EHot Dog Stock Market210Win for Her
Andy Livingstone EThe Frizzles213Disconnect
Andy Livingstone EWeebdumpers2114Cuzins
8:00 pmAndy Livingstone EGame Of Throws Turf Edition1721Cuzins
Andy Livingstone EHot Dog Stock Market215Disconnect
Andy Livingstone EThe Frizzles219Win for Her
Andy Livingstone EWeebdumpers218Neon Disc-zaster!
Empire NBeerOclock1319Technicolor Narwhal Explosion
Empire NCare Bears1813Wyld Stallyns
Empire NGastly Redux2012FOREVER JUNG
Empire NTeam Adequater1618Tsunami
Empire SMastadon Monday1521Gnosis
Empire STeam Superfriends1921STUNNERS
Empire SWeapon of Choice2116B-I-N-G-O
Empire SWinter Coat217Churros
Memorial SW100% Mondays2118Little Lebowski Urban Achievers
Memorial SWBento Box B1711#DiscsOutForHarambe
Memorial SWRaspados1812Discl3xia!
Memorial SWThe Flock1921Azure D
Trillium EGo Go Power Huckers1314NightHucks
Trillium EHammer Beats Rabbit1612Tosstitos
Trillium EMighty Hucking Power Rangers1910Adolescent Variation Fighting Reptiles (Monday)
Trillium ESir Hucksalot1615Soup Du Jour
Trillium WFlatballers2117Macarena
Trillium WRain City Ultimate Club1416Huge Dumps
Trillium WThe Growlers1210Nefarious Urban Discthrowers And Their Associates
9:00 pmEmpire NBeerOclock811FOREVER JUNG
Empire NCare Bears1714Tsunami
Empire NGastly Redux209Technicolor Narwhal Explosion
Empire NTeam Adequater1814Wyld Stallyns
Empire SMastadon Monday2112Churros
Empire STeam Superfriends2118B-I-N-G-O
Empire SWeapon of Choice1721STUNNERS
Empire SWinter Coat2119Gnosis
Memorial SW100% Mondays219#DiscsOutForHarambe
Memorial SWBento Box B2112Little Lebowski Urban Achievers
Memorial SWRaspados2112Azure D
Memorial SWThe Flock2116Discl3xia!
Trillium EGo Go Power Huckers2117Tosstitos
Trillium EHammer Beats Rabbit39NightHucks
Trillium EMighty Hucking Power Rangers1715Soup Du Jour
Trillium ESir Hucksalot1910Adolescent Variation Fighting Reptiles (Monday)
Trillium WFlatballers216Nefarious Urban Discthrowers And Their Associates
Trillium WHuge Dumps521Macarena
Trillium WRain City Ultimate Club1510The Growlers
Thu Jan 25
8:00 pm
Empire NGrumpy Dog1719F-M-U
Empire NKenny and the Weabs2117Squirtle Squad
Empire NSasuke San219Huck It Off!
Empire NThe Last Jedi2111Team Adequate
Empire SDisc Wars Episode V: The Empire Hucks Back.921Pidgey!
Empire Sfriend zone 1315The Throw Ups
Empire SLeBrontourage V919The Marauders
Empire SSweater Weather2120Double Rainbow!
Jericho WDementors216Vertex
Jericho WLost Salt Shakers1817Filet o Flick
Jericho WThe Ultimates1219Doggie Style
Jericho WTurtle Power816Name name name
Memorial SW4 Winds1612Victors Secret
Memorial SWRoshi1515Snap
Memorial SWSquid1915RIP-Riptide
Memorial SWSwingcredibles216Sideways Shoe
Trillium EApocalyptic Very Furry Rhinos (Thursday)1413Don't be a disc
Trillium EBaywatchers217Dragon Sound
Trillium EHucks Not Hot11890's Throwback
Trillium ESpinister Motives157Jedi Force
Trillium WGUCCI GVNG2113Craicheads.
Trillium WPachyderms1421#VictoriasSecret3.0
Trillium WSnacks1721Town Mouse
Trillium WStickdog1521MUTton Chops
9:00 pmEmpire NGrumpy Dog2112Huck It Off!
Empire NKenny and the Weabs2115Team Adequate
Empire NSasuke San1721F-M-U
Empire NThe Last Jedi2017Squirtle Squad
Empire SDisc Wars Episode V: The Empire Hucks Back.1621The Marauders
Empire Sfriend zone 1920Double Rainbow!
Empire SLeBrontourage V821Pidgey!
Empire SSweater Weather1917The Throw Ups
Jericho WDementors1815Filet o Flick
Jericho WLost Salt Shakers2113Vertex
Jericho WThe Ultimates2112Name name name
Jericho WTurtle Power821Doggie Style
Memorial SW4 Winds1411Snap
Memorial SWRoshi2120Victors Secret
Memorial SWSquid215Sideways Shoe
Memorial SWSwingcredibles1821RIP-Riptide
Trillium EApocalyptic Very Furry Rhinos (Thursday)2012Dragon Sound
Trillium EBaywatchers212Don't be a disc
Trillium EHucks Not Hot215Jedi Force
Trillium ESpinister Motives161090's Throwback
Trillium WGUCCI GVNG2021MUTton Chops
Trillium WPachyderms1421Town Mouse
Trillium WSnacks1221#VictoriasSecret3.0
Trillium WStickdog1721Craicheads.
Mon Jan 29
7:00 pm
Andy Livingstone E100% Mondays1421Azure D
Andy Livingstone EBento Box B2111Discl3xia!
Andy Livingstone ERaspadosCancelled#DiscsOutForHarambe
Andy Livingstone EThe FlockCancelledLittle Lebowski Urban Achievers
8:00 pmAndy Livingstone E100% Mondays2119Discl3xia!
Andy Livingstone EBento Box B2113Azure D
Andy Livingstone ERaspadosCancelledLittle Lebowski Urban Achievers
Andy Livingstone EThe FlockCancelled#DiscsOutForHarambe
Empire NFlatballers213Rain City Ultimate Club
Empire NHuge Dumps515The Growlers
Empire NNefarious Urban Discthrowers And Their Associates821Macarena
Empire SGame Of Throws Turf Edition1620Disconnect
Empire SHot Dog Stock Market217Cuzins
Empire SThe Frizzles2220Neon Disc-zaster!
Empire SWeebdumpers2110Win for Her
Memorial SWMastadon Monday1621STUNNERS
Memorial SWTeam Superfriends2119Gnosis
Memorial SWWeapon of Choice2112Churros
Memorial SWWinter Coat1621B-I-N-G-O
Trillium EBeerOclock1721Tsunami
Trillium ECare Bears1419FOREVER JUNG
Trillium EGastly Redux1917Wyld Stallyns
Trillium ETeam Adequater1615Technicolor Narwhal Explosion
Trillium WGo Go Power Huckers1715Soup Du Jour
Trillium WHammer Beats Rabbit2117Adolescent Variation Fighting Reptiles (Monday)
Trillium WMighty Hucking Power Rangers2110Tosstitos
Trillium WSir Hucksalot1613NightHucks
9:00 pmEmpire NFlatballers217The Growlers
Empire NHuge Dumps516Nefarious Urban Discthrowers And Their Associates
Empire NRain City Ultimate Club1121Macarena
Empire SGame Of Throws Turf Edition149Win for Her
Empire SHot Dog Stock Market2110Neon Disc-zaster!
Empire SThe Frizzles1621Cuzins
Empire SWeebdumpers216Disconnect
Memorial SWMastadon Monday1921B-I-N-G-O
Memorial SWTeam Superfriends215Churros
Memorial SWWeapon of Choice2020Gnosis
Memorial SWWinter Coat1221STUNNERS
Trillium EBeerOclock1819Wyld Stallyns
Trillium ECare Bears1714Technicolor Narwhal Explosion
Trillium EGastly Redux1415Tsunami
Trillium ETeam Adequater1415FOREVER JUNG
Trillium WGo Go Power Huckers2112Adolescent Variation Fighting Reptiles (Monday)
Trillium WHammer Beats Rabbit1318Soup Du Jour
Trillium WMighty Hucking Power Rangers1617NightHucks
Trillium WSir Hucksalot2113Tosstitos
Thu Feb 1
8:00 pm
Empire NGUCCI GVNG1521#VictoriasSecret3.0
Empire NPachyderms1021Craicheads.
Empire NSnacks1521MUTton Chops
Empire NStickdog2113Town Mouse
Empire SGrumpy Dog1314Squirtle Squad
Empire SKenny and the Weabs1521F-M-U
Empire SSasuke San219Team Adequate
Empire SThe Last Jedi215Huck It Off!
Jericho W4 Winds1720RIP-Riptide
Jericho WRoshi1214Sideways Shoe
Jericho WSquid2118Victors Secret
Jericho WSwingcredibles2119Snap
Memorial SWDisc Wars Episode V: The Empire Hucks Back.1619Double Rainbow!
Memorial SWfriend zone 216The Marauders
Memorial SWLeBrontourage V1112The Throw Ups
Memorial SWSweater Weather1620Pidgey!
Trillium EDementors1716Name name name
Trillium ELost Salt Shakers1514Doggie Style
Trillium EThe Ultimates1015Filet o Flick
Trillium ETurtle Power2112Vertex
Trillium WApocalyptic Very Furry Rhinos (Thursday)211Jedi Force
Trillium WBaywatchers171090's Throwback
Trillium WHucks Not Hot175Dragon Sound
Trillium WSpinister Motives159Don't be a disc
9:00 pmEmpire NGUCCI GVNG2111Town Mouse
Empire NPachyderms1721MUTton Chops
Empire NSnacks1712Craicheads.
Empire NStickdog1421#VictoriasSecret3.0
Empire SGrumpy Dog2111Team Adequate
Empire SKenny and the Weabs219Huck It Off!
Empire SSasuke San219Squirtle Squad
Empire SThe Last Jedi1421F-M-U
Jericho W4 Winds219Sideways Shoe
Jericho WRoshi921RIP-Riptide
Jericho WSquid2015Snap
Jericho WSwingcredibles2020Victors Secret
Memorial SWDisc Wars Episode V: The Empire Hucks Back.219The Throw Ups
Memorial SWfriend zone 1221Pidgey!
Memorial SWLeBrontourage V1021Double Rainbow!
Memorial SWSweater Weather1717The Marauders
Trillium EDementors208Doggie Style
Trillium ELost Salt Shakers1619Name name name
Trillium EThe Ultimates1519Vertex
Trillium ETurtle Power1516Filet o Flick
Trillium WApocalyptic Very Furry Rhinos (Thursday)211090's Throwback
Trillium WBaywatchers216Jedi Force
Trillium WHucks Not Hot2115Don't be a disc
Trillium WSpinister Motives1817Dragon Sound
Mon Feb 5
7:00 pm
Andy Livingstone EB-I-N-G-O1721STUNNERS
Andy Livingstone EChurros821Gnosis
Andy Livingstone EWeapon of Choice2022Team Superfriends
Andy Livingstone EWinter Coat2021Mastadon Monday
8:00 pmAndy Livingstone EB-I-N-G-O1321Gnosis
Andy Livingstone EChurros1421STUNNERS
Andy Livingstone EWeapon of Choice2115Mastadon Monday
Andy Livingstone EWinter Coat1721Team Superfriends
Empire N#DiscsOutForHarambe1318Little Lebowski Urban Achievers
Empire NBento Box B2114100% Mondays
Empire NDiscl3xia!1419Azure D
Empire NRaspados1221The Flock
Empire SAdolescent Variation Fighting Reptiles (Monday)1813Soup Du Jour
Empire SHammer Beats Rabbit1921Go Go Power Huckers
Empire SMighty Hucking Power Rangers1321Sir Hucksalot
Empire STosstitos421NightHucks
Memorial SWFlatballers217Macarena
Memorial SWRain City Ultimate Club614Huge Dumps
Memorial SWThe Growlers1612Nefarious Urban Discthrowers And Their Associates
Trillium ECuzins2110Neon Disc-zaster!
Trillium EHot Dog Stock Market2115The Frizzles
Trillium EWeebdumpers214Game Of Throws Turf Edition
Trillium EWin for Her1217Disconnect
Trillium WCare Bears1320Team Adequater
Trillium WFOREVER JUNG2112Technicolor Narwhal Explosion
Trillium WGastly Redux1515BeerOclock
Trillium WWyld Stallyns1219Tsunami
9:00 pmEmpire N#DiscsOutForHarambe821Azure D
Empire NBento Box B2114The Flock
Empire NDiscl3xia!1721Little Lebowski Urban Achievers
Empire NRaspados2117100% Mondays
Empire SAdolescent Variation Fighting Reptiles (Monday)1415NightHucks
Empire SHammer Beats Rabbit1421Sir Hucksalot
Empire SMighty Hucking Power Rangers1813Go Go Power Huckers
Empire STosstitos1620Soup Du Jour
Memorial SWFlatballers207Nefarious Urban Discthrowers And Their Associates
Memorial SWHuge Dumps1614Macarena
Memorial SWRain City Ultimate Club1016The Growlers
Trillium ECuzins215Disconnect
Trillium EHot Dog Stock Market217Game Of Throws Turf Edition
Trillium EWeebdumpers2120The Frizzles
Trillium EWin for Her921Neon Disc-zaster!
Trillium WCare Bears1221BeerOclock
Trillium WFOREVER JUNG2011Tsunami
Trillium WGastly Redux1916Team Adequater
Trillium WWyld Stallyns2111Technicolor Narwhal Explosion
Thu Feb 8
8:00 pm
Empire N90's Throwback187Jedi Force
Empire NBaywatchers1310Apocalyptic Very Furry Rhinos (Thursday)
Empire NDragon Sound1510Don't be a disc
Empire NHucks Not Hot1214Spinister Motives
Empire S#VictoriasSecret3.02113Town Mouse
Empire SCraicheads.1421MUTton Chops
Empire SGUCCI GVNG2117Stickdog
Empire SPachyderms2118Snacks
Jericho Wfriend zone 914Sweater Weather
Jericho WLeBrontourage V1716Disc Wars Episode V: The Empire Hucks Back.
Jericho WThe Marauders913Pidgey!
Jericho WThe Throw Ups1517Double Rainbow!
Memorial SWHuck It Off!421F-M-U
Memorial SWSasuke San1921Grumpy Dog
Memorial SWTeam Adequate1421Squirtle Squad
Memorial SWThe Last JediKenny and the Weabs
Trillium E4 Winds1316Roshi
Trillium ERIP-Riptide216Sideways Shoe
Trillium ESquid1920Swingcredibles
Trillium EVictors Secret148Snap
Trillium WDoggie Style2114Name name name
Trillium WFilet o Flick167Vertex
Trillium WLost Salt Shakers1521Dementors
Trillium WThe Ultimates148Turtle Power
9:00 pmEmpire N90's Throwback219Don't be a disc
Empire NBaywatchers1315Spinister Motives
Empire NDragon Sound213Jedi Force
Empire NHucks Not Hot1517Apocalyptic Very Furry Rhinos (Thursday)
Empire S#VictoriasSecret3.02112MUTton Chops
Empire SCraicheads.1321Town Mouse
Empire SGUCCI GVNG2113Snacks
Empire SPachyderms2020Stickdog
Jericho Wfriend zone 514Disc Wars Episode V: The Empire Hucks Back.
Jericho WLeBrontourage V2114Sweater Weather
Jericho WThe Marauders1412Double Rainbow!
Jericho WThe Throw Ups821Pidgey!
Memorial SWHuck It Off!1621Squirtle Squad
Memorial SWSasuke San2012Kenny and the Weabs
Memorial SWTeam Adequate1121F-M-U
Memorial SWThe Last Jedi1414Grumpy Dog
Trillium E4 Winds2016Swingcredibles
Trillium ERIP-Riptide217Snap
Trillium ESquid2011Roshi
Trillium EVictors Secret195Sideways Shoe
Trillium WDoggie Style215Vertex
Trillium WFilet o Flick2021Name name name
Trillium WLost Salt Shakers2113Turtle Power
Trillium WThe Ultimates1621Dementors
Mon Feb 12
7:00 pm
Andy Livingstone EAdolescent Variation Fighting Reptiles (Monday)1511Huge Dumps
Andy Livingstone EThe Growlers1014Nefarious Urban Discthrowers And Their Associates
Andy Livingstone ETosstitos207Rain City Ultimate Club
8:00 pmAndy Livingstone EAdolescent Variation Fighting Reptiles (Monday)2113The Growlers
Andy Livingstone EHuge Dumps1516Rain City Ultimate Club
Andy Livingstone ETosstitos2118Nefarious Urban Discthrowers And Their Associates
Empire N#DiscsOutForHarambeCuzins
Empire NDiscl3xia!2114The Frizzles
Empire NNeon Disc-zaster!2021FOREVER JUNG
Empire NWin for Her1818Gastly Redux
Empire SCare Bears1818Wyld Stallyns
Empire SGame Of Throws Turf Edition1313Disconnect
Empire STeam Adequater1219Sir Hucksalot
Empire STsunami1317BeerOclock
Memorial SWHammer Beats Rabbit1719Macarena
Memorial SWNightHucks2115Go Go Power Huckers
Memorial SWSoup Du Jour1621Flatballers
Memorial SWTechnicolor Narwhal Explosion1321Mighty Hucking Power Rangers
Trillium EB-I-N-G-O1521Winter Coat
Trillium EMastadon Monday1819Bento Box B
Trillium ESTUNNERSWeapon of Choice
Trillium ETeam Superfriends1921Gnosis
Trillium WAzure D2117Hot Dog Stock Market
Trillium WChurros1715Little Lebowski Urban Achievers
Trillium WRaspados1821100% Mondays
Trillium WThe Flock2112Weebdumpers
9:00 pmEmpire N#DiscsOutForHarambe2021The Frizzles
Empire NDiscl3xia!1421Cuzins
Empire NNeon Disc-zaster!1921Gastly Redux
Empire NWin for Her1621FOREVER JUNG
Empire SCare Bears1121Sir Hucksalot
Empire SGame Of Throws Turf Edition1121BeerOclock
Empire STeam Adequater1921Wyld Stallyns
Empire STsunami2110Disconnect
Memorial SWHammer Beats Rabbit1910Flatballers
Memorial SWNightHucks1317Mighty Hucking Power Rangers
Memorial SWSoup Du Jour2115Macarena
Memorial SWTechnicolor Narwhal Explosion1621Go Go Power Huckers
Trillium EB-I-N-G-O2115Bento Box B
Trillium EMastadon Monday1221Winter Coat
Trillium ESTUNNERSGnosis
Trillium ETeam Superfriends2118Weapon of Choice
Trillium WAzure D2115Weebdumpers
Trillium WChurros2110100% Mondays
Trillium WRaspados2115Little Lebowski Urban Achievers
Trillium WThe Flock1421Hot Dog Stock Market
Thu Feb 15
8:00 pm
Empire NFilet o Flick1610Baywatchers
Empire NRoshi1113Snap
Empire NSideways ShoeName name name
Empire NThe Ultimates919Apocalyptic Very Furry Rhinos (Thursday)
Empire SDon't be a disc204Jedi Force
Empire SDragon Sound141690's Throwback
Empire STurtle Power1421Spinister Motives
Empire SVertex1314Hucks Not Hot
Jericho WCraicheads.2021Grumpy Dog
Jericho WKenny and the WeabsPostponedPidgey!
Jericho WPachyderms2120Squirtle Squad
Jericho WThe Last Jedi1721The Marauders
Memorial SW#VictoriasSecret3.01421GUCCI GVNG
Memorial SWMUTton Chops2115Town Mouse
Memorial SWSnacksCancelledSasuke San
Memorial SWStickdogF-M-U
Trillium EDouble Rainbow!1613Squid
Trillium EHuck It Off!621Sweater Weather
Trillium ELeBrontourage V177RIP-Riptide
Trillium ETeam Adequate1621Disc Wars Episode V: The Empire Hucks Back.
Trillium W4 Winds2115Lost Salt Shakers
Trillium WDementors1219Doggie Style
Trillium Wfriend zone 158Victors Secret
Trillium WThe Throw Ups921Swingcredibles
9:00 pmEmpire NFilet o Flick1914Apocalyptic Very Furry Rhinos (Thursday)
Empire NRoshi1016Name name name
Empire NSideways Shoe221Snap
Empire NThe Ultimates1615Baywatchers
Empire SDon't be a disc101990's Throwback
Empire SDragon Sound212Jedi Force
Empire STurtle Power1415Hucks Not Hot
Empire SVertex2017Spinister Motives
Jericho WCraicheads.2110Squirtle Squad
Jericho WKenny and the WeabsCancelledThe Marauders
Jericho WPachyderms1821Grumpy Dog
Jericho WThe Last JediForfeitedPidgey!
Memorial SW#VictoriasSecret3.02117Town Mouse
Memorial SWMUTton Chops1521GUCCI GVNG
Memorial SWSnacksF-M-U
Memorial SWStickdog1521Sasuke San
Trillium EDouble Rainbow!1617RIP-Riptide
Trillium EHuck It Off!1221Disc Wars Episode V: The Empire Hucks Back.
Trillium ELeBrontourage V218Squid
Trillium ETeam Adequate1919Sweater Weather
Trillium W4 Winds921Doggie Style
Trillium WDementors1116Lost Salt Shakers
Trillium Wfriend zone 1121Swingcredibles
Trillium WThe Throw Ups921Victors Secret
Mon Feb 19
7:00 pm
Andy Livingstone EGo Go Power HuckersCancelledMacarena
Andy Livingstone EMighty Hucking Power RangersCancelledFlatballers
Andy Livingstone ENightHucksCancelledHammer Beats Rabbit
Andy Livingstone ETechnicolor Narwhal ExplosionCancelledSoup Du Jour
8:00 pmAndy Livingstone EGo Go Power HuckersCancelledFlatballers
Andy Livingstone EMighty Hucking Power RangersCancelledMacarena
Andy Livingstone ENightHucksSoup Du Jour
Andy Livingstone ETechnicolor Narwhal ExplosionCancelledHammer Beats Rabbit
Empire N100% MondaysCancelledWeebdumpers
Empire NChurrosAzure D
Empire NLittle Lebowski Urban AchieversCancelledHot Dog Stock Market
Empire NRaspadosCancelledThe Flock
Empire S#DiscsOutForHarambeCancelledNeon Disc-zaster!
Empire SCuzinsCancelledFOREVER JUNG
Empire SDiscl3xia!CancelledWin for Her
Empire SThe FrizzlesCancelledGastly Redux
Memorial SWBeerOclockCancelledSir Hucksalot
Memorial SWDisconnectCancelledWyld Stallyns
Memorial SWGame Of Throws Turf EditionCancelledCare Bears
Memorial SWTsunamiCancelledTeam Adequater
Trillium EAdolescent Variation Fighting Reptiles (Monday)CancelledRain City Ultimate Club
Trillium EHuge DumpsCancelledNefarious Urban Discthrowers And Their Associates
Trillium ETosstitosCancelledThe Growlers
Trillium WGnosisCancelledBento Box B
Trillium WSTUNNERSCancelledB-I-N-G-O
Trillium WTeam SuperfriendsCancelledMastadon Monday
Trillium WWeapon of ChoiceCancelledWinter Coat
9:00 pmEmpire N100% MondaysCancelledHot Dog Stock Market
Empire NChurrosThe Flock
Empire NLittle Lebowski Urban AchieversCancelledWeebdumpers
Empire NRaspadosCancelledAzure D
Empire S#DiscsOutForHarambeCancelledWin for Her
Empire SCuzinsCancelledGastly Redux
Empire SDiscl3xia!CancelledNeon Disc-zaster!
Empire SThe FrizzlesCancelledFOREVER JUNG
Memorial SWBeerOclockCancelledWyld Stallyns
Memorial SWDisconnectCancelledSir Hucksalot
Memorial SWGame Of Throws Turf EditionCancelledTeam Adequater
Memorial SWTsunamiCancelledCare Bears
Trillium EAdolescent Variation Fighting Reptiles (Monday)CancelledNefarious Urban Discthrowers And Their Associates
Trillium EThe GrowlersCancelledRain City Ultimate Club
Trillium ETosstitosCancelledHuge Dumps
Trillium WGnosisCancelledWinter Coat
Trillium WSTUNNERSCancelledMastadon Monday
Trillium WTeam SuperfriendsCancelledB-I-N-G-O
Trillium WWeapon of ChoiceCancelledBento Box B
Thu Feb 22
8:00 pm
Empire Nfriend zone 1610Dementors
Empire NSwingcredibles1821Lost Salt Shakers
Empire NThe Throw Ups12204 Winds
Empire NVictors Secret1718Doggie Style
Empire SName name name1517Apocalyptic Very Furry Rhinos (Thursday)
Empire SRoshiDefaultFilet o Flick
Empire SSideways Shoe917The Ultimates
Empire SSnap1421Baywatchers
Jericho W#VictoriasSecret3.0Stickdog
Jericho WMUTton ChopsForfeitedSnacks
Jericho WTown Mouse1921Sasuke San
Memorial SWHucks Not HotCancelledJedi Force
Memorial SWSpinister MotivesPostponed90's Throwback
Memorial SWTurtle PowerCancelledDragon Sound
Memorial SWVertexCancelledDon't be a disc
Trillium ECraicheads.2120Kenny and the Weabs
Trillium EGrumpy Dog1721Pidgey!
Trillium EPachyderms2113The Last Jedi
Trillium ESquirtle Squad2021The Marauders
Trillium WDisc Wars Episode V: The Empire Hucks Back.1421Squid
Trillium WHuck It Off!1816LeBrontourage V
Trillium WSweater Weather1821RIP-Riptide
Trillium WTeam Adequate1418Double Rainbow!
9:00 pmEmpire Nfriend zone 14204 Winds
Empire NSwingcredibles1317Doggie Style
Empire NThe Throw Ups1021Dementors
Empire NVictors Secret1016Lost Salt Shakers
Empire SName name name917Baywatchers
Empire SRoshiDefaultThe Ultimates
Empire SSideways Shoe1721Filet o Flick
Empire SSnap1715Apocalyptic Very Furry Rhinos (Thursday)
Jericho W#VictoriasSecret3.0Snacks
Jericho WGUCCI GVNG2220Sasuke San
Jericho WMUTton ChopsForfeitedStickdog
Jericho WTown Mouse2118F-M-U
Memorial SWHucks Not HotCancelled90's Throwback
Memorial SWSpinister MotivesPostponedJedi Force
Memorial SWTurtle PowerCancelledDon't be a disc
Memorial SWVertexCancelledDragon Sound
Trillium ECraicheads.1618The Last Jedi
Trillium EGrumpy Dog1621The Marauders
Trillium EPachyderms1511Kenny and the Weabs
Trillium ESquirtle Squad1821Pidgey!
Trillium WDisc Wars Episode V: The Empire Hucks Back.1621RIP-Riptide
Trillium WHuck It Off!2021Double Rainbow!
Trillium WSweater Weather1921Squid
Trillium WTeam Adequate1621LeBrontourage V
Mon Feb 26
7:00 pm
Andy Livingstone EBeerOclockCancelledTeam Adequater
Andy Livingstone EDisconnectCancelledCare Bears
Andy Livingstone EGame Of Throws Turf EditionCancelledWyld Stallyns
Andy Livingstone ETsunamiCancelledSir Hucksalot
8:00 pmAndy Livingstone EBeerOclockCancelledCare Bears
Andy Livingstone EDisconnectCancelledTeam Adequater
Andy Livingstone EGame Of Throws Turf EditionCancelledSir Hucksalot
Andy Livingstone ETsunamiCancelledWyld Stallyns
Empire NGnosisCancelledMastadon Monday
Empire NSTUNNERSCancelledWinter Coat
Empire NTeam SuperfriendsCancelledBento Box B
Empire NWeapon of ChoiceCancelledB-I-N-G-O
Empire S100% MondaysThe Flock
Empire SChurrosCancelledHot Dog Stock Market
Empire SLittle Lebowski Urban AchieversAzure D
Empire SRaspadosCancelledWeebdumpers
Memorial SW#DiscsOutForHarambeCancelledFOREVER JUNG
Memorial SWCuzinsNeon Disc-zaster!
