2 girls, 2 boys, looking for a team to play with on Wednesday or Monday Night

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Hi Teams,
Hoping to find a team to play for, we have 2 girls and 2 boys.
- athletic and tall bodies with average ultimate skills.
- Wednesday nights ideal or Monday night....

We will come for tryouts... or trial run us for a game...
really really keen to play, use to play in the league but been away for a couple years.

Tall bodies you say. How tall is tall?

sorry for the late notice, but we are looking for subs for tonite.....2 guys and 2 girls, would you be able to play? There will be a cooler of beer on the sidelines for you to indulge in during the games ;) Playing at UBC starting at 6! Let me know!

I'm looking for lady subs for May 9th and possibly May 16th and 23rd.
A fun division 6 team is looking for lady subs.
Disc Infernos play at 6pm at Kingcrest May 9th.