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The VULS is governed by a 7-person volunteer Board of Directors, managed by over 15 Staff, and supported by dozens of coaches, instructors, and volunteers.

The Board sets the long-term priorities, objectives and policies for the Society. For an overview of what's involved in being on the Board, see our Board FAQ. Staff then design and implement programs to meet those objectives. For more information on how we operate, see Governance

To contact any VUL representative, please see the Contact Us page.

Board of Directors

Senior Staff

Board of Directors

Rob Adams

Rob started playing in the VUL from 1999-2000 and again from 2010 to today. In the ten years in between, he lived and played in London, Beijing, Sydney, Tokyo, and Hong-Kong. He toured with multiple teams, playing in WUCG (2008) and WUCC (2006, 2010).

When not on the field, Rob is a professional Business Analyst with an MBA in Strategic Management.

Term: 2015-2017

Roles: President, HR Committee, Hall of Fame Committee

Teams: Current: Marauders, Beer-BQ. Past: Flying Warthogs 

Brett Anderson

Brett started playing ultimate in the interior of BC in 2002 relocating to Vancouver and joining the VUL in 2007. Since he has played at least one season in almost every league and tournament offering from the VUL, exceptions being juniors and female specific offerings. Long identified as a recreational player with a primary focus of having loads of fun with his mates, he’s moved towards the more competitive side of the sport in recent years playing with club and professional teams.

Outside of ultimate Brett spends his time playing in the mountains, enjoying the company of friends and working with an international technology company.

Term: 2015-2017

Teams: Current: Beer-B-Q, Past:Constantanople, Lab Ratz, Spore Attitude, Crabs, Pura Vida, Fetish, McLovin, Brazillian Thunder, Palm Bros, and many more. Touring: Ritchie & Friends, Chilly (Australia), Stache, Riptide, Furious George

Roles: VP, Strategic Planning Committee, IT Committee

Colin Dodds

Colin is the Treasurer of the VUL. He joined the league in 2011 on a whim, gathering together a group of friends who had never played ultimate before, and they spent their first game sliding around in running shoes on a muddy Oak Meadows field. Something stuck - since then, he has been a VUL captain more than 15 times, and has been involved with youth ultimate as a team sponsor and coach.

A former high school teacher with a background in business, Colin now coaches and counsels undergraduate students at UBC. When it comes to ultimate, he is committed to encouraging Spirit of the Game at all levels of play, increasing awareness of ultimate in Vancouver and beyond, and promoting inclusion within the sport.

Term: 2016-2018

Roles: Treasurer, Governance Committee

Teams: Current: The Frizzles, Mad Hops, Stacked. Past: East Van Halen, H-Bar, Spinoffs, The Force Awakens.

Sarah Cawston-Stewart

Sarah got her first taste of ultimate in high school in 2003. She played the VUL for the first time that summer and has never looked back.  She absolutely loves the camaraderie, and friendships she’s made from playing Frisbee. It’s a sport, through its commitment to spirit of the game, that really does take sportsmanship combined with talent to the next level. Also the heckling; she loves the heckling. She’s had the pleasure to play mixed summer, mixed winter, mixed winter hat, fall grass, and mentor women’s fall turf the past 2 seasons, along with more tournaments (recreational, touring, mixed and women’s) than she can count. She played 2 years in England on an English Mixed team that went to World’s 2010 in Prague. Meanwhile, back in Canada Sarah played with Zephyr women’s club for 2 years and most recently with Wendigo women’s club as Captain in the 2016 season. When Sarah isn’t playing Frisbee, she quietly tinkers away at making music in her home studio. She earns a living as a self-employed marketing assistant by day and piano/trumpet teacher by night.  Sarah will be undertaking her first term on the Board of Directors as Secretary.

Term: 2016-2018

Roles: Secretary, HR Committee

Teams: ClamWow! Buck Fugly. Outcasts. Care Bears (’07). Past touring: Zephyr. Current touring: Wendigo

Travis Smith

We're not sure when Travis F. Smith started playing Ultimate because he keeps mumbling the answer, but he moved to Vancouver and joined the VUL in 2006. Nowadays, he spends his work hours as the owner of Hop Studios, a Web design and development company, and his play hours on the field or volunteering at such events as the 2008 World Ultimate and Guts Championships, the 2013 Canadian Ultimate Championships, and various VUL parties and tournaments in between. He also served as captain of East Van Halen for several of its glory years.

He has a strong background in print journalism, an expertise with computers, a fascination with new technologies, a curiosity that will get him in trouble some day, and an intense commitment to protecting and spreading Ultimate's spirit and traditions.

