Winter Parity League

Do you love stats? Do you like playing friendly-competitive games? Are you looking to expand your network of ultimate players? Our Parity League just might be for you!

The game will be played with the same rules as our fast-paced 5 on 5 turf league. The new and exciting part is the inclusion of individual statistic tracking and trading players between teams for more balanced competition... a fantasy league that you actually get to play in!

Player stats (goals, assists, turnovers, etc) will be tracked each game and the stats will be submitted with the scores each week. Player values will increase or decrease depending on their stats. The captains (known in this league as GMs) will then get to trade players throughout the season to stay under a league enforced "salary cap". The end result will be a lot of friendly-competitive balanced games and the chance to meet a variety of different players. 

Playing Info

Note this is an adult league ideal for intermediate to advanced level players. If you are a high school student, see the Winter U19 Skills Program.

Important Dates for 2018

January 2 Registration Opens
January 22 All Registration Closes
January 28 Games Start
February 11 No Games - Family Day Weekend
March 25 Games finish

2018 Fees

(note that fees are lower than last year as there will be no reversible jersey included this year)

Single Player Registration             $95.00
Duo (2 People)*              $170.00

For Duos, at least one person must be female.

*NOTE: When registering as a Duo for this league you are NOT guaranteed to be on the same team, but you will always be at the same location, so you can still travel together.

How to register

Read the registration guidelines for Hat leagues, and then register online once registration opens.