Adult Clinics & Camps

We offer several clinics and camps throughout the year.

What's the difference between a Clinic and a Camp?

  • Clinics are FREE 2-hour sessions that focus on a specific skill or strategy. 
  • Camps a series of paid sessions over multiple weeks that help players develop a variety of skills & strategies and then apply them in games. 

What you need

For any clinic or camp, bring a water bottle, cleats (or runners if you don't have cleats), as well as a light and a dark jersey/shirt.


Intro Sessions

A special clinic designed for people who've never played ultimate before. Give it a shot! Usually held in April and August/September. See the calendar to sign up!

Skills Clinics

We host multiple clinics on a variety of topics during the year. Typically these are run in April & May for Summer season, August & September for Fall season, and January for Winter season. See the calendar to sign up!


Summer Camp for Beginners

The Summer League Camp is the best way to learn to play! It runs during our summer season and includes extensive clinics and a series of fun games. 

Spring Bootcamps for Intermediate and Elite

We run two camps in the spring:

  • Intermediate Bootcamps for players who have essential skills and want to improve. Camps are separated by gender.
  • Elite Bootcamp for players who have advanced skills already (i.e. those who might play on a club team). This is a mixed camp with all genders playing together.