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Thu May 8
6:00 pm
BalaclavaH-BarDefaultThe Glory Holes
BalaclavaStranger Danger !!! 107Ultimate BBT Too
Memorial Okill rockstars612Butterfingers
Memorial OSneaky Peaches85Flickas in Paris
Oak MeadowsBeer-B-QCancelledBEARHAWKS
Oak MeadowsCerberusCancelledHobbits
Trafalgar NWH.A.M.M.E.R.CancelledBear Maul
Trafalgar NWThe HanglersCancelledEast Van Halen
Winona CColonel Angus710Never Nudes
Winona CSuper Friends!84Catch Me If You Can
Winona SCharred Siu Baos79Just a Fling
Winona SDump on Me49Stall Nine and Three-Quarters
6:30 pmKingcrestEgregiousPostponedDirty Skirties
KingcrestShaft1217Kids At The Pool
RiverfrontAfternoon DelightPostponedGrope of 7
RiverfrontDiscombobulators414Fat Man and the Duck
Rupert CBeer Battered Juicy Chickens49Thunder Cougar Falcon Bird
Rupert CTeam RX'D118Chester Fields
Slocan CThe Huckin' CanucksCancelledUltimate Tacktics (formerly Sheet it Out)
Slocan SWPurple CobrasCancelledGrass Stains
Sunrise ParkSweater Weather!CancelledYtterbium
7:00 pmAndy Livingstone EHuck Dynasty86Hand of Chal
Andy Livingstone ESalt shakers89NNF
Andy Livingstone WFlick N Twisted613Bids on my Disc
Andy Livingstone WTalk Nerdy To Me77Smooth
Jericho WBattlecats and Friends911Bzzykes
Jericho WHappy Stripes134Flikerish
Memorial SWBourne Ultimatum134Hammertime
Memorial SWFlying Discmen813Phoenix Ultimate
Trillium EAirbenders413Britches 'N Hose
Trillium EDeep Throwits38Game of Throws: You Win or You Cry
Trillium WDicslexics136Herniated Discs
Trillium WThe Gino Odj-discs134Lego Inferno
7:30 pmBalaclavaH-BarCancelledUltimate BBT Too
BalaclavaStranger Danger !!! 113The Glory Holes
Memorial Okill rockstarsCancelledFlickas in Paris
Memorial OSneaky PeachesCancelledButterfingers
Oak MeadowsBeer-B-QCancelledHobbits
Oak MeadowsCerberusCancelledBEARHAWKS
Trafalgar NWH.A.M.M.E.R.CancelledEast Van Halen
Trafalgar NWThe HanglersCancelledBear Maul
Winona CGet On My Disc So We Can Fly Away Feat Ice JJ FishPostponedTry, Catch, Throw
Winona CPhantom D-Rex511Stallions of Champions
Winona SPac-ManCancelledUsual Suspects
Winona STyphoon Disc710AYCE
8:30 pmAndy Livingstone EHuck Dynasty66NNF
Andy Livingstone ESalt shakers74Hand of Chal
Andy Livingstone WFlick N Twisted1212Smooth
Andy Livingstone WTalk Nerdy To MeCancelledBids on my Disc
Jericho WBattlecats and Friends134Flikerish
Jericho WHappy Stripes57Bzzykes
Memorial SWBourne Ultimatum125Phoenix Ultimate
Memorial SWFlying Discmen139Hammertime
Trillium EAirbenders113Game of Throws: You Win or You Cry
Trillium EDeep Throwits128Britches 'N Hose
Trillium WDicslexics136Lego Inferno
Trillium WThe Gino Odj-discs135Herniated Discs
Thu May 15
6:00 pm
BalaclavaDump on Me96Typhoon Disc
BalaclavaStall Nine and Three-Quarters132AYCE
KingcrestCatch Me If You Can127Stallions of Champions
KingcrestSuper Friends!109Phantom D-Rex
Memorial OBattlecats and Friends1211Cerberus
Memorial OHappy Stripes913Beer-B-Q
RiverfrontColonel AngusForfeitedGet On My Disc So We Can Fly Away Feat Ice JJ Fish
RiverfrontNever Nudes131Try, Catch, Throw
Trafalgar NWCharred Siu Baos128Pac-Man
Trafalgar NWJust a Fling813Usual Suspects
Winona CBids on my Disc139Ytterbium
Winona CSmooth313Sweater Weather!
Winona SHand of Chal139Flick N Twisted
Winona SNNF813Talk Nerdy To Me
6:30 pmOak MeadowsPurple Cobras173Ultimate Tacktics (formerly Sheet it Out)
Oak MeadowsThe Huckin' Canucks1217Grass Stains
Rupert CEgregious1217Kids At The Pool
Rupert CShaft1217Dirty Skirties
Slocan CAfternoon Delight1317Fat Man and the Duck
Slocan SWDiscombobulators1716Grope of 7
Sunrise ParkSalt shakers1413Huck Dynasty
UBC MatthewsLego Inferno1113Herniated Discs
UBC MatthewsThe Gino Odj-discs1217Dicslexics
UBC SpencerAirbenders417Deep Throwits
UBC SpencerBritches 'N Hose1511Game of Throws: You Win or You Cry
7:00 pmAndy Livingstone Ekill rockstars913Bourne Ultimatum
Andy Livingstone ESneaky Peaches911Flying Discmen
Andy Livingstone WButterfingers1311Hammertime
Andy Livingstone WFlickas in Paris513Phoenix Ultimate
Jericho WBeer Battered Juicy Chickens1710Chester Fields
Jericho WTeam RX'D817Thunder Cougar Falcon Bird
Memorial SWBzzykes137Hobbits
Memorial SWFlikerish713BEARHAWKS
Trillium EH-Bar116The Hanglers
Trillium EStranger Danger !!! 68H.A.M.M.E.R.
Trillium WThe Glory Holes132East Van Halen
Trillium WUltimate BBT Too513Bear Maul
7:30 pmBalaclavaDump on Me134AYCE
BalaclavaStall Nine and Three-Quarters1113Typhoon Disc
KingcrestCatch Me If You Can78Phantom D-Rex
KingcrestSuper Friends!109Stallions of Champions
Memorial OBattlecats and Friends1013Beer-B-Q
Memorial OHappy Stripes126Cerberus
RiverfrontColonel Angus132Try, Catch, Throw
RiverfrontNever Nudes118Get On My Disc So We Can Fly Away Feat Ice JJ Fish
Trafalgar NWCharred Siu Baos813Usual Suspects
Trafalgar NWJust a Fling1310Pac-Man
Winona CBids on my Disc513Sweater Weather!
Winona CSmooth1113Ytterbium
Winona SHand of Chal137Talk Nerdy To Me
Winona SNNF138Flick N Twisted
8:30 pmAndy Livingstone Ekill rockstars812Flying Discmen
Andy Livingstone ESneaky Peaches613Bourne Ultimatum
Andy Livingstone WButterfingers1310Phoenix Ultimate
Andy Livingstone WFlickas in Paris813Hammertime
Memorial SWBzzykes913BEARHAWKS
Memorial SWFlikerish1412Hobbits
Trillium EH-Bar107H.A.M.M.E.R.
Trillium EStranger Danger !!! 1212The Hanglers
Trillium WThe Glory Holes134Bear Maul
Trillium WUltimate BBT Too713East Van Halen
Thu May 22
6:00 pm
BalaclavaHuck Dynasty813Ytterbium
BalaclavaSalt shakers1011Sweater Weather!
KingcrestAirbenders413The Gino Odj-discs
KingcrestDeep Throwits513Dicslexics
RiverfrontBritches 'N Hose137Lego Inferno
RiverfrontGame of Throws: You Win or You Cry511Herniated Discs
Rupert CCatch Me If You Can68Never Nudes
Rupert CSuper Friends!132Colonel Angus
Trafalgar NWHand of Chal1310Bids on my Disc
Trafalgar NWNNF135Smooth
UBC SpencerPhantom D-Rex511Get On My Disc So We Can Fly Away Feat Ice JJ Fish
UBC SpencerStallions of Champions103Try, Catch, Throw
Winona CH-Bar177Stranger Danger !!!
Winona CThe Hanglers513H.A.M.M.E.R.
Winona SFlying Discmen813Bourne Ultimatum
Winona SSneaky Peaches1310kill rockstars
6:30 pmMemorial OBeer Battered Juicy Chickens1612The Huckin' Canucks
Memorial OTeam RX'D1217Purple Cobras
Oak MeadowsDirty Skirties1714Fat Man and the Duck
Oak MeadowsKids At The Pool1710Grope of 7
Sunrise ParkTalk Nerdy To Me1712Flick N Twisted
7:00 pmAndy Livingstone EBattlecats and Friends135Hobbits
Andy Livingstone EHappy Stripes119BEARHAWKS
Andy Livingstone WBzzykes139Cerberus
Andy Livingstone WFlikerish1012Beer-B-Q
Jericho WEgregious1614Discombobulators
Jericho WShaft1117Afternoon Delight
Memorial SWChester Fields1317Grass Stains
Memorial SWThunder Cougar Falcon Bird172Ultimate Tacktics (formerly Sheet it Out)
Trillium EDump on Me118Charred Siu Baos
Trillium EStall Nine and Three-Quarters127Just a Fling
Trillium WAYCE613Usual Suspects
Trillium WTyphoon Disc1211Pac-Man
7:30 pmBalaclavaHuck Dynasty913Sweater Weather!
BalaclavaSalt shakers1011Ytterbium
KingcrestDeep Throwits813The Gino Odj-discs
RiverfrontBritches 'N Hose813Herniated Discs
RiverfrontGame of Throws: You Win or You Cry1312Lego Inferno
Rupert CCatch Me If You Can114Colonel Angus
Rupert CSuper Friends!1210Never Nudes
Trafalgar NWHand of Chal115Smooth
Trafalgar NWNNF1310Bids on my Disc
UBC SpencerPhantom D-Rex133Try, Catch, Throw
UBC SpencerStallions of Champions1011Get On My Disc So We Can Fly Away Feat Ice JJ Fish
Winona CEast Van Halen1013Bear Maul
Winona CThe Glory Holes137Ultimate BBT Too
Winona SFlickas in Paris213Butterfingers
Winona SPhoenix Ultimate1010Hammertime
8:30 pmAndy Livingstone EBattlecats and Friends1310BEARHAWKS
Andy Livingstone EHappy Stripes138Hobbits
Andy Livingstone WBzzykes913Beer-B-Q
Andy Livingstone WFlikerish613Cerberus
Trillium EDump on Me96Just a Fling
Trillium EStall Nine and Three-Quarters117Charred Siu Baos
Trillium WAYCE213Pac-Man
Trillium WTyphoon Disc612Usual Suspects
Thu May 29
6:00 pm
Balaclavakill rockstars913Hammertime
BalaclavaSneaky Peaches513Phoenix Ultimate
KingcrestH-Bar1112East Van Halen
KingcrestStranger Danger !!! 713Bear Maul
Oak MeadowsPhantom D-Rex133Colonel Angus
Oak MeadowsStallions of Champions912Never Nudes
RiverfrontThe Glory Holes132The Hanglers
RiverfrontUltimate BBT Too95H.A.M.M.E.R.
Rupert CAirbenders713Lego Inferno
Rupert CDeep Throwits87Herniated Discs
Slocan CBritches 'N Hose613The Gino Odj-discs
Slocan SWGame of Throws: You Win or You Cry313Dicslexics
Trafalgar NWButterfingers1314Bourne Ultimatum
Trafalgar NWFlickas in Paris913Flying Discmen
UBC SpencerAYCE813Just a Fling
UBC SpencerTyphoon Disc117Charred Siu Baos
Winona CDump on Me413Pac-Man
Winona CStall Nine and Three-QuartersForfeitedUsual Suspects
Winona SBattlecats and Friends138Happy Stripes
Winona SCerberus713Beer-B-Q
6:30 pmMemorial OEgregious1317Afternoon Delight
Memorial OShaft1317Discombobulators
Sunrise ParkNNF1715Hand of Chal
7:00 pmAndy Livingstone EBeer Battered Juicy Chickens617Purple Cobras
Andy Livingstone ETeam RX'D178The Huckin' Canucks
Andy Livingstone WChester Fields174Ultimate Tacktics (formerly Sheet it Out)
Andy Livingstone WThunder Cougar Falcon Bird1711Grass Stains
Jericho WCatch Me If You Can133Try, Catch, Throw
Jericho WSuper Friends!97Get On My Disc So We Can Fly Away Feat Ice JJ Fish
Memorial SWDirty Skirties179Grope of 7
Memorial SWKids At The Pool1710Fat Man and the Duck
Trillium EHuck Dynasty1212Bids on my Disc
Trillium ESalt shakers1310Smooth
Trillium WFlick N Twisted613Ytterbium
Trillium WTalk Nerdy To Me513Sweater Weather!
7:30 pmBalaclavakill rockstars513Phoenix Ultimate
BalaclavaSneaky Peaches913Hammertime
KingcrestH-Bar913Bear Maul
KingcrestStranger Danger !!! 812East Van Halen
Oak MeadowsPhantom D-Rex813Never Nudes
Oak MeadowsStallions of Champions134Colonel Angus
RiverfrontThe Glory Holes132H.A.M.M.E.R.
RiverfrontUltimate BBT Too135The Hanglers
Rupert CAirbenders013Herniated Discs
Rupert CDeep Throwits138Lego Inferno
Slocan CBritches 'N Hose513Dicslexics
Slocan SWGame of Throws: You Win or You Cry118The Gino Odj-discs
Trafalgar NWButterfingers137Flying Discmen
Trafalgar NWFlickas in Paris313Bourne Ultimatum
UBC SpencerAYCE813Charred Siu Baos
UBC SpencerTyphoon Disc137Just a Fling
Winona CDump on Me713Usual Suspects
Winona CStall Nine and Three-Quarters1113Pac-Man
Winona SBzzykes138Flikerish
Winona SHobbits1013BEARHAWKS
8:30 pmJericho WCatch Me If You Can136Get On My Disc So We Can Fly Away Feat Ice JJ Fish
Jericho WSuper Friends!119Try, Catch, Throw
Trillium EHuck Dynasty89Smooth
Trillium ESalt shakers1310Bids on my Disc
Trillium WFlick N Twisted513Sweater Weather!
Trillium WTalk Nerdy To Me613Ytterbium
Thu Jun 5
6:00 pm
BalaclavaBeer-B-Q912Happy Stripes
BalaclavaBzzykes1013Battlecats and Friends
Memorial OCatch Me If You Can85Phantom D-Rex
Memorial OLego Inferno136Airbenders
Oak MeadowsBritches 'N Hose117Never Nudes
Oak MeadowsGame of Throws: You Win or You Cry98Super Friends!
RiverfrontSalt shakers137Bids on my Disc
RiverfrontTalk Nerdy To Me1010Usual Suspects
Rupert CAYCE118East Van Halen
Rupert CCharred Siu Baos510Bear Maul
Slocan CH-Bar1110Ultimate BBT Too
Slocan SWH.A.M.M.E.R.310The Gino Odj-discs
Trafalgar NWBEARHAWKS136Bourne Ultimatum
Trafalgar NWCerberus1011Butterfingers
Winona CFlick N Twisted108Dump on Me
Winona CHuck Dynasty1716Smooth
6:30 pmKingcrestChester Fields817Purple Cobras
KingcrestThunder Cougar Falcon Bird177The Huckin' Canucks
Sunrise ParkStall Nine and Three-Quarters717The Glory Holes
Winona SBeer Battered Juicy Chickens171Ultimate Tacktics (formerly Sheet it Out)
Winona STeam RX'D179Grass Stains
7:00 pmAndy Livingstone EEgregious1417Fat Man and the Duck
Andy Livingstone EShaft174Grope of 7
Andy Livingstone WDirty Skirties177Discombobulators
Andy Livingstone WKids At The Pool1816Afternoon Delight
Jericho WStranger Danger !!! 94Deep Throwits
Jericho WThe Hanglers118Herniated Discs
Memorial SWFlickas in Paris1310Hand of Chal
Memorial SWkill rockstars1310Ytterbium
Trillium EFlikerish1311Hammertime
Trillium EHobbits129Flying Discmen
Trillium WPhoenix Ultimate139Sweater Weather!
Trillium WSneaky Peaches613NNF
7:30 pmBalaclavaBeer-B-Q713Battlecats and Friends
BalaclavaBzzykes1011Happy Stripes
Memorial OColonel Angus99Try, Catch, Throw
Memorial OStallions of Champions139Get On My Disc So We Can Fly Away Feat Ice JJ Fish
Oak MeadowsBritches 'N Hose135Super Friends!
Oak MeadowsGame of Throws: You Win or You Cry137Never Nudes
RiverfrontSalt shakers138Usual Suspects
RiverfrontTalk Nerdy To Me135Bids on my Disc
Rupert CAYCE413Bear Maul
Rupert CCharred Siu Baos711East Van Halen
Slocan CH-Bar136The Gino Odj-discs
Slocan SWH.A.M.M.E.R.1010Ultimate BBT Too
Trafalgar NWBEARHAWKS136Butterfingers
Trafalgar NWCerberus813Bourne Ultimatum
Winona CJust a Fling1310Dicslexics
Winona CTyphoon Disc413Pac-Man
8:30 pmJericho WStranger Danger !!! 58Herniated Discs
Jericho WThe Hanglers56Deep Throwits
Memorial SWFlickas in Paris134Ytterbium
Memorial SWkill rockstars1011Hand of Chal
Trillium EFlikerish1310Flying Discmen
Trillium EHobbits1513Hammertime
Trillium WPhoenix Ultimate139NNF
Trillium WSneaky Peaches313Sweater Weather!
Thu Jun 12
6:00 pm
Memorial ODeep Throwits133Herniated Discs
Memorial OStranger Danger !!! 1210The Hanglers
Oak MeadowsBear Maul126Ultimate BBT Too
Oak MeadowsEast Van Halen119The Gino Odj-discs
RiverfrontFlying Discmen1113NNF
RiverfrontHammertime138Sweater Weather!