Memorial SWDiscl3xia!CancelledGastly Redux
Memorial SWThe FrizzlesCancelledWin for Her
Trillium EGo Go Power HuckersCancelledHammer Beats Rabbit
Trillium EMighty Hucking Power RangersCancelledSoup Du Jour
Trillium ENightHucksCancelledMacarena
Trillium ETechnicolor Narwhal ExplosionCancelledFlatballers
Trillium WAdolescent Variation Fighting Reptiles (Monday)CancelledTosstitos
Trillium WNefarious Urban Discthrowers And Their AssociatesCancelledRain City Ultimate Club
Trillium WThe GrowlersCancelledHuge Dumps
9:00 pmEmpire NGnosisCancelledB-I-N-G-O
Empire NSTUNNERSCancelledBento Box B
Empire NTeam SuperfriendsCancelledWinter Coat
Empire NWeapon of ChoiceCancelledMastadon Monday
Empire S100% MondaysAzure D
Empire SChurrosCancelledWeebdumpers
Empire SLittle Lebowski Urban AchieversThe Flock
Empire SRaspadosCancelledHot Dog Stock Market
Memorial SW#DiscsOutForHarambeCancelledGastly Redux
Memorial SWCuzinsWin for Her
Memorial SWDiscl3xia!CancelledFOREVER JUNG
Memorial SWThe FrizzlesCancelledNeon Disc-zaster!
Trillium EGo Go Power HuckersCancelledSoup Du Jour
Trillium EMighty Hucking Power RangersCancelledHammer Beats Rabbit
Trillium ENightHucksCancelledFlatballers
Trillium ETechnicolor Narwhal ExplosionCancelledMacarena
Trillium WAdolescent Variation Fighting Reptiles (Monday)CancelledHuge Dumps
Trillium WThe GrowlersCancelledNefarious Urban Discthrowers And Their Associates
Trillium WTosstitosCancelledRain City Ultimate Club
Thu Mar 1
8:00 pm
Empire NDisc Wars Episode V: The Empire Hucks Back.1817Double Rainbow!
Empire NHuck It Off!1321RIP-Riptide
Empire NSweater Weather1917LeBrontourage V
Empire NTeam Adequate1611Squid
Empire Sfriend zone 1218Doggie Style
Empire SSwingcredibles17204 Winds
Empire SThe Throw Ups1017Lost Salt Shakers
Empire SVictors Secret1211Dementors
Jericho WHucks Not Hot177Don't be a disc
Jericho WSpinister Motives1513Dragon Sound
Jericho WTurtle Power201490's Throwback
Jericho WVertex216Jedi Force
Memorial SWName name name219The Ultimates
Memorial SWRoshi1317Baywatchers
Memorial SWSideways Shoe921Apocalyptic Very Furry Rhinos (Thursday)
Memorial SWSnap917Filet o Flick
Trillium E#VictoriasSecret3.01815F-M-U
Trillium EGUCCI GVNG2116Stickdog
Trillium EMUTton Chops2118Sasuke San
Trillium ETown Mouse2119Snacks
Trillium WCraicheads.2111Pidgey!
Trillium WGrumpy Dog2021Kenny and the Weabs
Trillium WPachyderms1915The Marauders
Trillium WSquirtle SquadThe Last Jedi
9:00 pmEmpire NDisc Wars Episode V: The Empire Hucks Back.1521LeBrontourage V
Empire NHuck It Off!1719Squid
Empire NSweater Weather2112Double Rainbow!
Empire NTeam Adequate2116RIP-Riptide
Empire Sfriend zone 1821Lost Salt Shakers
Empire SSwingcredibles1821Dementors
Empire SThe Throw Ups1421Doggie Style
Empire SVictors Secret19134 Winds
Jericho WHucks Not Hot1115Dragon Sound
Jericho WSpinister Motives1412Don't be a disc
Jericho WTurtle Power216Jedi Force
Jericho WVertex171090's Throwback
Memorial SWName name name1519Filet o Flick
Memorial SWRoshi1614Apocalyptic Very Furry Rhinos (Thursday)
Memorial SWSideways Shoe920Baywatchers
Memorial SWSnap1216The Ultimates
Trillium E#VictoriasSecret3.01819Sasuke San
Trillium EGUCCI GVNG2114Snacks
Trillium EMUTton Chops2017F-M-U
Trillium ETown Mouse2119Stickdog
Trillium WCraicheads.2113The Marauders
Trillium WGrumpy Dog1519The Last Jedi
Trillium WPachyderms2111Pidgey!
Trillium WSquirtle Squad921Kenny and the Weabs
Mon Mar 5
7:00 pm
Andy Livingstone EGo Go Power Huckers2113Macarena
Andy Livingstone EMighty Hucking Power Rangers176Flatballers
Andy Livingstone ENightHucks1718Hammer Beats Rabbit
Andy Livingstone ETechnicolor Narwhal Explosion1417Soup Du Jour
8:00 pmAndy Livingstone EGo Go Power Huckers1917Flatballers
Andy Livingstone EMighty Hucking Power Rangers2112Macarena
Andy Livingstone ENightHucks2015Soup Du Jour
Andy Livingstone ETechnicolor Narwhal Explosion1621Hammer Beats Rabbit
Empire N100% Mondays2117Weebdumpers
Empire NChurros2114Azure D
Empire NLittle Lebowski Urban Achievers1721Hot Dog Stock Market
Empire NRaspados2112The Flock
Empire S#DiscsOutForHarambe1918Neon Disc-zaster!
Empire SDiscl3xia!2010Win for Her
Empire SThe Frizzles1510Gastly Redux
Memorial SWBeerOclock821Sir Hucksalot
Memorial SWDisconnect2012Wyld Stallyns
Memorial SWGame Of Throws Turf EditionCare Bears
Memorial SWTsunami2117Team Adequater
Trillium EAdolescent Variation Fighting Reptiles (Monday)217Rain City Ultimate Club
Trillium EHuge Dumps1317Nefarious Urban Discthrowers And Their Associates
Trillium ETosstitos146The Growlers
Trillium WGnosis2120Bento Box B
Trillium WTeam Superfriends2113Mastadon Monday
Trillium WWeapon of Choice2119Winter Coat
9:00 pmEmpire N100% Mondays1721Hot Dog Stock Market
Empire NChurros2115The Flock
Empire NLittle Lebowski Urban Achievers1521Weebdumpers
Empire NRaspados2116Azure D
Empire NTosstitosCancelledHuge Dumps
Empire S#DiscsOutForHarambe2111Win for Her
Empire SCuzinsGastly Redux
Empire SDiscl3xia!1715Neon Disc-zaster!