You can reach him at or  

Term: 2015-2017

Roles: HR Committee, IT Committee

Teams: East Van Halen, Care Bears, Gnarwhals, Legion

Nora Bergh

Nora started playing ultimate in 2012 and instantly fell in love with it. She captain's the Carebears and tries to reflect the caring, sharing and loving spirit of the beloved 80s cartoon in her play while occasionally sporting fluffy bear ears.

She's passionate about equality and inclusiveness especially when it comes to ultimate. As a member of the VUL's Women in Ultimate Committee and a tournament director for the women's 2015 Flowerbowl she was excited to participate in the VUL's first women's ultimate season in 2015.  

When she's not throwing a disc, she's dedicated to making the justice system more accessible for the public as a non-profit lawyer. 

Term: 2015-2017

Roles: Governance Committee

Teams: Carebears and Scarebears

Trisha Roberson

Trisha was first introduced to ultimate right before leaving Vancouver to move to California. By the time she arrived in Los Angeles in 2014, she was hooked. The California Institute of Technology didn't have a women's team, so she began playing with the Open team, Caltech Aftermath. She continued to play obsessively in California as a captain of Aftermath, on LA's Women's team, Reign, and then on a mixed team in San Francisco called Alchemy. Trisha moved back to Vancouver in 2016 and began playing on the Women's touring team Zephyr.

Trisha is passionate about making ultimate in Vancouver more inclusive and about promoting women in ultimate (and the rest of the world, too). When not training for, researching, watching, or playing ultimate, Trisha can be found reading, playing soccer, hiking, playing board games, or thinking about science, feminism, and how to save the planet. Trisha holds a BSc in Physics and Philosophy and a MSc in Geophysics.

Term: 2016-2018

Roles: Strategic Planning Committee, Hall of Fame Committee

Teams: Gritty in Pink, Zephyr


Craig Woods

Craig started playing at SFU in 1989 with the Discombobulators when there were 7 teams in the VUL. He didn't play through the 90's (much to his chagrin now), but has been playing since 2002.

Craig is passionate playing his part to make the VUL the best recreational league in Vancouver, and a leading example for ultimate leagues around the world.

Role: Executive Director

Teams: Current: Pure Milk. Past: Pura Vida, Humpty Dumped Me. Touring: Grind (WUCC 2006)

Troë Weston

Troë started playing Ultimate at university in 2003 and quickly became hooked. She joined the VUL in 2006, started coaching the SFU women's team in 2008 and then started playing competitively on Zephyr in 2009. Troë started captaining Zephyr in 2011, the same year she also took on coaching the BC Juniors team to a gold medal at Canadian Nationals. She also was heavily volunteering with the VUL and Ultimate Canada (UC) including running tournaments, clinics, and joining the board of directors for UC. In 2012 she became a Learning Facilitator for the National Coaching Certification Program in order to train other coaches in Ultimate. At the end of 2013, Troë became the first General Manager for the BC Ultimate Society.  Then, in 2014, Troë hung up her captain hat on Zephyr to play for Traffic and attend her second World Championship Tournament. She will also be attending Beach Worlds in 2015 with Team Canada in the mixed masters division.

Aside from her experience in Ultimate, Troë also brings a background in Education, Event Management and Administration to the VUL. She is also currently working towards a Masters in Sport Psychology.

Role: League Manager

Teams: Weapon of Choice, Clam Wow, Traffic, Zephyr

Craig Kulyk

Craig began playing ultimate while living in South Korea in 2005. One month later he played his first tournament in Shanghai and was hooked for life. He took his first organizing role in 2006 as TD of Korea’s International tournament on Jeju Island, which he continued through 2008.

Craig was initially hired by the VUL as a part time event contractor and market researcher in 2011, and then as the league's first full time Marketing Coordinator in 2012. He is responsible for communications, market research, partnerships, merchandise, various events, and helping launch new VUL programs and services. Craig has a knack for organizing creative parties, so it made sense for him to also assume the role of Social Director for the Canadian Ultimate Championships in 2013.

Role: Marketing Manager

Teams: Past: Beer B Q, Pura Vida

William Arlotta

William brings a wealth of experience in playing and organizing Ultimate at all levels, including 20+ years with the VUL and 16+ years with the BC Ultimate Society (previously the BC Disc Sports Society). His biggest passion is giving children the opportunity to play sports, so why not the sport he loves so much! Feel free to reach out to him directly if you want to help him in his quest to have more kids playing Ultimate, i.e. you want to coach, be an instructor, etc.

Role: Youth Manager

Teams:  Past: The Eddies

Michael Dorsey

Michael has been playing team sports for as long as he can remember, mostly football, baseball and basketball with a bit of ultimate sprinkled on top. He loves the competition and camaraderie when working together as a team.

Michael is responsible for maintaining and improving the League Management System and all things digital for VUL. He wants to help the organization grow and be a leader in the recreational sports community.

Role: Web Systems Manager