Vortex Player & Parent Info

2017 Checklist

After tryouts, players who are accepted onto Touring and Regional must complete these steps to be eligible to participate in practices and tournaments. 

1. Registration

Touring and Regional players must register online and pay fees for their team.

  • Register here. Registration must be completed by July 1, 2017.
  • You can choose to pay by credit card, cheque/cash, or e-transfer. See fees on the main Vortex page.

2. Parental Consent

All players must have parental consent in order to participate. During tryouts, parents were asked to provide consent by signing the VULS Parental Consent Form before players could ever begin the tryout process. During registration, parents are also sent a request to provide consent online. This is preferred. 

If parents cannot provide consent online, download and complete a Parental Consent Form (PDF), and deliver it to the Coordinators.

Parental consent for season play is due by July 1st, 2017.

3. Finalizing Payment 

If you chose cheque or e-transfer when you registered, payments are due by July 14, 2017, unless a payment plan has been arranged with the Coordinators.

Alternatively, if you changed your mind, balances can be paid by credit card after registration. 

For 2017, players do not need to register with Ultimate Canada.

4. Printed Forms

These forms must be received by June 13th, 2017:

These forms were to have been received by May 30th, 2017:

Forms should be given directly to coaches or preferably to the Lead Coordinator.

5. Contact Info

Please direct any questions regarding teams, payments, practice schedule, tournaments, or any other inquiries to the Misfit Coordinators (rather than individual coaches). The Coordinators can be reached via email at chris.wakelin@vul.bc.ca or by phone:

  • Chris Wakelin: 604-319-5512

If needed, you can also contact our Youth Programs Manager via youth@vul.ca.

Local Practices & Tournaments

Medical: In the event of illness or medical emergency, students will be assessed by the coaching staff and/or tournament medical attendants and, in the event of a serious matter, will be taken to a local hospital. Coaches will have confidential access to player medical forms. 

Transportation: Players and parents are responsible for their own travel to and from practices and tournaments. 

There are 3 local tournaments this year which both Regional and Touring teams will participate

  1. Misfit Cup - June 24/25 at Burnaby Lake Complex, Burnaby
  2. BCUC - July 15/16 at Newton Athletic Park, Surrey
  3. Regional Roundup - August 14 at Surrey (regional teams only)
  4. Mini-Nats - August 19 at location to be announced, Vancouver

Canadian Ultimate Championships (CUC)

Location: Ottawa, ON
Dates: August 12-16, 2017 (for youth)
Website: CUC 2017

For Touring teams traveling to CUC, full details to be announced soon, including itinerary, travel plans, medical care, and meals.