Players needed for fun July 1 tournament (Elimination 8s)!

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Rob and I are organizing Elimination 8s again this year (our last year as TDs), and we are trying to fill in one last team (last minute cancellation) and also a few subs (especially women). It's a great day of fun and all for a good cause (all money raised is donated to charities).

Please let us know if you're interested in playing or know someone who is!! We are interested in players of all skill levels!

Thanks :)

Elimination 8s Tournament

Saturday, July 1st, 2017
Winona Park, Vancouver
Team registration: $280
Includes 4 games minimum (most teams play 5 or 6), field food, and more.
All proceeds to charity!

As usual, the tournament will feature heaps-o-games, uncomfortable levels of fun, a BBQ lunch, a raffle, victory candy, and more. Prizes will be awarded to the Spirit winners, the A, B and C pool champs, and to the "best costume" winners. As usual, Spirit winners and A Pool champs will get to name one of the three charities for the year and send some money their way (around $1000 each).

The registration deadline for this year is Monday June 19th Wednesday, June 28th. Click on the registration page to sign up now.

We are actively looking for volunteers to assist us. We need people to help with setup/take down, operate Disc Central, run the BBQ, and more. Contact us if you can lend a hand. We will love you until the very end of time!

On that note, 2017 will be Rob and Marta's last year as TDs. It's been a great seven years, but we're needing new energy to keep things going.

If you're new to the tournament, visit the About E8s page to learn how it works, and to check out photos from past tournaments. And register, register, register!

Teams Currently Registered for E8s 2017:

1. Sentinel Ultilit
2. The TC Experience
3. Birthday Party!
4. Protectors of the Human Race
5. Sports Fans
6. Butter Fingers
7. Jayshree
8. Huck Buddies
9. Azure D
10. i need more time!
11. BC Drop Bears
12. We're gr8, don't h8, m8
13. Banana Slugs
14. Bicurious Doggos
15. Banana Cutters

More info here: