Rackets & Runners

Rackets & Runners is an independent athletic store, located at Oak and 23rd since 1978! Built on the pillars of community, customer service and active living, partnering with the VUL was a natural fit.

Apparel, Cleats and VUL Gear

The name of the store is Rackets & Runners, but they are more than that. In addition to a huge selection of racket sport and running gear, they support rugby, field hockey, and volleyball. You’ll find plenty of athletic apparel and accessories including compression wear, technical socks, insoles, and foam rollers.

Perhaps of most interest to VUL members is that Rackets & Runners carries a variety of men’s and women’s cleats that are perfect for ultimate. The staff at R&R will provide you with the best advice – they know footwear and they understand our sport. Be sure to read their article titled ' Choosing the Right Pair of Cleats'.

While you're shopping for your cleats, also check out the VUL section of the store. You can buy VUL discs, jerseys, hats or field cones!

VUL Member Benefits

•    10% off all regularly priced merchandise (including VUL merchandise!)
•    A store focused on providing cleats for ultimate players
•    A place to purchase VUL gear - discs, jerseys, hats and cones (individuals or sets)
•    Gift certificates – we give them away at events, and on facebook or twitter

Contact Info

http://www.racketsandrunners.ca/contact/ - Click through for store hours
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Address: 3880 Oak Street (at 23rd avenue)

Phone: 604-733-9211