Rupert CHuck Dynasty911Flick N Twisted
Rupert CSmooth710Dump on Me
Slocan CTyphoon Disc137Just a Fling
Slocan SWPac-Man710Dicslexics
UBC SpencerBids on my Disc813Stall Nine and Three-Quarters
UBC SpencerUsual Suspects613The Glory Holes
Winona CHand of Chal1013Salt shakers
Winona CYtterbium1213Talk Nerdy To Me
6:30 pmBalaclavaBeer Battered Juicy Chickens1517Grass Stains
BalaclavaTeam RX'D174Ultimate Tacktics (formerly Sheet it Out)
KingcrestDirty Skirties1714Afternoon Delight
KingcrestKids At The Pool1712Discombobulators
Sunrise ParkFlickas in Paris1013kill rockstars
Trafalgar NWChester Fields1711The Huckin' Canucks
Trafalgar NWThunder Cougar Falcon Bird917Purple Cobras
Winona SEgregious1713Grope of 7
Winona SShaft1417Fat Man and the Duck
7:00 pmAndy Livingstone EAirbenders109Phantom D-Rex
Andy Livingstone ELego Inferno1113Catch Me If You Can
Andy Livingstone WGet On My Disc So We Can Fly Away Feat Ice JJ Fish134Try, Catch, Throw
Andy Livingstone WStallions of Champions108Colonel Angus
Jericho WAYCE412H.A.M.M.E.R.
Jericho WCharred Siu Baos511H-Bar
Memorial SWFlikerishPhoenix Ultimate
Memorial SWHobbits1110Sneaky Peaches
Trillium EBeer-B-Q813BEARHAWKS
Trillium EBzzykes134Cerberus
Trillium WBattlecats and Friends135Butterfingers
Trillium WHappy Stripes117Bourne Ultimatum
7:30 pmMemorial OGame of Throws: You Win or You Cry612Britches 'N Hose
Memorial OSuper Friends!910Never Nudes
Oak MeadowsBear Maul133The Gino Odj-discs
Oak MeadowsEast Van Halen713Ultimate BBT Too
RiverfrontFlying Discmen913Sweater Weather!
Rupert CHuck Dynasty812Dump on Me
Rupert CSmooth107Flick N Twisted
Slocan CTyphoon Disc1312Dicslexics
Slocan SWPac-Man138Just a Fling
UBC SpencerBids on my Disc513The Glory Holes
UBC SpencerUsual Suspects1311Stall Nine and Three-Quarters
Winona CHand of Chal97Talk Nerdy To Me
Winona CYtterbium413Salt shakers
8:30 pmAndy Livingstone EAirbenders611Catch Me If You Can
Andy Livingstone ELego Inferno134Phantom D-Rex
Andy Livingstone WGet On My Disc So We Can Fly Away Feat Ice JJ FishCancelledColonel Angus
Andy Livingstone WStallions of Champions133Try, Catch, Throw
Jericho WAYCE312H-Bar
Jericho WCharred Siu Baos86H.A.M.M.E.R.
Memorial SWFlikerish138Sneaky Peaches
Memorial SWHobbits135Phoenix Ultimate
Trillium EBeer-B-Q1312Cerberus
Trillium EBzzykes1113BEARHAWKS
Trillium WBattlecats and Friends138Bourne Ultimatum
Trillium WHappy Stripes1311Butterfingers
Thu Jun 19
6:00 pm
KingcrestCatch Me If You Can137Colonel Angus
KingcrestPhantom D-Rex133Try, Catch, Throw
Memorial OBear Maul1310East Van Halen
Memorial OCharred Siu Baos132AYCE
Oak MeadowsDump on Me79Dicslexics
Oak MeadowsFlick N Twisted134Just a Fling
RiverfrontBattlecats and FriendsCerberus
RiverfrontHappy Stripes129BEARHAWKS
Rupert CFlickas in Paris129Stall Nine and Three-Quarters
Rupert Ckill rockstars810The Glory Holes
UBC MatthewsHand of Chal134Bids on my Disc
UBC MatthewsYtterbium610Usual Suspects
Winona CFlikerish1213Hobbits
Winona CHammertime178Flying Discmen
Winona SAirbenders811Get On My Disc So We Can Fly Away Feat Ice JJ Fish
Winona SLego Inferno1311Stallions of Champions
6:30 pmBalaclavaKids At The Pool1714Dirty Skirties
Sunrise ParkSalt shakers136Talk Nerdy To Me
Trafalgar NWAfternoon Delight108Discombobulators
Trafalgar NWGrope of 7ForfeitedFat Man and the Duck
7:00 pmAndy Livingstone EStranger Danger !!! 89Game of Throws: You Win or You Cry
Andy Livingstone EThe Hanglers610Britches 'N Hose
Andy Livingstone WDeep ThrowitsSuper Friends!
Andy Livingstone WHerniated Discs108Never Nudes
Jericho WHuck Dynasty1113Typhoon Disc
Jericho WSmooth313Pac-Man
Memorial SWBeer-B-Q1012Bourne Ultimatum
Memorial SWBzzykes1310Butterfingers
Trillium EBeer Battered Juicy Chickens313Team RX'D
Trillium EThunder Cougar Falcon Bird175Chester Fields
Trillium WThe Huckin' Canucks417Purple Cobras
Trillium WUltimate Tacktics (formerly Sheet it Out)417Grass Stains
7:30 pmKingcrestCatch Me If You Can132Try, Catch, Throw
KingcrestPhantom D-Rex82Colonel Angus
Memorial OH-Bar139H.A.M.M.E.R.
Memorial OUltimate BBT Too1112The Gino Odj-discs
Oak MeadowsDump on Me42Just a Fling
Oak MeadowsFlick N Twisted54Dicslexics
RiverfrontBattlecats and FriendsBEARHAWKS
RiverfrontHappy StripesCancelledCerberus
Rupert CFlickas in Paris01The Glory Holes
Rupert Ckill rockstarsCancelledStall Nine and Three-Quarters
UBC MatthewsHand of Chal810Usual Suspects
UBC MatthewsYtterbiumBids on my Disc
Winona CPhoenix Ultimate134Sneaky Peaches
Winona CSweater Weather!135NNF
Winona SAirbenders58Stallions of Champions
Winona SLego InfernoForfeitedGet On My Disc So We Can Fly Away Feat Ice JJ Fish
8:30 pmAndy Livingstone EStranger Danger !!! 139Britches 'N Hose
Andy Livingstone EThe Hanglers78Game of Throws: You Win or You Cry
Andy Livingstone WDeep ThrowitsNever Nudes
Andy Livingstone WHerniated Discs133Super Friends!
Jericho WHuck Dynasty913Pac-Man
Jericho WSmooth1011Typhoon Disc
Memorial SWBeer-B-Q135Butterfingers
Memorial SWBzzykes810Bourne Ultimatum
Thu Jun 26
6:00 pm
BalaclavaAirbenders94Try, Catch, Throw
BalaclavaLego Inferno115Colonel Angus
Killarney CFlying Discmen613Sneaky Peaches
Killarney CHammertime713Phoenix Ultimate
KingcrestDeep Throwits48Game of Throws: You Win or You Cry
KingcrestHerniated Discs115Britches 'N Hose
Oak MeadowsSalt shakers109Stall Nine and Three-Quarters
Oak MeadowsTalk Nerdy To Me813The Glory Holes
RiverfrontDump on Me117Pac-Man
RiverfrontFlick N Twisted135Typhoon Disc
Rupert CFlikerish313Sweater Weather!
Rupert CHobbits1011NNF
Trafalgar NWCatch Me If You Can1311Stallions of Champions
Trafalgar NWPhantom D-Rex106Get On My Disc So We Can Fly Away Feat Ice JJ Fish
Winona CBeer-B-Q133Bzzykes
Winona CHappy StripesBattlecats and Friends
Winona SStranger Danger !!! 117Super Friends!
Winona SThe HanglersNever Nudes
6:30 pmMemorial OBeer Battered Juicy Chickens517Thunder Cougar Falcon Bird
Memorial OTeam RX'D176Chester Fields
Sunrise ParkHand of Chal1311Ytterbium
UBC MatthewsPurple CobrasForfeitedGrass Stains
UBC MatthewsThe Huckin' Canucks178Ultimate Tacktics (formerly Sheet it Out)
7:00 pmAndy Livingstone EAYCE314The Gino Odj-discs
Andy Livingstone ECharred Siu Baos97Ultimate BBT Too
Andy Livingstone WBear Maul56H-Bar
Andy Livingstone WEast Van Halen77H.A.M.M.E.R.
Jericho WFlickas in Paris1011Bids on my Disc
Jericho Wkill rockstars136Usual Suspects
Memorial SWHuck Dynasty136Just a Fling
Memorial SWSmooth138Dicslexics
Trillium EEgregious1117Dirty Skirties
Trillium EShaft1217Kids At The Pool
Trillium WAfternoon Delight179Grope of 7
Trillium WDiscombobulators517Fat Man and the Duck
7:30 pmBalaclavaAirbenders1010Colonel Angus
BalaclavaLego Inferno130Try, Catch, Throw
Killarney CFlying Discmen913Phoenix Ultimate
Killarney CHammertime513Sneaky Peaches
KingcrestDeep Throwits96Britches 'N Hose
KingcrestHerniated Discs109Game of Throws: You Win or You Cry
Oak MeadowsSalt shakers1213The Glory Holes
Oak MeadowsTalk Nerdy To Me139Stall Nine and Three-Quarters
RiverfrontDump on Me811Typhoon Disc
RiverfrontFlick N Twisted136Pac-Man
Rupert CFlikerish137NNF
Rupert CHobbits613Sweater Weather!
Trafalgar NWCatch Me If You Can127Get On My Disc So We Can Fly Away Feat Ice JJ Fish
Trafalgar NWPhantom D-Rex1213Stallions of Champions
Winona CBEARHAWKS149Cerberus
Winona CBourne Ultimatum136Butterfingers
Winona SStranger Danger !!! 1311Never Nudes
Winona SThe Hanglers131Super Friends!
8:30 pmAndy Livingstone EAYCE213Ultimate BBT Too
Andy Livingstone ECharred Siu Baos1311The Gino Odj-discs
Andy Livingstone WBear Maul121H.A.M.M.E.R.
Andy Livingstone WEast Van Halen313H-Bar
Jericho WFlickas in Paris118Usual Suspects
Jericho Wkill rockstars813Bids on my Disc
Memorial SWHuck Dynasty133Dicslexics
Memorial SWSmooth136Just a Fling
Thu Jul 3
6:00 pm
BalaclavaDicslexics103Charred Siu Baos
BalaclavaJust a Fling1013The Gino Odj-discs
Churchill OvalAYCE910Super Friends!
Churchill OvalGet On My Disc So We Can Fly Away Feat Ice JJ Fish107Phantom D-Rex
Killarney CBeer-B-Q134Sweater Weather!
Killarney CBzzykes1013Phoenix Ultimate
KingcrestBattlecats and FriendsCancelledBEARHAWKS
KingcrestHappy StripesCancelledBourne Ultimatum
Musqueam EHammertime813Salt shakers
Musqueam ENNFThe Glory Holes
Trafalgar NWEast Van Halen138H.A.M.M.E.R.
Trafalgar NWUltimate BBT Too99Herniated Discs
6:30 pmMemorial ODiscombobulators817Thunder Cougar Falcon Bird
Memorial OEgregious1711Purple Cobras
Oak MeadowsH-BarBear Maul
Rupert CDirty Skirties175Afternoon Delight
Rupert CKids At The Pool1713Fat Man and the Duck
Winona CBeer Battered Juicy Chickens1217The Huckin' Canucks
Winona CChester Fields175Ultimate Tacktics (formerly Sheet it Out)
Winona SGrope of 71712Team RX'D
Winona SShaft1710Grass Stains
7:00 pmAndy Livingstone EStall Nine and Three-Quarters810Bids on my Disc
Andy Livingstone EYtterbium129Typhoon Disc
Andy Livingstone WDump on Me1013Smooth
Andy Livingstone WPac-Man713Huck Dynasty
Jericho WButterfingers139Flikerish
Jericho WCerberus104Hobbits
Memorial SWSneaky Peaches138Flying Discmen
Memorial SWTalk Nerdy To Me139Usual Suspects
Trillium EBritches 'N Hose126Deep Throwits
Trillium EGame of Throws: You Win or You Cry98Stranger Danger !!!
Trillium WNever Nudes108Catch Me If You Can
Trillium WThe Hanglers135Lego Inferno
7:30 pmBalaclavaDicslexics131The Gino Odj-discs
BalaclavaJust a Fling313Charred Siu Baos
Churchill OvalColonel Angus116Try, Catch, Throw
Churchill OvalStallions of Champions1310Airbenders
Killarney CBeer-B-Q1416Phoenix Ultimate
Killarney CBzzykes1312Sweater Weather!
KingcrestBattlecats and FriendsCancelledBourne Ultimatum
KingcrestHappy StripesCancelledBEARHAWKS
Musqueam EHammertime1112The Glory Holes
Musqueam ENNF413Salt shakers
Trafalgar NWEast Van Halen611Herniated Discs
Trafalgar NWUltimate BBT Too126H.A.M.M.E.R.
