Female player needed Tuesday nights

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Team Adequate is looking for one fabulous lady to round out our Tuesday night Summer roster. Usually we are slotted Div 2/3 and bounce back and forth. A relatively seasoned crew, we win some games, we lose some games. All in all, an Adequate number of wins and losses. Just last season we implemented a new warmup strategy involving mixed cocktails and throwing blades, which resulted in a larger number of wins. It's an easy-going group that tries hard (but not too hard) and we have a lot of fun. Sometimes people even lay out (and are immediately cheered and then heckled). Ideally we'd love an experienced female handler who can break the mark whenever she feels like it. Otherwise a gal who can play ultimate and have fun at the same time. That's important. Send me an email if you're interested. Games start May 2nd. Thanks for reading!