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Tue May 6
6:00 pm
BalaclavaAnother Awesome Dump313Pretty Kitties
BalaclavaRookie Monsters118Critters
Jericho EBanana Cutters713Octopi
Jericho ESnorkel Ferry Kittens131Gator Bait
KingcrestDiscalicious213We Got Disc
Memorial OGrey Goose135Old Skool
Memorial OUltimech613Lynx
Oak MeadowsDark Side Of The Disc136Tofu
Oak Meadowsragnarok1110Homewreckers
Trafalgar NWThe Kangabrewskis1013Butterfingers Summer Edition
Trafalgar NWWhaTheHuck?DefaultAsian Caucasians
Van Tech OvalJokers136Princess Layout
Van Tech OvalUltimate BBT313DiscThrow Inferno
Winona CFlickle Me Elmo136The Avengers.
Winona CLawrence and the Machine68Ugly Hucklings
Winona SEveryday I'm Huckin' It!118Identity Crisis
Winona SIllegal Smile1112Gritty in Pink
6:30 pmJohn Hendry NESummer Elves114Disc Monkeys
RiverfrontYou Only Huck Once1713Three Cheers for Hip Hip Hooray!
7:00 pmMemorial SWPlaid to the BBone913Soup Du Jour
Memorial SWThe Marauders133Disc Busters
Trillium EDoggie Style117Chronic Injury
Trillium EIt Takes Two To Huck413Throw Some D's
Trillium WDiscpicable Me126Mother I'd Like to FLICK.
Trillium WKingsway's Finest1113Naughty Neighbors
7:30 pmBalaclavaAnother Awesome Dump1011Critters
BalaclavaRookie Monsters1214Pretty Kitties
Jericho EBanana Cutters135Gator Bait
Jericho ESnorkel Ferry Kittens1113Octopi
KingcrestBoZo!1311We Got Disc
KingcrestDiscalicious712ULTIMATE BEAST INFECTION
Memorial OGrey Goose911Lynx
Memorial OUltimech136Old Skool
Oak MeadowsDark Side Of The Disc134Homewreckers
Oak Meadowsragnarok911Tofu
Trafalgar NWThe KangabrewskisDefaultAsian Caucasians
Trafalgar NWWhaTheHuck?139Butterfingers Summer Edition
Van Tech OvalJokers137DiscThrow Inferno
Van Tech OvalUltimate BBT98Princess Layout
Winona CFlickle Me Elmo57Ugly Hucklings
Winona CLawrence and the Machine135The Avengers.
Winona SEveryday I'm Huckin' It!119Gritty in Pink
Winona SIllegal Smile1113Identity Crisis
8:30 pmMemorial SWPlaid to the BBone139Disc Busters
Memorial SWThe Marauders132Soup Du Jour
Trillium EDoggie Style1312Throw Some D's
Trillium EIt Takes Two To Huck813Chronic Injury
Trillium WDiscpicable Me1110Naughty Neighbors
Trillium WKingsway's Finest99Mother I'd Like to FLICK.
Tue May 13
6:00 pm
BalaclavaLynx313The Marauders
BalaclavaOld Skool213Plaid to the BBone
Jericho EDiscThrow Inferno139BoZo!
Jericho EPrincess Layout96Discalicious
Memorial OFlickle Me Elmo513Everyday I'm Huckin' It!
Memorial OLawrence and the Machine34Illegal Smile
Oak MeadowsWe Got Disc73Summer Elves
Trafalgar NWDisc Busters88Three Cheers for Hip Hip Hooray!
Trafalgar NWSoup Du Jour132You Only Huck Once
Winona CBanana Cutters1310Dark Side Of The Disc
Winona CSnorkel Ferry Kittens136ragnarok
Winona SGator Bait138Homewreckers
Winona SOctopi129Tofu
6:30 pmJohn Hendry NEJokers1917Ultimate BBT
KingcrestKingsway's Finest1017Discpicable Me
KingcrestNaughty Neighbors1217Mother I'd Like to FLICK.
RiverfrontAnother Awesome Dump1618Rookie Monsters
RiverfrontGrey Goose917Ultimech
Van Tech OvalChronic Injury817Throw Some D's
Van Tech OvalDoggie Style134It Takes Two To Huck
7:00 pmMemorial SWThe Avengers.912Identity Crisis
Memorial SWUgly Hucklings1210Gritty in Pink
Trillium ECritters136The Kangabrewskis
Trillium EPretty Kitties138WhaTheHuck?
Trillium WAsian Caucasians313Trudeaumania!
Trillium WButterfingers Summer Edition128Harshmellows
7:30 pmBalaclavaLynx613Plaid to the BBone
BalaclavaOld Skool513The Marauders
Jericho EDiscThrow Inferno132Discalicious
Jericho EPrincess Layout56BoZo!
Memorial OFlickle Me Elmo1213Illegal Smile
Memorial OLawrence and the Machine713Everyday I'm Huckin' It!
Oak MeadowsWe Got Disc123Disc Monkeys
Trafalgar NWDisc Busters1013You Only Huck Once
Trafalgar NWSoup Du Jour132Three Cheers for Hip Hip Hooray!
Winona CBanana Cutters1310ragnarok
Winona CSnorkel Ferry Kittens913Dark Side Of The Disc
Winona SGator Bait1311Tofu
Winona SOctopi134Homewreckers
8:30 pmMemorial SWThe Avengers.811Gritty in Pink
Memorial SWUgly Hucklings1011Identity Crisis
Trillium ECritters1310WhaTheHuck?
Trillium EPretty Kitties134The Kangabrewskis
Trillium WAsian Caucasians913Harshmellows
Trillium WButterfingers Summer Edition1010Trudeaumania!
Tue May 20
6:00 pm
Jericho EDoggie Style87Kingsway's Finest
Jericho EIt Takes Two To Huck713Discpicable Me
KingcrestCritters1110Butterfingers Summer Edition
KingcrestPretty Kitties813Asian Caucasians
Memorial OBanana Cutters1211Tofu
Memorial OSnorkel Ferry Kittens136Homewreckers
Oak MeadowsChronic Injury910Naughty Neighbors
Oak MeadowsThrow Some D's137Mother I'd Like to FLICK.
Van Tech OvalAnother Awesome Dump813Trudeaumania!
Van Tech OvalRookie Monsters139Harshmellows
Winona CJokers132Summer Elves
Winona CUltimate BBT132Disc Monkeys
Winona SPrincess Layout79We Got Disc
6:30 pmBalaclavaLawrence and the Machine816Flickle Me Elmo
BalaclavaUgly Hucklings175The Avengers.
John Hendry NEDiscalicious217BoZo!
RiverfrontPlaid to the BBone921The Marauders
RiverfrontWhaTheHuck?154The Kangabrewskis
Trafalgar NWGritty in Pink139Identity Crisis
Trafalgar NWIllegal Smile1317Everyday I'm Huckin' It!
7:00 pmMemorial SWGator Bait135ragnarok
Memorial SWOctopi139Dark Side Of The Disc
Trillium EGrey Goose136You Only Huck Once
Trillium EUltimech138Three Cheers for Hip Hip Hooray!
Trillium WLynx136Disc Busters
Trillium WOld Skool713Soup Du Jour
7:30 pmJericho EDoggie Style139Discpicable Me
Jericho EIt Takes Two To Huck813Kingsway's Finest
KingcrestCritters139Asian Caucasians
KingcrestPretty Kitties513Butterfingers Summer Edition
Memorial OBanana Cutters139Homewreckers
Memorial OSnorkel Ferry Kittens136Tofu
Oak MeadowsChronic Injury613Mother I'd Like to FLICK.
Oak MeadowsThrow Some D's135Naughty Neighbors
Van Tech OvalAnother Awesome Dump129Harshmellows
Van Tech OvalRookie Monsters1412Trudeaumania!
Winona CJokers137Disc Monkeys
Winona CUltimate BBT134Summer Elves
Winona SDiscThrow Inferno913We Got Disc
8:30 pmMemorial SWGator Bait513Dark Side Of The Disc
Memorial SWOctopi139ragnarok
Trillium EGrey Goose132Three Cheers for Hip Hip Hooray!
Trillium EUltimech139You Only Huck Once
Trillium WLynx1110Soup Du Jour
Trillium WOld Skool913Disc Busters
Tue May 27
6:00 pm
Jericho EAnother Awesome Dump85Asian Caucasians
Jericho ERookie Monsters78Butterfingers Summer Edition
KingcrestPlaid to the BBone134You Only Huck Once
KingcrestThe Marauders134Three Cheers for Hip Hip Hooray!
Memorial OJokers89We Got Disc
Oak MeadowsThe Kangabrewskis513Harshmellows
Oak MeadowsWhaTheHuck?712Trudeaumania!
Van Tech OvalGrey Goose137Soup Du Jour
Van Tech OvalUltimech133Disc Busters
Winona CDoggie Style135Naughty Neighbors
Winona CIt Takes Two To HuckDefaultMother I'd Like to FLICK.
Winona SChronic Injury118Kingsway's Finest
Winona SThrow Some D's115Discpicable Me
6:30 pmBalaclavaBanana Cutters717Snorkel Ferry Kittens
BalaclavaOctopi179Gator Bait
John Hendry NEPrincess Layout817DiscThrow Inferno
RiverfrontOld Skool717Lynx
RiverfrontPretty Kitties615Critters
Trafalgar NWDark Side Of The Disc1712ragnarok
Trafalgar NWTofu178Homewreckers
7:00 pmMemorial SWBoZo!130Disc Monkeys
Memorial SWDiscalicious57Summer Elves
Trillium EFlickle Me Elmo1211Identity Crisis
Trillium ELawrence and the Machine911Gritty in Pink
Trillium WThe Avengers.Everyday I'm Huckin' It!
Trillium WUgly Hucklings139Illegal Smile
7:30 pmJericho EAnother Awesome Dump119Butterfingers Summer Edition
Jericho ERookie Monsters1312Asian Caucasians
KingcrestPlaid to the BBone136Three Cheers for Hip Hip Hooray!
KingcrestThe Marauders136You Only Huck Once
Memorial OUltimate BBT1311We Got Disc
Oak MeadowsThe Kangabrewskis113Trudeaumania!
Oak MeadowsWhaTheHuck?137Harshmellows
Van Tech OvalGrey Goose131Disc Busters
Van Tech OvalUltimech1111Soup Du Jour
Winona CDoggie Style132Mother I'd Like to FLICK.
Winona CIt Takes Two To Huck810Naughty Neighbors
Winona SChronic Injury711Discpicable Me
Winona SThrow Some D's136Kingsway's Finest
8:30 pmMemorial SWBoZo!130Summer Elves
Memorial SWDiscalicious54Disc Monkeys
Trillium EFlickle Me Elmo98Gritty in Pink
Trillium ELawrence and the MachineIdentity Crisis
Trillium WThe Avengers.713Illegal Smile
Trillium WUgly HucklingsEveryday I'm Huckin' It!
Tue Jun 3
6:00 pm
BalaclavaNaughty Neighbors118We Got Disc
Jericho ELynx1012Plaid to the BBone
Jericho EThe Avengers.1212Soup Du Jour
KingcrestUltimate BBT78Princess Layout
Oak MeadowsCritters713Trudeaumania!
Oak MeadowsYou Only Huck Once413Rookie Monsters
RiverfrontFlickle Me Elmo109Lawrence and the Machine
RiverfrontIdentity Crisis613Illegal Smile
Trafalgar NWAsian Caucasians512Mother I'd Like to FLICK.
Trafalgar NWThe Kangabrewskis213Discpicable Me
Van Tech OvalChronic Injury135It Takes Two To Huck
Van Tech OvalKingsway's Finest99DiscThrow Inferno
Winona CDisc Busters712Old Skool
Winona CThree Cheers for Hip Hip Hooray! 129Butterfingers Summer Edition
Winona SPretty Kitties97Another Awesome Dump
Winona SWhaTheHuck?1112Harshmellows
6:30 pmJohn Hendry NEDiscalicious116Disc Monkeys
Rupert CDoggie Style1710Throw Some D's
Rupert CUltimech615Grey Goose
7:00 pmMemorial SWHomewreckers513Gritty in Pink
Memorial SWragnarok138Ugly Hucklings
Trillium EBanana Cutters1310Snorkel Ferry Kittens
Trillium EOctopi1310Dark Side Of The Disc
Trillium WGator BaitEveryday I'm Huckin' It!
Trillium WTofu413The Marauders
7:30 pmBalaclavaJokers1210We Got Disc
BalaclavaNaughty Neighbors139BoZo!
Jericho ELynx134Soup Du Jour
Jericho EThe Avengers.511Plaid to the BBone
KingcrestUltimate BBT137Summer Elves
KingcrestULTIMATE BEAST INFECTION48Princess Layout
Oak MeadowsCritters513Rookie Monsters
Oak MeadowsYou Only Huck Once913Trudeaumania!
RiverfrontFlickle Me Elmo1213Illegal Smile
RiverfrontIdentity Crisis136Lawrence and the Machine
Trafalgar NWAsian Caucasians913Discpicable Me
Trafalgar NWThe Kangabrewskis613Mother I'd Like to FLICK.
Van Tech OvalChronic Injury137DiscThrow Inferno
Van Tech OvalKingsway's Finest109It Takes Two To Huck
Winona CDisc Busters713Butterfingers Summer Edition
Winona CThree Cheers for Hip Hip Hooray! 137Old Skool
Winona SPretty Kitties127Harshmellows
Winona SWhaTheHuck?89Another Awesome Dump
8:30 pmMemorial SWHomewreckers713Ugly Hucklings
Memorial SWragnarok138Gritty in Pink
Trillium EBanana Cutters1310Dark Side Of The Disc
Trillium EOctopi1213Snorkel Ferry Kittens
Trillium WGator Bait613The Marauders
Trillium WTofu1011Everyday I'm Huckin' It!
Tue Jun 10
6:00 pm
BalaclavaAnother Awesome Dump613Doggie Style
BalaclavaHarshmellows513Throw Some D's
Jericho EGritty in Pink109Flickle Me Elmo
Jericho EUgly Hucklings711Identity Crisis
Oak MeadowsIllegal Smile138Ultimech
Oak MeadowsLawrence and the Machine610Grey Goose
RiverfrontDark Side Of The Disc1312Everyday I'm Huckin' It!
RiverfrontSnorkel Ferry Kittens133The Marauders
Trafalgar NWButterfingers Summer Edition107WhaTheHuck?
Trafalgar NWOld Skool513Pretty Kitties
Winona CLynx134Critters
Winona CThe Avengers.1011You Only Huck Once
Winona SPlaid to the BBoneTrudeaumania!
Winona SSoup Du Jour811Rookie Monsters
6:30 pmJohn Hendry NEChronic Injury1710Kingsway's Finest
KingcrestNaughty Neighbors1517Jokers
KingcrestWe Got Disc1614BoZo!
Rupert CDisc Busters517Three Cheers for Hip Hip Hooray!
Rupert Cragnarok1712Homewreckers
Van Tech OvalDiscpicable Me138Mother I'd Like to FLICK.
Van Tech OvalThe Kangabrewskis617Asian Caucasians
7:00 pmMemorial SWBanana Cutters119Tofu
Memorial SWOctopi1310Gator Bait
Trillium EDiscThrow Inferno138ULTIMATE BEAST INFECTION
Trillium EIt Takes Two To Huck108Ultimate BBT
Trillium WPrincess Layout95Discalicious
Trillium WSummer Elves113Disc Monkeys
7:30 pmBalaclavaAnother Awesome Dump713Throw Some D's
BalaclavaHarshmellows713Doggie Style
Jericho EGritty in Pink813Identity Crisis
Jericho EUgly Hucklings136Flickle Me Elmo
Oak MeadowsIllegal Smile1213Grey Goose
Oak MeadowsLawrence and the Machine1113Ultimech
RiverfrontDark Side Of The Disc613The Marauders
RiverfrontSnorkel Ferry Kittens135Everyday I'm Huckin' It!
Trafalgar NWButterfingers Summer Edition410Pretty Kitties
Trafalgar NWOld Skool811WhaTheHuck?
Winona CLynx133You Only Huck Once
Winona CThe Avengers.912Critters
Winona SPlaid to the BBone138Rookie Monsters
Winona SSoup Du Jour129Trudeaumania!
8:30 pmMemorial SWBanana Cutters1310Gator Bait
Memorial SWOctopi139Tofu
Trillium EDiscThrow Inferno1310Ultimate BBT
Trillium WPrincess Layout103Disc Monkeys
Trillium WSummer Elves96Discalicious
Tue Jun 17
6:00 pm
Jericho EBanana Cutters137The Marauders
Jericho EOctopi139Everyday I'm Huckin' It!
KingcrestButterfingers Summer Edition74Harshmellows
KingcrestOld Skool39Another Awesome Dump
Oak MeadowsDark Side Of The Disc713Gator Bait
Oak MeadowsSnorkel Ferry Kittens129Tofu
RiverfrontDiscThrow Inferno136Summer Elves
RiverfrontIt Takes Two To Huck119Princess Layout
Van Tech OvalDisc Busters313Doggie Style
Van Tech OvalThree Cheers for Hip Hip Hooray! 131Throw Some D's
Winona CHomewreckers1210Grey Goose
Winona Cragnarok135Ultimech
Winona SGritty in Pink60Lawrence and the Machine
Winona SUgly Hucklings98Illegal Smile
6:30 pmBalaclavaRookie MonstersTrudeaumania!
BalaclavaYou Only Huck Once1617Critters
Rupert CIdentity Crisis1317Flickle Me Elmo
Rupert CPretty Kitties159WhaTheHuck?
Trafalgar NWSoup Du Jour617Plaid to the BBone
Trafalgar NWThe Avengers.817Lynx
7:00 pmMemorial SWChronic Injury132Discalicious
Memorial SWKingsway's Finest132Disc Monkeys
Trillium EAsian Caucasians911Jokers
Trillium EThe Kangabrewskis813Naughty Neighbors
Trillium WDiscpicable Me94We Got Disc
Trillium WMother I'd Like to FLICK.105BoZo!
7:30 pmJericho EBanana Cutters1310Everyday I'm Huckin' It!
Jericho EOctopi139The Marauders
KingcrestButterfingers Summer Edition109Another Awesome Dump
KingcrestOld Skool137Harshmellows
Oak MeadowsDark Side Of The Disc1311Tofu
Oak MeadowsSnorkel Ferry Kittens1113Gator Bait
RiverfrontDiscThrow Inferno710Princess Layout
RiverfrontIt Takes Two To Huck313Summer Elves
Van Tech OvalDisc Busters713Throw Some D's
Van Tech OvalThree Cheers for Hip Hip Hooray! 1311Doggie Style
Winona CHomewreckers139Ultimech
Winona Cragnarok913Grey Goose
Winona SGritty in Pink913Illegal Smile
Winona SUgly Hucklings126Lawrence and the Machine
8:30 pmMemorial SWChronic Injury133Disc Monkeys
Memorial SWKingsway's Finest131Discalicious
Trillium EAsian Caucasians128Naughty Neighbors
Trillium EThe Kangabrewskis413Jokers
Trillium WDiscpicable Me107BoZo!
Trillium WMother I'd Like to FLICK.107We Got Disc
Tue Jun 24
6:00 pm
BalaclavaFlickle Me Elmo713Grey Goose
BalaclavaIdentity Crisis138Ultimech
Killarney CChronic Injury114Princess Layout
Killarney CKingsway's Finest132Summer Elves
KingcrestPlaid to the BBone134Critters
KingcrestSoup Du Jour139You Only Huck Once
Oak MeadowsUltimate BBT134Discalicious
RiverfrontDiscpicable Me135Naughty Neighbors
RiverfrontMother I'd Like to FLICK.1111Jokers
Trafalgar NWHomewreckers132Lawrence and the Machine
Trafalgar NWragnarok135Illegal Smile
Van Tech OvalLynxTrudeaumania!
Van Tech OvalThe Avengers.611Rookie Monsters
6:30 pmJohn Hendry NEIt Takes Two To Huck1512DiscThrow Inferno
Rupert COld Skool1215Butterfingers Summer Edition
Rupert CUgly Hucklings136Gritty in Pink
Winona CDark Side Of The Disc1511Snorkel Ferry Kittens
Winona COctopi1117Banana Cutters
Winona SEveryday I'm Huckin' It!1715The Marauders
Winona SGator BaitTofu
7:00 pmMemorial SWAsian Caucasians1010BoZo!
Memorial SWThe Kangabrewskis313We Got Disc
Trillium EDisc Busters713Another Awesome Dump
Trillium EThree Cheers for Hip Hip Hooray! 134Harshmellows
Trillium WPretty Kitties613Doggie Style
Trillium WWhaTheHuck?713Throw Some D's
7:30 pmBalaclavaFlickle Me Elmo139Ultimech
BalaclavaIdentity Crisis1312Grey Goose
Killarney CChronic Injury133Summer Elves
Killarney CKingsway's Finest115Princess Layout
KingcrestPlaid to the BBone137You Only Huck Once
KingcrestSoup Du Jour1310Critters
Oak MeadowsUltimate BBT134Disc Monkeys
Oak MeadowsULTIMATE BEAST INFECTION1110Discalicious
RiverfrontDiscpicable Me134Jokers
RiverfrontMother I'd Like to FLICK.1310Naughty Neighbors
Trafalgar NWHomewreckers1310Illegal Smile
Trafalgar NWragnarok135Lawrence and the Machine
Van Tech OvalLynx1113Rookie Monsters
Van Tech OvalThe Avengers.Trudeaumania!
8:30 pmMemorial SWAsian Caucasians912We Got Disc
Memorial SWThe Kangabrewskis713BoZo!
Trillium EDisc Busters1211Harshmellows
Trillium EThree Cheers for Hip Hip Hooray! 1113Another Awesome Dump
Trillium WPretty Kitties613Throw Some D's
Trillium WWhaTheHuck?613Doggie Style
Tue Jul 1
6:00 pm
BalaclavaDark Side Of The Disc1311Everyday I'm Huckin' It!
BalaclavaGator Bait1213ragnarok
Killarney CHarshmellows611Mother I'd Like to FLICK.
Killarney COld Skool613Disc Busters
KingcrestHomewreckers1212Gritty in Pink
KingcrestIllegal Smile1113Flickle Me Elmo
Trafalgar NWBanana Cutters1013Snorkel Ferry Kittens
Trafalgar NWOctopiThe Marauders
Van Tech OvalIdentity Crisis138Ugly Hucklings
Van Tech OvalTofu131Grey Goose
Winona CKingsway's Finest138Ultimate BBT
Winona CThe Kangabrewskis77Princess Layout
Winona SDiscThrow InfernoForfeitedSummer Elves
Winona SIt Takes Two To HuckForfeitedULTIMATE BEAST INFECTION
6:30 pmJohn Hendry NEBoZo!137Chronic Injury
Oak MeadowsPlaid to the BBone513Lynx
Rupert CButterfingers Summer EditionCancelledAnother Awesome Dump
Rupert CWhaTheHuck?917Discpicable Me
Winona NDiscalicious95Disc Monkeys
7:00 pmAndy Livingstone EJokers1312Naughty Neighbors
Andy Livingstone EWe Got Disc134Asian Caucasians
Memorial SWThe Avengers.ForfeitedYou Only Huck Once
Memorial SWThrow Some D's165Pretty Kitties
Trillium ELawrence and the MachineForfeitedSoup Du Jour
Trillium EUltimechCancelledRookie Monsters
Trillium WCrittersCancelledThree Cheers for Hip Hip Hooray!
Trillium WTrudeaumania!CancelledDoggie Style
7:30 pmBalaclavaDark Side Of The Disc132ragnarok
BalaclavaGator Bait139Everyday I'm Huckin' It!
Killarney CHarshmellows1113Disc Busters
Killarney COld Skool513Mother I'd Like to FLICK.
KingcrestHomewreckers1310Flickle Me Elmo
KingcrestIllegal Smile1210Gritty in Pink
Trafalgar NWBanana Cutters1311The Marauders
Trafalgar NWOctopi712Snorkel Ferry Kittens
Van Tech OvalIdentity Crisis135Grey Goose
Van Tech OvalTofu113Ugly Hucklings
Winona CKingsway's Finest133Princess Layout
Winona CThe Kangabrewskis812Ultimate BBT
Winona SDiscThrow InfernoForfeitedULTIMATE BEAST INFECTION
Winona SIt Takes Two To HuckForfeitedSummer Elves
8:30 pmAndy Livingstone EJokers132Asian Caucasians
Andy Livingstone EWe Got Disc1310Naughty Neighbors
Trillium ELawrence and the MachineCancelledRookie Monsters
Trillium EUltimech129Soup Du Jour
Trillium WCrittersCancelledDoggie Style
Trillium WTrudeaumania!CancelledThree Cheers for Hip Hip Hooray!
Tue Jul 8
6:00 pm
BalaclavaSummer Elves84Disc Monkeys
BalaclavaULTIMATE BEAST INFECTION710Discalicious
Killarney CThe Avengers.89Throw Some D's
Killarney CYou Only Huck Once117Pretty Kitties
KingcrestSnorkel Ferry Kittens813Everyday I'm Huckin' It!
KingcrestThe Maraudersragnarok
Rupert CRookie MonstersDoggie Style
Rupert CSoup Du Jour135Three Cheers for Hip Hip Hooray!
Trafalgar NWPrincess Layout48It Takes Two To Huck
Trafalgar NWUltimate BBT613DiscThrow Inferno
Van Tech OvalBanana Cutters611Dark Side Of The Disc
Van Tech OvalOctopi137Gator Bait
Winona CDisc Busters1111Jokers
Winona CMother I'd Like to FLICK.107We Got Disc
Winona SAsian Caucasians119Chronic Injury
Winona SNaughty Neighbors139BoZo!
6:30 pmJohn Hendry NEOld Skool155Harshmellows
Oak MeadowsTofu138Identity Crisis
Winona NThe Kangabrewskis517Kingsway's Finest
7:00 pmAndy Livingstone EAnother Awesome Dump59Discpicable Me
Andy Livingstone EButterfingers Summer Edition89WhaTheHuck?
Memorial SWLawrence and the Machine1213Critters
Memorial SWUltimechTrudeaumania!
Trillium EGrey Goose811Homewreckers
Trillium EUgly Hucklings135Illegal Smile
Trillium WFlickle Me Elmo103Lynx
Trillium WGritty in Pink910Plaid to the BBone
7:30 pmBalaclavaSummer Elves46Discalicious
Killarney CThe Avengers.710Pretty Kitties
Killarney CYou Only Huck Once138Throw Some D's
KingcrestSnorkel Ferry Kittens135ragnarok
KingcrestThe MaraudersEveryday I'm Huckin' It!
Rupert CRookie MonstersThree Cheers for Hip Hip Hooray!
Rupert CSoup Du Jour613Doggie Style
Trafalgar NWPrincess Layout213DiscThrow Inferno
Trafalgar NWUltimate BBT810It Takes Two To Huck
Van Tech OvalBanana Cutters139Gator Bait
Van Tech OvalOctopi1013Dark Side Of The Disc
Winona CDisc Busters139We Got Disc
Winona CMother I'd Like to FLICK.1112Jokers
Winona SAsian Caucasians139BoZo!
Winona SNaughty Neighbors913Chronic Injury
8:30 pmAndy Livingstone EAnother Awesome Dump129WhaTheHuck?
Andy Livingstone EButterfingers Summer Edition413Discpicable Me
Memorial SWLawrence and the MachineTrudeaumania!
Memorial SWUltimech810Critters
Trillium EGrey Goose139Illegal Smile
Trillium EUgly Hucklings713Homewreckers
Trillium WFlickle Me Elmo79Plaid to the BBone
Trillium WGritty in Pink710Lynx
Tue Jul 15
6:00 pm
BalaclavaDisc Busters911Naughty Neighbors
BalaclavaMother I'd Like to FLICK.Asian Caucasians
KingcrestPrincess Layout84ULTIMATE BEAST INFECTION
KingcrestUltimate BBT124Summer Elves
Rupert CGrey Goose137Gritty in Pink
Rupert CUgly HucklingsFlickle Me Elmo
Trafalgar NWHarshmellows613Chronic Injury
Trafalgar NWOld Skool69BoZo!
Van Tech OvalKingsway's Finest130Disc Monkeys
Van Tech OvalThe Kangabrewskis128Discalicious
Winona CThe Avengers.97Butterfingers Summer Edition
Winona CYou Only Huck Once1113Another Awesome Dump
Winona SPretty Kitties610Discpicable Me
Winona SThrow Some D's135WhaTheHuck?
6:30 pmKillarney CRookie MonstersSoup Du Jour
Killarney CUltimech1017Lawrence and the Machine
Oak MeadowsHomewreckers1713Illegal Smile
Winona NIt Takes Two To Huck417DiscThrow Inferno
Winona NJokers1315We Got Disc
7:00 pmAndy Livingstone EDoggie Style1510Three Cheers for Hip Hip Hooray!
Andy Livingstone ETrudeaumania!Critters
Memorial SWIdentity Crisis134Lynx
Memorial SWTofu136Plaid to the BBone
Trillium EBanana CuttersEveryday I'm Huckin' It!
Trillium EOctopi135ragnarok
Trillium WSnorkel Ferry Kittens913Dark Side Of The Disc
Trillium WThe Marauders1013Gator Bait
7:30 pmBalaclavaDisc BustersAsian Caucasians
BalaclavaMother I'd Like to FLICK.813Naughty Neighbors
KingcrestPrincess Layout610Summer Elves
Rupert CGrey GooseFlickle Me Elmo
Rupert CUgly Hucklings135Gritty in Pink
Trafalgar NWHarshmellows1310BoZo!
Trafalgar NWOld Skool910Chronic Injury
Van Tech OvalKingsway's Finest132Discalicious
Van Tech OvalThe Kangabrewskis117Disc Monkeys
Winona CThe Avengers.810Another Awesome Dump
Winona CYou Only Huck Once85Butterfingers Summer Edition
Winona SPretty Kitties1211WhaTheHuck?
Winona SThrow Some D's813Discpicable Me
8:30 pmMemorial SWIdentity Crisis134Plaid to the BBone
Memorial SWTofu1310Lynx
Trillium EBanana Cuttersragnarok
Trillium EOctopi133Everyday I'm Huckin' It!
Trillium WSnorkel Ferry Kittens139Gator Bait
Trillium WThe Marauders713Dark Side Of The Disc
Tue Jul 22
6:00 pm
BalaclavaPretty Kitties713Another Awesome Dump
BalaclavaThrow Some D's137Butterfingers Summer Edition
Killarney CIdentity Crisis77Flickle Me Elmo
Killarney CTofu134Gritty in Pink
KingcrestWe Got Disc512Chronic Injury
Trafalgar NWThe Avengers.135WhaTheHuck?
Trafalgar NWYou Only Huck Once98Discpicable Me
Van Tech OvalHarshmellows813Asian Caucasians
Van Tech OvalOld Skool513Naughty Neighbors
Winona CLawrence and the Machine1110Three Cheers for Hip Hip Hooray!
Winona CUltimech1011Doggie Style
Winona SRookie MonstersTrudeaumania!
Winona SSoup Du Jour135Critters
6:30 pmOak MeadowsGrey Goose915Ugly Hucklings
Rupert CDark Side Of The Disc1512Gator Bait
Rupert CEveryday I'm Huckin' It!ragnarok
Winona NDisc Busters1712Mother I'd Like to FLICK.
Winona NPrincess Layout517Ultimate BBT
7:00 pmAndy Livingstone EHomewreckers1211Plaid to the BBone
Andy Livingstone EIllegal Smile1414Lynx
Memorial SWBanana Cutters1712Octopi
Memorial SWSnorkel Ferry Kittens1715The Marauders
Trillium EKingsway's Finest133Summer Elves
Trillium EThe Kangabrewskis613ULTIMATE BEAST INFECTION
Trillium WDiscThrow Inferno130Disc Monkeys
Trillium WIt Takes Two To Huck84Discalicious
7:30 pmBalaclavaPretty Kitties108Butterfingers Summer Edition
BalaclavaThrow Some D's1011Another Awesome Dump
Killarney CIdentity Crisis98Gritty in Pink
Killarney CTofu139Flickle Me Elmo
KingcrestJokers1113Chronic Injury
KingcrestWe Got Disc913BoZo!
Trafalgar NWThe Avengers.109Discpicable Me
Trafalgar NWYou Only Huck Once137WhaTheHuck?
Van Tech OvalHarshmellows813Naughty Neighbors
Van Tech OvalOld Skool1011Asian Caucasians
Winona CLawrence and the Machine611Doggie Style
Winona CUltimech1011Three Cheers for Hip Hip Hooray!
Winona SRookie MonstersCritters
Winona SSoup Du Jour139Trudeaumania!
8:30 pmAndy Livingstone EHomewreckers135Lynx
Andy Livingstone EIllegal Smile138Plaid to the BBone
Trillium EKingsway's Finest131ULTIMATE BEAST INFECTION
Trillium EThe Kangabrewskis613Summer Elves
Trillium WDiscThrow Inferno134Discalicious
Trillium WIt Takes Two To Huck131Disc Monkeys
Tue Jul 29
6:00 pm
Rupert CPrincess Layout95Discalicious
Rupert CUltimate BBT124Disc Monkeys
Winona CIdentity Crisis813Illegal Smile
Winona CTofu139Homewreckers
Winona SGrey Goose136Plaid to the BBone
Winona SUgly HucklingsLynx
6:30 pmBalaclavaCritters1617Three Cheers for Hip Hip Hooray!
BalaclavaSoup Du Jour174Ultimech
Killarney CDark Side Of The Disc (T101)ragnarok
Killarney COctopi1714Banana Cutters
KingcrestDiscpicable Me174WhaTheHuck?
KingcrestYou Only Huck Once171Pretty Kitties
Oak MeadowsGritty in Pink1714Flickle Me Elmo
Trafalgar NWDoggie Style1711Trudeaumania!
Trafalgar NWLawrence and the Machine1217Rookie Monsters
Van Tech OvalAnother Awesome Dump1710Butterfingers Summer Edition
Van Tech OvalThrow Some D's1712The Avengers.
Winona NNaughty Neighbors1310Asian Caucasians
7:00 pmAndy Livingstone ESnorkel Ferry Kittens175Everyday I'm Huckin' It!
Andy Livingstone EThe Marauders1417Gator Bait
Memorial SWKingsway's Finest913DiscThrow Inferno
Memorial SWThe Kangabrewskis1111It Takes Two To Huck
Trillium EHarshmellows1310We Got Disc
Trillium EOld Skool213Jokers
Trillium WDisc Busters1311BoZo!
Trillium WMother I'd Like to FLICK.1113Chronic Injury
7:30 pmRupert CPrincess Layout102Disc Monkeys
Rupert CUltimate BBT126Discalicious
Winona CIdentity Crisis1113Homewreckers
Winona CTofu135Illegal Smile
Winona SGrey Goose1312Lynx
Winona SUgly HucklingsPlaid to the BBone
8:30 pmMemorial SWKingsway's Finest133It Takes Two To Huck
Memorial SWThe Kangabrewskis013DiscThrow Inferno
Trillium EHarshmellows1312Jokers
Trillium EOld Skool613We Got Disc
Trillium WDisc Busters1310Chronic Injury
Trillium WMother I'd Like to FLICK.613BoZo!
Tue Aug 5
6:00 pm
Killarney CDiscalicious78Disc Monkeys
Killarney CSummer Elves1311The Kangabrewskis
Trafalgar NWGrey Goose135Plaid to the BBone
Trafalgar NWIllegal Smile1012Gritty in Pink
6:30 pmBalaclavaIdentity Crisis1712Flickle Me Elmo
BalaclavaUgly Hucklings1114Lynx
KingcrestTrudeaumania!1713Lawrence and the Machine
Rupert CBoZo!1517Jokers
Rupert CNaughty Neighbors1415Mother I'd Like to FLICK.
Van Tech OvalDoggie Style (T311)Rookie Monsters
Van Tech OvalThree Cheers for Hip Hip Hooray! 1715Soup Du Jour
Winona CW: T101 (T111)Octopi
Winona CGator Bait1017Snorkel Ferry Kittens
Winona NUltimate BBT165Princess Layout
Winona Sragnarok (T113)Banana Cutters
Winona SThe Marauders1712Everyday I'm Huckin' It!
7:00 pmMemorial SWAsian Caucasians1311Harshmellows
Memorial SWWe Got Disc137Old Skool
Trillium EAnother Awesome Dump1716Throw Some D's
Trillium EYou Only Huck Once1517Discpicable Me
Trillium WButterfingers Summer Edition1711The Avengers.
Trillium WPretty Kitties1113WhaTheHuck?
7:30 pmKillarney CDiscThrow Inferno136Summer Elves
Killarney CKingsway's Finest131Disc Monkeys
Trafalgar NWHomewreckers54Gritty in Pink
Trafalgar NWTofu1013Grey Goose
8:30 pmMemorial SWChronic Injury1311We Got Disc
Memorial SWDisc Busters1310Asian Caucasians
Tue Aug 12
6:00 pm
Killarney CChronic Injury713Mother I'd Like to FLICK.
Killarney CDisc Busters1311Jokers
KingcrestIllegal Smile119Flickle Me Elmo
KingcrestPlaid to the BBone (T225)Ugly Hucklings
Van Tech OvalGrey Goose (T221)Lynx
Van Tech OvalHomewreckers1213Identity Crisis
Winona CDiscThrow Inferno1112Ultimate BBT
Winona CKingsway's Finest (T622)It Takes Two To Huck
Winona NHarshmellows (T525)BoZo!
Winona NOld Skool610Naughty Neighbors
Winona SThe Kangabrewskis69Princess Layout
6:30 pmBalaclavaW: T113 (T123)The Marauders
BalaclavaL: T113 (T124)Everyday I'm Huckin' It!
Oak MeadowsTofu (T229)Gritty in Pink
Rupert CButterfingers Summer Edition1712WhaTheHuck?
Rupert CThe Avengers. (T424)Pretty Kitties
Trafalgar NWL: T111 (T122)Gator Bait
Trafalgar NWOctopi (T121)Snorkel Ferry Kittens
7:00 pmAndy Livingstone EAsian Caucasians (T529)We Got Disc
Andy Livingstone ESummer Elves50Disc Monkeys
Memorial SWAnother Awesome Dump1116Discpicable Me
Memorial SWThrow Some D's1712You Only Huck Once
Trillium EL: T311 (T322)Soup Du Jour
Trillium EDoggie Style (T321)Three Cheers for Hip Hip Hooray!
Trillium WLawrence and the Machine (T324)Critters
Trillium WTrudeaumania! (T323)Ultimech
7:30 pmKillarney CDisc Busters1112Mother I'd Like to FLICK.
Killarney CJokers89Chronic Injury
KingcrestW: T225 (T227)Illegal Smile
KingcrestPlaid to the BBone512Flickle Me Elmo
Van Tech OvalL: T221 (T224)Homewreckers
Van Tech OvalLynx710Identity Crisis
Winona CDiscThrow Inferno (T624)L: T622
Winona CUltimate BBT311It Takes Two To Huck
Winona NW: T525 (T527)Naughty Neighbors
Winona NL: T525 (T528)Old Skool
Winona SPrincess Layout117Discalicious
Winona SThe Kangabrewskis (T628)L: T626
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