8:30 pmAndy Livingstone EStall Nine and Three-Quarters813Typhoon Disc
Andy Livingstone EYtterbium1311Bids on my Disc
Andy Livingstone WDump on Me812Huck Dynasty
Andy Livingstone WPac-Man78Smooth
Jericho WButterfingers1111Hobbits
Jericho WCerberus1312Flikerish
Memorial SWFlickas in Paris139Hand of Chal
Memorial SWkill rockstars136Flick N Twisted
Trillium EBritches 'N Hose127Stranger Danger !!!
Trillium EGame of Throws: You Win or You Cry59Deep Throwits
Trillium WNever Nudes138Lego Inferno
Trillium WThe Hanglers97Catch Me If You Can
Thu Jul 10
6:00 pm
BalaclavaBids on my Disc1210Dump on Me
BalaclavaTyphoon Disc613Pac-Man
Churchill OvalGame of Throws: You Win or You Cry133Britches 'N Hose
Churchill OvalNever Nudes713The Hanglers
Memorial OButterfingers813NNF
Memorial OCerberus1311Hammertime
Musqueam EBEARHAWKS136Sweater Weather!
Musqueam EBourne Ultimatum1312Phoenix Ultimate
Rupert CAYCE912Stallions of Champions
Rupert CSuper Friends!118Airbenders
Trafalgar NWHuck Dynasty89Bear Maul
Trafalgar NWSmooth138H-Bar
Winona NGet On My Disc So We Can Fly Away Feat Ice JJ Fish118Colonel Angus
Winona NPhantom D-Rex114Try, Catch, Throw
6:30 pmKillarney CBeer Battered Juicy Chickens175Ultimate Tacktics (formerly Sheet it Out)
Killarney CChester Fields1712The Huckin' Canucks
KingcrestGrope of 7179Grass Stains
KingcrestShaft1214Team RX'D
Oak MeadowsStall Nine and Three-Quarters1715Ytterbium
Winona CDiscombobulators917Purple Cobras
Winona CEgregious1712Thunder Cougar Falcon Bird
Winona SDirty Skirties1711Fat Man and the Duck
Winona SKids At The Pool1517Afternoon Delight
7:00 pmAndy Livingstone EFlying Discmen913Hand of Chal
Andy Livingstone ESneaky Peaches136Flickas in Paris
Andy Livingstone WTalk Nerdy To Me1012kill rockstars
Andy Livingstone WUsual Suspects134Flick N Twisted
Jericho WBattlecats and FriendsBeer-B-Q
Jericho WHappy Stripes1310Bzzykes
Memorial SWFlikerish910The Glory Holes
Memorial SWHobbits813Salt shakers
Trillium EDicslexics137East Van Halen
Trillium EJust a Fling118Ultimate BBT Too
Trillium WCharred Siu Baos134H.A.M.M.E.R.
Trillium WThe Gino Odj-discs118Herniated Discs
7:30 pmBalaclavaBids on my Disc313Pac-Man
BalaclavaTyphoon Disc813Dump on Me
Churchill OvalCatch Me If You Can158Lego Inferno
Churchill OvalStranger Danger !!! 1011Deep Throwits
Memorial OButterfingers136Hammertime
Memorial OCerberus1311NNF
Musqueam EBEARHAWKS1311Phoenix Ultimate
Musqueam EBourne Ultimatum1113Sweater Weather!
Rupert CAYCE1210Airbenders
Rupert CSuper Friends!613Stallions of Champions
Trafalgar NWHuck Dynasty133H-Bar
Trafalgar NWSmooth69Bear Maul
Winona NGet On My Disc So We Can Fly Away Feat Ice JJ Fish105Try, Catch, Throw
Winona NPhantom D-Rex117Colonel Angus
8:30 pmAndy Livingstone EFlying Discmen135Flickas in Paris
Andy Livingstone ESneaky Peaches1013Hand of Chal
Andy Livingstone WTalk Nerdy To Me1310Flick N Twisted
Andy Livingstone WUsual Suspects139kill rockstars
Jericho WBattlecats and FriendsBzzykes
Jericho WHappy Stripes137Beer-B-Q
Memorial SWFlikerishSalt shakers
Memorial SWHobbits59The Glory Holes
Trillium EDicslexics1212Ultimate BBT Too
Trillium EJust a Fling137East Van Halen
Trillium WCharred Siu Baos130Herniated Discs
Trillium WThe Gino Odj-discs128H.A.M.M.E.R.
Thu Jul 17
6:00 pm
BalaclavaFlying Discmen1013Usual Suspects
BalaclavaSneaky Peaches138Talk Nerdy To Me
Churchill OvalDicslexics1211Just a Fling
Churchill OvalEast Van Halen810Ultimate BBT Too
Memorial OBattlecats and FriendsSweater Weather!
Memorial OHappy Stripes138Phoenix Ultimate
Rupert CBritches 'N Hose610The Hanglers
Rupert CGame of Throws: You Win or You Cry410Never Nudes
Trafalgar NWFlickas in Paris713kill rockstars
Trafalgar NWHand of Chal136Flick N Twisted
Winona CAirbenders122Try, Catch, Throw
Winona CStallions of ChampionsColonel Angus
Winona NDeep Throwits115Lego Inferno
Winona NStranger Danger !!! 135Catch Me If You Can
Winona SAYCE95Get On My Disc So We Can Fly Away Feat Ice JJ Fish
Winona SSuper Friends!107Phantom D-Rex
6:30 pmKillarney CEgregious1713Discombobulators
Killarney CPurple Cobras176Thunder Cougar Falcon Bird
KingcrestAfternoon Delight417Fat Man and the Duck
KingcrestKids At The Pool1715Dirty Skirties
Musqueam EBeer Battered Juicy Chickens1714Chester Fields
Musqueam EThe Huckin' Canucks175Ultimate Tacktics (formerly Sheet it Out)
Oak MeadowsDump on Me1714Pac-Man
7:00 pmAndy Livingstone EButterfingers1315Cerberus
Andy Livingstone EFlikerishHobbits
Andy Livingstone WNNFHammertime
Andy Livingstone WThe Glory HolesSalt shakers
Jericho WGrope of 71017Shaft
Jericho WTeam RX'D1714Grass Stains
Memorial SWBourne Ultimatum913Bzzykes
Trillium EStall Nine and Three-Quarters127H-Bar
Trillium EYtterbium108Bear Maul
Trillium WBids on my Disc1311Smooth
Trillium WTyphoon Disc712Huck Dynasty
7:30 pmBalaclavaFlying Discmen1412Talk Nerdy To Me
BalaclavaSneaky Peaches1311Usual Suspects
Churchill OvalCharred Siu Baos134The Gino Odj-discs
Churchill OvalH.A.M.M.E.R.416Herniated Discs
Memorial OBattlecats and FriendsPhoenix Ultimate
Memorial OHappy Stripes1310Sweater Weather!
Rupert CBritches 'N Hose610Never Nudes
Rupert CGame of Throws: You Win or You Cry510The Hanglers
Trafalgar NWFlickas in Paris913Flick N Twisted
Trafalgar NWHand of Chal1214kill rockstars
Winona CAirbenders910Colonel Angus
Winona CStallions of Champions135Try, Catch, Throw
Winona NDeep Throwits132Catch Me If You Can
Winona NStranger Danger !!! 135Lego Inferno
Winona SAYCE123Phantom D-Rex
Winona SSuper Friends!913Get On My Disc So We Can Fly Away Feat Ice JJ Fish
8:30 pmMemorial SWBEARHAWKS136Bzzykes
Memorial SWBourne Ultimatum813Beer-B-Q
Trillium EStall Nine and Three-Quarters913Bear Maul
Trillium EYtterbium139H-Bar
Trillium WBids on my Disc910Huck Dynasty
Trillium WTyphoon Disc713Smooth
Thu Jul 24
6:00 pm
BalaclavaButterfingers127The Glory Holes
BalaclavaCerberus115Salt shakers
Churchill OvalStall Nine and Three-Quarters613Smooth
Churchill OvalYtterbium1311Huck Dynasty
Killarney CAirbenders128Phantom D-Rex
Killarney CStallions of ChampionsForfeitedGet On My Disc So We Can Fly Away Feat Ice JJ Fish
KingcrestAYCE104Colonel Angus
KingcrestSuper Friends!111Try, Catch, Throw
Rupert CDicslexics136H.A.M.M.E.R.
Rupert CJust a Fling106Herniated Discs
Trafalgar NWFlikerish97NNF
Trafalgar NWHobbitsHammertime
UBC MatthewsDump on Me613H-Bar
UBC MatthewsPac-Man129Bear Maul
Winona CDeep Throwits910The Hanglers
Winona CStranger Danger !!! 138Never Nudes
Winona NCharred Siu Baos98East Van Halen
Winona NThe Gino Odj-discs913Ultimate BBT Too
Winona SBritches 'N Hose512Lego Inferno
Winona SGame of Throws: You Win or You Cry132Catch Me If You Can
6:30 pmMemorial OGrope of 7ForfeitedTeam RX'D
Memorial OShaft1217Grass Stains
Musqueam EDiscombobulatorsThunder Cougar Falcon Bird
Musqueam EEgregious1417Purple Cobras
Oak MeadowsBids on my Disc1117Typhoon Disc
7:00 pmAndy Livingstone EBattlecats and FriendsCancelledHappy Stripes
Andy Livingstone EBEARHAWKS1517Bourne Ultimatum
Andy Livingstone WBeer-B-Q1512Bzzykes
Andy Livingstone WSweater Weather!1716Phoenix Ultimate
Jericho WDirty SkirtiesDefaultFat Man and the Duck
Jericho WKids At The Pool175Afternoon Delight
Memorial SWBeer Battered Juicy Chickens173The Huckin' Canucks
Memorial SWChester Fields174Ultimate Tacktics (formerly Sheet it Out)
Trillium EFlying Discmen137Flick N Twisted
Trillium ESneaky Peaches1310kill rockstars
Trillium WFlickas in Paris136Talk Nerdy To Me
Trillium WHand of Chal119Usual Suspects
7:30 pmBalaclavaButterfingers1311Salt shakers
BalaclavaCerberus1310The Glory Holes
Churchill OvalStall Nine and Three-QuartersHuck Dynasty
Churchill OvalYtterbium1213Smooth
Killarney CAirbenders1310Get On My Disc So We Can Fly Away Feat Ice JJ Fish
Killarney CStallions of Champions1013Phantom D-Rex
KingcrestAYCE134Try, Catch, Throw
KingcrestSuper Friends!135Colonel Angus
Rupert CDicslexics134Herniated Discs
Rupert CJust a FlingCancelledH.A.M.M.E.R.
Trafalgar NWFlikerish1312Hammertime
Trafalgar NWHobbits813NNF
UBC MatthewsDump on Me813Bear Maul
UBC MatthewsPac-Man116H-Bar
Winona CDeep Throwits913Never Nudes
Winona CStranger Danger !!! 813The Hanglers
Winona NCharred Siu Baos89Ultimate BBT Too
Winona NThe Gino Odj-discs1113East Van Halen
Winona SBritches 'N Hose1311Catch Me If You Can
Winona SGame of Throws: You Win or You Cry137Lego Inferno
8:30 pmTrillium EFlying Discmen139kill rockstars
Trillium ESneaky Peaches136Flick N Twisted
Trillium WFlickas in Paris711Usual Suspects
Trillium WHand of Chal129Talk Nerdy To Me
Thu Jul 31
6:00 pm
Rupert CStall Nine and Three-Quarters810Dump on Me
Rupert CYtterbium1110Pac-Man
Winona NBids on my DiscH-Bar
Winona NTyphoon Disc713Bear Maul
6:30 pmBalaclavaBattlecats and Friends1417Bourne Ultimatum
BalaclavaHappy Stripes157Sweater Weather!
CamosunBeer Battered Juicy Chickens173Ultimate Tacktics (formerly Sheet it Out)
CamosunChester Fields1211The Huckin' Canucks
Churchill OvalFlying Discmen1317kill rockstars
Churchill OvalSneaky Peaches1713Flick N Twisted
Killarney CDeep ThrowitsForfeitedStranger Danger !!!