Empire SThe Frizzles2111FOREVER JUNG
Memorial SWBeerOclock2112Wyld Stallyns
Memorial SWDisconnect1221Sir Hucksalot
Memorial SWGame Of Throws Turf Edition1421Team Adequater
Memorial SWTsunamiCare Bears
Trillium EAdolescent Variation Fighting Reptiles (Monday)1614Nefarious Urban Discthrowers And Their Associates
Trillium EThe Growlers1919Rain City Ultimate Club
Trillium ETosstitos195Huge Dumps
Trillium WGnosis2114Winter Coat
Trillium WSTUNNERSMastadon Monday
Trillium WTeam Superfriends2111B-I-N-G-O
Trillium WWeapon of Choice2117Bento Box B
Thu Mar 8
8:00 pm
Empire NCraicheads.1421Pachyderms
Empire NGrumpy Dog2117Squirtle Squad
Empire NKenny and the Weabs2113The Last Jedi
Empire NPidgey!2014The Marauders
Empire SDisc Wars Episode V: The Empire Hucks Back.1321Sweater Weather
Empire SDouble Rainbow!1521LeBrontourage V
Empire SSquid2119RIP-Riptide
Empire STeam Adequate1011Huck It Off!
Jericho WBaywatchers1512Apocalyptic Very Furry Rhinos (Thursday)
Jericho WFilet o Flick1514The Ultimates
Jericho WRoshi217Sideways Shoe
Jericho WSnap1318Name name name
Memorial SW4 Winds219Dementors
Memorial SWLost Salt Shakers1121Doggie Style
Memorial SWSwingcredibles1714Victors Secret
Memorial SWThe Throw Ups1021friend zone
Trillium E90's Throwback216Jedi Force
Trillium EDragon Sound518Don't be a disc
Trillium ESpinister Motives1118Hucks Not Hot
Trillium ETurtle PowerVertex
Trillium W#VictoriasSecret3.01921MUTton Chops
Trillium WF-M-U1221Sasuke San
Trillium WGUCCI GVNG2115Town Mouse
Trillium WStickdog2021Snacks
9:00 pmEmpire NCraicheads.1921Squirtle Squad
Empire NGrumpy Dog2118Pachyderms
Empire NKenny and the Weabs2113The Marauders
Empire NPidgey!2115The Last Jedi
Empire SDisc Wars Episode V: The Empire Hucks Back.217Huck It Off!
Empire SDouble Rainbow!2021RIP-Riptide
Empire SSquid1920LeBrontourage V
Empire STeam Adequate1621Sweater Weather
Jericho WBaywatchers1312The Ultimates
Jericho WFilet o Flick718Apocalyptic Very Furry Rhinos (Thursday)
Jericho WRoshi148Name name name
Jericho WSnap1811Sideways Shoe
Memorial SW4 Winds918Doggie Style
Memorial SWLost Salt Shakers2113Dementors
Memorial SWSwingcredibles1721friend zone
Memorial SWThe Throw Ups1521Victors Secret
Trillium E90's Throwback129Don't be a disc
Trillium EDragon Sound213Jedi Force
Trillium ESpinister MotivesVertex
Trillium ETurtle Power1013Hucks Not Hot
Trillium W#VictoriasSecret3.02115Town Mouse
Trillium WF-M-U1421Snacks
Trillium WGUCCI GVNG2321MUTton Chops
Trillium WStickdog2118Sasuke San
Mon Mar 12
7:00 pm
Andy Livingstone EBeerOclock1417Team Adequater
Andy Livingstone EDisconnectCare Bears
Andy Livingstone EGame Of Throws Turf Edition1818Wyld Stallyns
Andy Livingstone ETsunami1317Sir Hucksalot
8:00 pmAndy Livingstone EBeerOclockCare Bears
Andy Livingstone EDisconnect2115Team Adequater
Andy Livingstone EGame Of Throws Turf Edition1617Sir Hucksalot
Andy Livingstone ETsunami2114Wyld Stallyns
Empire NGnosis2110Mastadon Monday
Empire NSTUNNERSWinter Coat
Empire NTeam Superfriends2117Bento Box B
Empire NWeapon of ChoiceB-I-N-G-O
Empire S100% Mondays1621The Flock
Empire SChurros1619Hot Dog Stock Market
Empire SLittle Lebowski Urban Achievers1917Azure D
Empire SRaspadosWeebdumpers
Memorial SW#DiscsOutForHarambe1518FOREVER JUNG
Memorial SWCuzinsNeon Disc-zaster!
Memorial SWDiscl3xia!2114Gastly Redux
Memorial SWThe FrizzlesWin for Her
Trillium EGo Go Power Huckers1610Hammer Beats Rabbit
Trillium EMighty Hucking Power RangersSoup Du Jour
Trillium ENightHucks1810Macarena
Trillium ETechnicolor Narwhal Explosion1221Flatballers
Trillium WAdolescent Variation Fighting Reptiles (Monday)Tosstitos
Trillium WNefarious Urban Discthrowers And Their Associates2018Rain City Ultimate Club
Trillium WThe Growlers721Huge Dumps
9:00 pmEmpire NGnosisB-I-N-G-O
Empire NSTUNNERSBento Box B
Empire NTeam Superfriends2114Winter Coat
Empire NWeapon of ChoiceMastadon Monday
Empire S100% Mondays1021Azure D
Empire SChurrosWeebdumpers
Empire SLittle Lebowski Urban Achievers2118The Flock
Empire SRaspadosHot Dog Stock Market
Memorial SW#DiscsOutForHarambeGastly Redux
Memorial SWCuzinsWin for Her
Memorial SWDiscl3xia!FOREVER JUNG
Memorial SWThe Frizzles219Neon Disc-zaster!
Trillium EGo Go Power Huckers2021Soup Du Jour
Trillium EMighty Hucking Power RangersHammer Beats Rabbit
Trillium ENightHucks1817Flatballers
Trillium ETechnicolor Narwhal Explosion2110Macarena
Trillium WAdolescent Variation Fighting Reptiles (Monday)Huge Dumps
Trillium WThe Growlers1416Nefarious Urban Discthrowers And Their Associates
Trillium WTosstitos216Rain City Ultimate Club
Thu Mar 15
8:00 pm
Empire NGUCCI GVNG2112Sasuke San
Empire NMUTton Chops2021#VictoriasSecret3.0
Empire NSnacks2119F-M-U
Empire NTown MouseStickdog
Empire SGrumpy DogThe Marauders
Empire SKenny and the Weabs2118Craicheads.
Empire SPachydermsThe Last Jedi
Empire SPidgey!2118Squirtle Squad
Jericho Wfriend zone 1016Dementors
Jericho WHuck It Off!10214 Winds
Jericho WLost Salt Shakers185Victors Secret
Jericho WSwingcrediblesFilet o Flick
Memorial SWDouble Rainbow!2116Doggie Style
Memorial SWLeBrontourage V2114RIP-Riptide
Memorial SWSquid1221Team Adequate
Memorial SWSweater WeatherDisc Wars Episode V: The Empire Hucks Back.
Trillium EBaywatchers2011Apocalyptic Very Furry Rhinos (Thursday)
Trillium EName name name1912Hucks Not Hot
Trillium EThe Throw UpsSnap
Trillium EThe Ultimates1921Roshi
Trillium WDragon Sound1314Don't be a disc
Trillium WSideways Shoe211690's Throwback
Trillium WSpinister MotivesVertex
Trillium WTurtle Power216Jedi Force
9:00 pmEmpire NGUCCI GVNG2114#VictoriasSecret3.0
Empire NMUTton Chops2119Sasuke San
Empire NSnacksStickdog
Empire NTown Mouse2113F-M-U
Empire SGrumpy Dog218Squirtle Squad
Empire SKenny and the Weabs2115The Last Jedi
Empire SPachydermsCraicheads.
Empire SPidgey!149The Marauders
Jericho Wfriend zone Filet o Flick
Jericho WHuck It Off!Victors Secret
Jericho WLost Salt Shakers9194 Winds
Jericho WSwingcredibles1919Dementors
Memorial SWDouble Rainbow!1717Team Adequate
Memorial SWLeBrontourage VDisc Wars Episode V: The Empire Hucks Back.
Memorial SWSquid1221Doggie Style
Memorial SWSweater Weather2119RIP-Riptide
Trillium EBaywatchersSnap
Trillium EName name name1721Roshi
Trillium EThe Throw Ups1217Apocalyptic Very Furry Rhinos (Thursday)
Trillium EThe Ultimates2113Hucks Not Hot
Trillium WDragon Sound216Jedi Force
Trillium WSideways ShoeVertex
Trillium WSpinister Motives21990's Throwback
Trillium WTurtle Power2111Don't be a disc
Mon Mar 19
7:00 pm
Andy Livingstone E#DiscsOutForHarambeDiscl3xia!
Andy Livingstone ECuzinsThe Frizzles
Andy Livingstone EFOREVER JUNGGastly Redux
Andy Livingstone ENeon Disc-zaster!Win for Her
8:00 pmAndy Livingstone E#DiscsOutForHarambeThe Frizzles
Andy Livingstone ECuzinsDiscl3xia!
Andy Livingstone EFOREVER JUNGWin for Her
Andy Livingstone ENeon Disc-zaster!Gastly Redux
Empire NAdolescent Variation Fighting Reptiles (Monday)Rain City Ultimate Club
Empire NHuge DumpsNefarious Urban Discthrowers And Their Associates
Empire NTosstitosThe Growlers
Empire SB-I-N-G-OMastadon Monday
Empire SSTUNNERSTeam Superfriends
Empire SWeapon of ChoiceGnosis
Empire SWinter CoatBento Box B
Memorial SWAzure DThe Flock
Memorial SWChurrosRaspados
Memorial SWHot Dog Stock MarketWeebdumpers
Memorial SWLittle Lebowski Urban Achievers100% Mondays
Trillium ECare BearsTeam Adequater
Trillium EDisconnectBeerOclock
Trillium EGame Of Throws Turf EditionTsunami
Trillium EWyld StallynsSir Hucksalot
Trillium WFlatballersMacarena
Trillium WMighty Hucking Power RangersGo Go Power Huckers
Trillium WSoup Du JourHammer Beats Rabbit
Trillium WTechnicolor Narwhal ExplosionNightHucks
9:00 pmEmpire NAdolescent Variation Fighting Reptiles (Monday)Nefarious Urban Discthrowers And Their Associates
Empire NThe GrowlersRain City Ultimate Club
Empire NTosstitosHuge Dumps
Empire SB-I-N-G-OBento Box B
Empire SSTUNNERSGnosis
Empire SWeapon of ChoiceTeam Superfriends
Empire SWinter CoatMastadon Monday
Memorial SWAzure DWeebdumpers
Memorial SWChurros100% Mondays
Memorial SWHot Dog Stock MarketThe Flock
Memorial SWLittle Lebowski Urban AchieversRaspados
Trillium ECare BearsSir Hucksalot
Trillium EDisconnectTsunami
Trillium EGame Of Throws Turf EditionBeerOclock
Trillium EWyld StallynsTeam Adequater
Trillium WFlatballersHammer Beats Rabbit
Trillium WMighty Hucking Power RangersNightHucks
Trillium WSoup Du JourMacarena
Trillium WTechnicolor Narwhal ExplosionGo Go Power Huckers