Spirit Tie

What it's all about

We want to recognize and reward the league's most spirited players during Summer League! Two colorful neckties have been planted in each division, with two more to be added mid-season. 

What to do

If you receive the Spirit Tie, you should:

1.    Photograph yourself wearing it on the field
2.    Email your picture, your name & your team name to spirit.tie@vul.ca.
3.    Award it to a player on the opposite team after your next game. Talk to your team to decide who.

If you receive the tie at the end of a night, remember to bring it back the following week. Feel free to wear the tie when you play, just try to keep it sweat-free for future recipients!    

There a weekly prize draws, and a random grand prize draw at the end of the summer for a $150 Soccerwest gift card!

If you have a Spirit Tie at the end of summer, here's what to do with it!


Check out all the 2018 photos on our Facebook page

Weekly Winners (2018)

We'll post winners here for 2018 as they are announced. 

Week 1: VUL Jersey - Andrew Browne - Team Squid

Week 2: Insync Gift Certificate - Thomas Canale - SSB

Week 3: VUL Clubhouse Gift Card - Nicolas Lee - Hangry Hangry Hippos

Week 4: Strange Fellows T-Shirt and Jointworks Exercise Band - Zuriel Gonzalez - Nighthucks

Week 5: VUL Jersey - Marcus Yu - Team AYCE

Week 6 :VUL Clubhouse Gift Card - Ashley Zhou - Unbounce

Week 7: Insync Gift Certificate

Week 8: VUL Jersey

Week 9: Strange Fellows T-Shirt and Jointworks Exercise Band

Week 10: VUL Clubhouse Gift Card

Week 11: VUL Jersey

Week 12: Insync Gift Certificate

Week 13: Strange Fellows T-Shirt and Jointworks Exercise Band

Week 14: VUL Clubhouse Gift Card

Week 15: VUL Jersey