Killarney CNever Nudes175Lego Inferno
KingcrestGame of Throws: You Win or You Cry915Britches 'N Hose
KingcrestThe Hanglers178Catch Me If You Can
Memorial ODirty Skirties173Afternoon Delight
Memorial OKids At The Pool1715Fat Man and the Duck
Musqueam EGet On My Disc So We Can Fly Away Feat Ice JJ FishDefaultColonel Angus
Musqueam ESuper Friends!1513Airbenders
Oak MeadowsSmoothHuck Dynasty
Trafalgar NWBEARHAWKS1714Phoenix Ultimate
Trafalgar NWBeer-B-Q1711Bzzykes
UBC MatthewsHand of Chal917Flickas in Paris
UBC MatthewsUsual SuspectsForfeitedTalk Nerdy To Me
Winona CCharred Siu Baos175East Van Halen
Winona CUltimate BBT Too178Herniated Discs
Winona SDicslexics175H.A.M.M.E.R.
Winona SJust a Fling1712The Gino Odj-discs
7:00 pmAndy Livingstone EGrope of 7177Grass Stains
Andy Livingstone EShaft1115Team RX'D
Jericho WAYCE177Try, Catch, Throw
Jericho WPhantom D-Rex1516Stallions of Champions
Memorial SWDiscombobulators1715Purple Cobras
Memorial SWEgregious1713Thunder Cougar Falcon Bird
Trillium ECerberus179Hammertime
Trillium ESalt shakers1017Flikerish
Trillium WButterfingers178Hobbits
Trillium WThe Glory Holes1117NNF
7:30 pmRupert CStall Nine and Three-Quarters613Pac-Man
Rupert CYtterbium119Dump on Me
Winona NBids on my DiscBear Maul
Winona NTyphoon Disc133H-Bar
Thu Aug 7
6:00 pm
Winona SDump on Me810H-Bar
Winona STyphoon Disc1213Stall Nine and Three-Quarters
6:30 pmBalaclavaGrope of 71714Shaft
BalaclavaTeam RX'D817Grass Stains
CamosunPurple Cobras1712Thunder Cougar Falcon Bird
Churchill OvalCerberus177Flikerish
Churchill OvalNNF1715Butterfingers
Killarney CH.A.M.M.E.R.517The Gino Odj-discs
Killarney CHerniated Discs1917East Van Halen
KingcrestDicslexics172Just a Fling
KingcrestUltimate BBT Too176Charred Siu Baos
Memorial OAYCE178Stallions of Champions
Memorial OSuper Friends!175Colonel Angus
Musqueam ECatch Me If You Can1215Game of Throws: You Win or You Cry
Musqueam EStranger Danger !!! 1716Lego Inferno
Rupert CSneaky Peaches1117kill rockstars
Rupert CTalk Nerdy To Me1217Flickas in Paris
Trafalgar NWBeer Battered Juicy Chickens1314Chester Fields
Trafalgar NWThe Huckin' CanucksUltimate Tacktics (formerly Sheet it Out)
UBC MatthewsHammertime (R213)Salt shakers
UBC MatthewsThe Glory Holes1711Hobbits
Winona CBear Maul174Bids on my Disc
Winona CHuck Dynasty1217Pac-Man
Winona NFlick N Twisted1713Flying Discmen
Winona NUsual Suspects1715Hand of Chal
7:00 pmAndy Livingstone EAfternoon Delight1214Fat Man and the Duck
Andy Livingstone EKids At The Pool417Dirty Skirties
Jericho WDeep Throwits815Never Nudes
Jericho WThe Hanglers179Britches 'N Hose
Memorial SWAirbendersForfeitedGet On My Disc So We Can Fly Away Feat Ice JJ Fish
Memorial SWTry, Catch, Throw817Phantom D-Rex
Trillium EBEARHAWKS1816Beer-B-Q
Trillium EHappy Stripes1710Bourne Ultimatum
Trillium WPhoenix Ultimate1017Bzzykes
Trillium WSweater Weather!1017Battlecats and Friends
7:30 pmWinona SSmooth413H-Bar
Winona SYtterbium138Stall Nine and Three-Quarters
Thu Aug 14
6:00 pm
Killarney CDump on Me (R426)Bids on my Disc
Killarney CTyphoon Disc (R425)Huck Dynasty
KingcrestH-Bar48Bear Maul
KingcrestYtterbium (R421)Pac-Man
6:30 pmBalaclavaDirty Skirties1713Kids At The Pool
BalaclavaFat Man and the DuckDiscombobulators
CamosunPhantom D-RexForfeitedGet On My Disc So We Can Fly Away Feat Ice JJ Fish
CamosunTry, Catch, Throw917Airbenders
Churchill OvalBourne Ultimatum (R122)Beer-B-Q
Churchill OvalHappy Stripes137BEARHAWKS
Memorial OBritches 'N Hose (R622)Deep Throwits
Memorial OThe Hanglers1711Never Nudes
Musqueam EH.A.M.M.E.R.1317East Van Halen
Musqueam EThe Gino Odj-discs1513Herniated Discs
Musqueam WBattlecats and Friends177Bzzykes
Musqueam WSweater Weather! (R124)Phoenix Ultimate
Oak MeadowsStall Nine and Three-QuartersForfeitedSmooth
Rupert CCerberus (R221)NNF
Rupert CFlikerishForfeitedButterfingers
Trafalgar NWAfternoon Delight1714Purple Cobras
Trafalgar NWEgregiousGrope of 7
Winona CFlick N Twisted514Usual Suspects
Winona CFlying Discmen (R324)Hand of Chal
Winona NL: R213 (R224)Hobbits
Winona NHammertime (R223)The Glory Holes
Winona Skill rockstars (R321)Flickas in Paris
Winona SSneaky Peaches1711Talk Nerdy To Me
7:00 pmAndy Livingstone EAYCE1114Super Friends!
Andy Livingstone EStallions of Champions (R722)Colonel Angus
Jericho WDicslexics1016Ultimate BBT Too
Jericho WJust a Fling (R522)Charred Siu Baos
Memorial SWCatch Me If You Can1713Lego Inferno
Memorial SWGame of Throws: You Win or You Cry1112Stranger Danger !!!
Trillium ETeam RX'DChester Fields
Trillium EThunder Cougar Falcon Bird138Grass Stains
Trillium WShaftBeer Battered Juicy Chickens
Trillium WThe Huckin' CanucksUltimate Tacktics (formerly Sheet it Out)
7:30 pmKillarney CW: R425 (R427)W: R426
Killarney CL: R425 (R428)L: R426
KingcrestW: R421 (R423)Bear Maul
KingcrestL: R421 (R424)H-Bar
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