Help ultimate thrive in Vancouver! Apply now for a volunteer or contract role with the VUL. When applying, describe why you are interested and list any relevant experience and skills.

New Roles

Updated Sept 10, 2018

League Manager

The VUL is looking for a new League Manager! This is an exciting and rarely available opportunity. The League Manager is responsible for managing all of our adult leagues, events, and related services on an annual basis, and works closely with other VUL staff. Read more about the role (updated Sept 10). Applications are requested by Sept 16

Bookkeeper / Administrator

The VUL is looking for a part-time ongoing Bookkeeper / Administrator to provide Financial Management and Administrative Support to senior management (est. 5-10 hours/week on average). Read more about this new role. Applications are requested by Sept 23

Technical Writer: Manuals

The VUL has an opening for a contract Technical Writer. We are expanding our internal documentation, and need assistance this fall with preparing manuals about league operations to support the onboarding of future staff. Read more about the role

Ongoing Positions

Meetup Hosts

Join our community of Event Hosts to coordinate fun meet-ups like disc golf,trivia night, and board games nights. Read more and sign up for some great perks! 


Mentors help new teams have a positive experience playing ultimate. Read more about the role, or email Mauro via to apply.

Youth Instructors & Coaches

We have multiple opportunities to teach ultimate to youth with our competitive club teams, recreational leagues, and fun camps. Share your knowledge with the next generation! Read more about all of the roles, or email our Youth Manager via for more information.

Field Monitor

When the weather is questionable in the Fall and Winter, Field Monitors help us check fields to see if they are playable. A stipend is provided. Email Troe via to apply.

Event Crew

We often need people to help run tournaments, parties and other events. Email be on our 'first contact' list! Read more on our volunteers page.

Board Committees

The Board has a number of committees to help ensure the VUL is well run.


This committee supports the Board to improve governance practices. The committee provides guidance for Board operation, supports ongoing renewal with new candidates, facilitates Board self-evaluation, and encourages best practices for all Board obligations. To apply to join the committee, email


This committee supports the Board with HR activities of the VUL, mainly related to senior staff. The committee is currently not looking for any new members.

Strategic Planning

This committee supports the Board with strategic planning and advising the Board on long-term strategic direction. If you are interested in this committee, contact the board for more information: